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  1. It felt to me like a couple more snare fill hits leading into the new tempo might help.
  2. I've had a weird problem a couple time where the bounce to clips has not worked right after using audio transients to edit my bass lines. This time after bouncing it took a run of bass notes and turned it into a strange digital buzzing single note. I did an undo and tried it again but this time it froze the program. I've had this happen a few times and had to just re-do the performance.
  3. Very pretty song, the vocals are beautiful. The guitar tones are kind of piercing though.
  4. KSband

    My Girl Rita

    Pretty great rocker! Impressive guitar solo work.
  5. Hey, it's a nice song it deserves to be perfected. There have been times when I've left little things thinking I won't care later-not true it continues to make me shudder every time I hear it.
  6. It's a weird timing for sure, it kind of works, certainly different.
  7. Nice tune, sounds good to me.
  8. Sounding much better. The tempo change still sounds a little awkward, I think the drums need to be delayed a beat or two, or a simple fill, feels like they start at an odd place. Otherwise it's a good song and sounds beautiful.
  9. KSband

    Late Nite Groove

    Thanks @Bajan Blue and @mark skinner for the listen! I used some stereo chorus on the middle bass part, was trying for Jaco vibe (minus the virtuosity). No keys on this, just the nylon Yamaha.
  10. I can tell there's a bass now but still pretty faint, also seems like some mid bass is missing, just very low frequencies so some of the notes kind of disappear. I think if the bass is brought up it might help the snare not seem as loud.
  11. Sounds good, I'm transported back to the 80's.
  12. Nice song and guitar work! The tempo change felt weird to me, maybe a pause and the then change? Is there a bass in there? If there is it's very quiet. Other wise the mix sounds good.
  13. Cool song and great playing! The recording sounds a bit harsh to me, pretty crispy.
  14. KSband

    Late Nite Groove

    Appreciate it @jack c.!
  15. KSband


    Some very tasty solo's, great stuff!
  16. KSband

    Late Nite Groove

    Latest original featuring Tenor sax recorded with Warm Audio WA87r2, fretless jazz bass with Amplitube4 amp plugin, Yamaha nylon, Gibson es135.
  17. KSband


    Very cool. There is some crazy good bass playing on there.
  18. KSband

    Savanna at Night

    I liked the groove but the bass sounds kind of thin and out of tune. Was it a real bass, are you using a amp or DI?
  19. KSband


    A lot of very cool changes in this one. Head bobbing groove too. Like the song a lot.
  20. KSband


    I know what you're saying garybrun, videos do affect the way you perceive the music. I usually open another page so I don't see the video, I like to interpret the music without the video influence, on it's own merit.
  21. That's an impressive piece of music, very good bass and piano work.
  22. KSband


    You are very good with this style of music, sounds slick.
  23. Interesting groove, very creative. Has an 80's retro sound to it.
  24. KSband

    La Siguiente Cosa

    Thanks for the kind words @Lynn Wilson and @Bajan Blue appreciated.
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