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  1. There are many kinds of MP4 files. The mediainfo program is a good way to report the detailed video properties of a file you have problems with. Maybe someone on this forum will be able to match up with your file and help you. If not, send the mediainfo details to the Cakewalk team.
  2. When the machine crashes and reboots, it may be that the only available info is the system event log.
  3. There are some subtle house power wiring mistakes that can cause large 60 Hz EMFs intermittently. If the hum goes off and on with nearby lights or appliances, there could be a split neutral.
  4. Copying a vvocal (or melodyne) clip is naturally more complex deep in the s/w. Not just audio needs to be copied, but all the parameters that were made in editing. E.g. each copy should then be able to be further edited independently. Early region fx of Melodyne had an easily reproducible bug in that regard. Just to offer help tracking down the situation, is it possible to get a different result using explicit (separate operations) copy and paste?
  5. A project of mine had weird popping during silence and I traced it to "plug-in load balancing". If you still have a version of the project that has those pops, and it's not too much trouble, maybe you could try turning off plug-in load balancing (Edit > Preferences > Audio - Playback and Recording, just below the "Use Multiprocessing Engine") to see if your weird phantom noises go away. If so, maybe you could send in your trouble report. (Mine in the old Forum)
  6. Just to set expectations for dump popups posted in the forum: There is very little in the popup that can be used by us users to "help the OP" with any substantial info. The only readable detail in this one is that the code that failed by referencing a non-existent memory address was in the plugin, not the host. That doesn't really prove one way or the other whether it's the host or the plugin that is behind the failure. We've heard a few times about how a plugin "does things differently", and the host wasn't expecting that, and the host can tweak code to make it work (an example of Starship Krupa's grey area). But given how many plugins have needed fixing, I agree with John's observation to this extent: it's less often the DAW's fault (but I guess there is no data available to prove that). In this case it just confirmed the OP's observation that the crash probably happened while the plugin was processing parameters (or e.g. could have been processing audio while a parameter changed in an "inconvenient" way) after a freeze (which could be a clue as to why it would crash in one DAW and not another, given different or non-existent implementations of freeze). Some future poster might not have a directly observed cause & effect. Then if the crash happens in the code of a plugin, the popup would be giving the possibly helpful clue of the module name.
  7. Setting the tempo from the control bar inserts a tempo change at the current "now time". That may be why it seems like you are changing tempos only for certain areas. You can view and edit/delete all the tempo changes in the Tempo Map view as Cactus Music guy says.
  8. There are restrictions on Region FX. Maybe regions that have audiosnap or groove clip looping are denied region FX. The reverse is true, namely that looping and audiosnap are disabled within a region FX.
  9. A comment about the rewind and playback problem when you have advanced the timing on a track or some notes: it is possible to enable MIDI note chasing so that notes that started before your playback point are triggered. From the manual: You can now start playback from the middle of a MIDI note and the note event will trigger and sustain for the remainder of its duration. You no longer need to start playback before the note start time in order to trigger the note. To enable/disable MIDI Note chasing, go to Edit > Preferences > Project > MIDI and select MIDI Event Chase on Play and Include Note Events.
  10. @Phoen1xPJ: PCI for your Layla may be getting harder to find on a MB.
  11. A quick look: track 4 has patch changes. Around 41:04 is where I see a patch change and hear it change from synvox to accordian. Have you checked the view menu to make sure patch changes have not been filtered out?
  12. Good news! Dave Baay, the poster above, was is brundlefly!
  13. If the start time is the problem, and if the whole performance is off by the same amount, then it is not quantizing you need, but just shifting the performance to the right start time. If that's it, the root cause could be that there is some inherent latency in the playback of whatever you are playing against in the project, be that a metronome or a prearranged accompaniment. Usually, a recording is aligned (after the fact) when played against a project with latency, but sometimes things can go wrong with that.
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