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    A very beautiful song. Really nice vocals, you have a great voice. The instrumentation compliments it and doesn't get in the way.
  2. Nice version, good sounding simple arrangement.
  3. Are your levels in the red? The track sounds distorted to me, like it's too hot.
  4. Mix sounds good to me, the bass drones a bit on the low notes on my small speakers but it could be the speakers fault.
  5. KSband

    It Seems To Me

    This sounds good, good song. Very nice!
  6. KSband

    Unsung Hero

    Boy, there is a lot of details in there, very cool work. Great song and arrangement! I agree the bass could use improvement. Is it a real bass? I think a McCartney sound would be fantastic on this. He used a pick and a tube amp, it made a somewhat percussive sound that is so cool, you just don't hear that with bass anymore. I find bass sounds the toughest to get right.
  7. KSband

    Fusible Link

    Thank you for the listen and comments @Supa Reels and @Lynn Wilson!
  8. KSband

    Fusible Link

    Thanks for the listen and kind words @Kevin Walsh! @Bridget Murphy I don't think the channel is monetized, I have a whopping 12 subscribers!
  9. It's probably AI that's deciding to ban your videos. Another great song that's recorded mixed very well.
  10. I like it , really different take for sure. Great guitar work as always!
  11. KSband

    Fusible Link

    Thanks very much @Bridget Murphy! I'm always working on another one. There are lots of my songs on my Youtube channel if you haven't checked it out: out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6dDIhcgISEtd8f_qJn_dpg
  12. Nice song and photos!
  13. KSband

    Fusible Link

    Thanks for listening @Wookiee, I appreciate the feedback.
  14. Nice little Xmas song. Sounds good except the piano is overpowering the song, otherwise great.
  15. KSband

    Fusible Link

    Thanks very much @Bridget Murphy!
  16. KSband

    Fusible Link

    Thanks for the listen and comments @mark skinnerand @Larry T.! Yes Larry you're right, it's the only phrase that popped in my head when Cakewalk demanded a name for the project.
  17. Very nice song. The recording mix sounds really good except the bass is kind of vague sounding to me, kind soft and comes and goes. I think it would be better more defined.
  18. KSband

    Fusible Link

    Thanks so much @Bajan Blue and @jack c.!
  19. KSband

    Fusible Link

    Played all three of my saxes on this one. Keys are Fishman midi guitar, Sweetcase piano. PJ bass, es135 guitar , Ezdrummer3
  20. Listened to I Want You, good sounding production and well written song. I found the guitars kind of jarring when they come in, pretty loud, otherwise very nice.
  21. KSband


    Nice song, great melody.
  22. KSband


    Cool song, very creative.
  23. KSband

    Broken Hearts

    Good tune , the vocals remind me of the Tubes.
  24. Cool song, like the changes, great production.
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