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  1. You write one heck of a catchy tune Keith! I always enjoy your stuff. The backing vocals are so good.
  2. KSband


    Really cool song, very different. Like the sound of the drums and the arrangement. It's cool that it doesn't sound like anybody else, which is always hard to do.
  3. KSband

    Sunrise Funk

    Cool track for sure, you do the busy guitars really well. Like the synth in there too.
  4. Crazy shredding. Pretty funny video.
  5. KSband

    "Remember" _Colab

    Wow, that's really good! Horns are great.
  6. Another good one. Like those backing vocals.
  7. Nice, some classic rock!
  8. Good song Freddy, I'm not crazy about the keyboard stabs either, the synth sounds a bit out of place with the retro sound of the track. Maybe some out of key guitar licks would fit better.
  9. Very nice! Love my classical guitar.
  10. Catchy song I like it. I lost my friend that I did a lot of recording with, it is nice to have his guitar playing still there, although makes me sad too.
  11. KSband

    Inevitable Monday

    Nice, I like the way the chorus builds. Very catchy.
  12. Good job on this style of music. Agree the female vocal is way low in the beginning.
  13. Cool song! Some great guitar work on there.
  14. KSband

    El Guerrero

    Appreciate it noynekker!
  15. Good work, sounds like an orchestra.
  16. KSband

    El Guerrero

    Thanks for the listen steve. I did do some changes to my master but I haven't updated the video here, I appreciate the suggestions.
  17. Very nice, great vocal and great playing as always. I always find myself waiting to hear a little solo but you seem to avoid them. It says there is a bass but I can't really tell, not that it needs it, it sounds great as is.
  18. KSband

    El Guerrero

    Thanks for listening freddy!
  19. KSband

    El Guerrero

    Thanks so much Nigel!
  20. Very nice, slick production!
  21. KSband

    The Garden

    Nice sad song, your simple arrangement works well.
  22. KSband

    El Guerrero

    Thanks a lot Keith!
  23. KSband

    El Guerrero

    Appreciate it Andy!
  24. KSband

    El Guerrero

    Thanks for listening !
  25. KSband

    El Guerrero

    Thanks! You are the master of giving the instruments their space, your mixes are in my mind when I try to do mine.
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