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  1. That was nice and relaxing, more mellow than usual, I like it. Very nice guitar tones. The fretless sounded cool on there. I just converted my cheap jazz to fretless and trying to get used to it, not easy.
  2. kurt soderquist

    Hear my call

    Pretty catchy tune, sounds kind of 80ish with that bass.
  3. Great song, I like it! Very good guitar and bass playing. Very outstanding. Dig the acoustic to distorted contrast.
  4. Sounds great! Nice solos from everyone.
  5. kurt soderquist


    Sounds good, very groovy, lots of cool changes. Really like the B3. Are you playing a strat?
  6. I think it would sound nice with some melody over the whole track.
  7. kurt soderquist


    I was surprised it didn't get more comments, his stuff is always top notch, I'm always excited to see a new tune up.
  8. Thanks Nigel, whoisp! I've done a lot of songs with lyrics in the past but the lyric part was always a struggle for me. My current project is all instrumental and I've enjoyed the freedom from lyric writing and singing (my voice sucks). I do plan to return to it in the future.
  9. kurt soderquist

    A WORD

    Nice song, I was waiting for the drums and bass to come in though.
  10. It is sounding fuller, I like what you're doing.
  11. That's cool! I've built quite a few just for fun. I have a dumble lite kind of clone that I use, made a single ended marshally looking one for my wife and a Sunn 2000s clone for our old bass player. We don't jam anymore so none of the amps are being used now. For recording it's so much easier to use a plugin. I do miss cranking up a good tube amp though!
  12. Yes, good dramatic soundtrack. Sounds very nice.
  13. Thanks Tom! So DeeringAmps, do you build guitar amps?
  14. Sounds good, pretty catchy. Kind of reminds me of Tears for Fears.
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