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  1. Thanks, I posted in the Feedback section.
  2. I've had issues with Sweetcase Rhodes piano vst2 and Fishman Tripleplay both go back to default setting any time I close cakewalk. Fishman is a midi guitar controller and has it's own software that hosts any synth etc. When I start up cakewalk it will have replaced the synth I had loaded in fishman with a default. These have done this behavior whether I use save or not in the plugin.
  3. I've been using the free SI String Section that comes with Bandlab with the Large Section preset and I think it sounds amazing. Using my midi fishman guitar setup. Not being a piano player, this fishman has opened up a whole new world of sounds, lot's of fun.
  4. So this is what I get when I open a song in the new cakewalk. Yesterday I had more of these windows when I switched from one song to another. Also this morning I tried to open bandlab assistant and it won't open.
  5. I had a hard time getting sweetcase too. The facebook link works but I didn't have an account, I ended up using my wifes account and then it worked. I've looked at a lot of rhodes and this one does sound beautiful. It irritates me though because every time I close it down it resets it's settings to default, so I have to remember to open it every time and adjust things. I just bought Velvet 2 and it's pretty nice for 15 bucks, lot's of adjustments and presets but it doesn't sound the same as sweetcase. Not a lot of settings with sweetcase but it has the ones you need, no more. Don't know if it's been mentioned but GK amplification is a pretty good bass amp and cab for free, I use it on everything.https://shop.audified.com/products/live-guitar-and-bass-bundle-le I like using it with this freebe: https://www.meldaproduction.com/MEqualizer to dial in the EQ.
  6. After the update I noticed when I loaded a new song it popped up three cakewalk windows, one of them was blank. Never had this happen before.
  7. I have it loaded in a track, I was just playing with it and if I minimize the settings stay but if I close it they are gone. It's a vst2. It has a save button at the top of the plugin window but I can't tell that it does anything. Has a preset box too but it doesn't do anything that I can tell. I tried the Dead duck E, it has a lot of nice features but doesn't sound as good to me, it doesn't have that bell sound. It is a nice piano though.
  8. If you don't you should try it, it sounds amazing, my favorite free rhodes piano. My issue is every time I minimize it and then open it again the settings have all gone back to default. I've tried hitting the save button but can't tell that it does anything.
  9. I just tried this, just changed the synth to the same one I used in the host and it works just fine. I think this will be an easy way for me to do this. Thanks for all the help.
  10. Forgive my ignorance of midi, after I record a track with tripleplay could I just change the track synth from "tripleplay" to whatever synth I was using in the tripleplay host and then create a new track with tripleplay to record the next track etc?
  11. Yesterday cakewalk would not output sound, it made a thump noise each time I hit play. One of my synth tracks meters was frozen in a maxed out position so I think this was caused by a plugin synth. I'm using fishman tripleplay vest host, they say it has not been tested in cakewalk.
  12. I just looked at that, the midi out option is grayed out.
  13. It's a midi controller but it has it's own software that gives you a lot more control over your sensitivities and dynamics. I add a track and the tripleplay plugin is loaded like any other synth , in the plugin I then open any keyboard/synth plugin that I have. I can just use it as a controller without the tripleplay plugin but I lose the extra control.
  14. If I add more than one track of TriplePlay midi guitar it won't open the new track's instrument, it says TriplePlay is already running in another track. I contacted Fishman about it and they said talk to Cakewalk because it's not one of the daws they support. Is there a setting that could cause this?
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