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  1. Atsuko

    My wife passed away

    My condolences for you and your family.
  2. Atsuko

    Duckbar for CbB early preview

    Thanks, Panu!!
  3. Atsuko

    Last Minutes: 100% off Memory-V by IK Multimedia - FREE Download!

    Thanks, I just got mine.
  4. Atsuko

    LUFS/LKFS and dbTP meters?

    I like to use iZotope Insight 2. It's very complete!
  5. I'm the only user. But, oddly, without doing anything, I've just opened CbB and it's ok!! Thanks, anyway.
  6. Hi, Chuck, I already tried this with no sucess... Thanks!
  7. Last week, I installed CbB on my notebook without issues, now, trying to install it on my PC is being a PITA... After several attempts to download and install, and the Assistant stucking in the install process, I decided to run the exe directly from the installation folder. The process seemed to be fine but I end up in Demo Mode. The message error asks for activation via BandLab Assistant but this option doesn't exist. Checking for updates is not a solution because I'm already updated. Is there anyone that can help me? Thanks!
  8. Atsuko

    Where in the sam hill is my post count?

    I also want my count posts.... 😜