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  1. Sounds good! I had not heard of Kemper, it's not a plugin right? It's a preamp digital processor? I like that guitar tone a lot.
  2. Reminds me of Black Sabbath, kind War Pigs like. Good job on the video too.
  3. Wow, I just checked out your site and listened to several of your songs, I'm impressed. Jazz and fusion are my favorites. Really good playing and song writing.
  4. Nice groove. Drums sound pretty good to me.
  5. kurt soderquist

    The Maze

    Very cool guitars, I like a good head bang. I've been doing all jazzy stuff lately but this makes me want to crank up some distortion. Bass is good too. Is this all you playing?
  6. I used to record with amps and mics and would spend days trying to get a good sound. I even built my own tube amps and effect pedals and Poo Poo'ed anything solid state. Now I use a plugin like Bias FX2 and it's so easy to get great recording tone.
  7. Sorry, I think I just found the problem. Midi out was enabled in Jamstix. I hope that will solve this.
  8. I have this random problem where one or all of my synth tracks will start playing random notes, just kind of pounding along with the beat, sounds kind of like Jerry Lee Lewis . I don't know if they are following my drum track (Jamstix) or what. I've played with changing the inputs of the tracks but nothing seems to stop this from happening, I'm really confused. There must be a setting somewhere to stop this. Thanks.
  9. kurt soderquist

    Home & Love

    Very nice, pretty melody and the string arrangement is great.
  10. Good playing. Sounds a little Pink Floyd at times. The drums seem a little thin to me but maybe that's the sound you're going for.
  11. The fishman software just doe not work well with cakewalk, it freezes up and only a computer reboot will fix it. Every time I restart the program it changes the synth that is loaded in it too. I've been posting my problems on the fishman forum, they claimed they released a patch to fix it but I don't see any improvement. Cakewalk is not listed as a compatible program from them.
  12. Wow, I really dig this track. Great sounding drums. Is that you playing guitar? That is some incredible playing.
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