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    Just finished this one, another jazzy instrumental original. Using my tenor sax, Fishman tripleplay midi guitar for piano, Ezdrummer 3, PJ bass with Amplitube4 SVX Classic plugin. 

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  2. Not a style that I'm into but well done production. Vocals sound over processed but that was what you were going for most likely.

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  3. Like the song and especially the vocals, really nice job. My only nit would be at about 2:00 you have some off sounding guitar notes going with the vocal and it fights with it, it may be what you were going for too.

  4. Oops I was looking the the wrong spot9 ( I was in midi, playback and recording instead of audio playback and recording).  So in the right one it is ASIO for the driver mode. 

  5. Those are not even choices on that box. It's MME or U something, I forgot.

      I noticed when I restarted cakewalk the GTtune was gone from the master bus.  Thinking it may have something to do with it. Weird though since I've been using it for a couple years.

  6. The last couple days cakewalk has randomly popped up a message saying "There are no audio devices for the current driver model on your system. Please to to Edit\preference\audio\playbck and recording and choose a different driver model. "  The driver is set to MME in the preferences. This happened yesterday and had to restart the computer to get it to work.  This happened today when I added GTtune to the master to tune my bass, no sound. I've used that plugin for a long time.  

  7. Hey, that is a really cool song! Like the ZZ top guitars going on, can hear the different sounds all very well. Nice changes to break it up too.

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