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  1. Nice work on the horns, I like it. Agree about the Fx and also think there's too much chorus on the rhythm guitar, I think it would sound funkier if it were dryer. I would bump the bass up a little too.
  2. Really nice work on this one. Beautiful arrangement with lots of details, always enjoy your stuff.
  3. Nice work, catchy groove.
  4. KSband


    Thanks @DeeringAmps!
  5. KSband


    That 58 should be great for electric guitar, I used to use a shure 57 on bass and guitar amps.
  6. KSband


    Thank a lot @Larry T.! I was using a Sterling Audio ribbon mic on my last couple recordings but I was having trouble getting a good sax sound on this so I went back to my Audiotechnica 4033, had it for years, it's a great sounding condenser mic. The nylon guitar is straight into the Focusrite , no mic, same for bass and electrics if I use them. The bass and any electric guitars go thru amp plugins, so much easier than trying to mic an amp (I have really nice amps collecting dust).
  7. Nice song Bjorn, pretty melody.
  8. Great song, love your stuff. You have a good singing voice too. As RifK said, I'm always waiting for a solo in your songs. A bridge or key change would break things up too. Keep singing, sounds great!
  9. KSband


    Thanks for the kind words @freddy j!
  10. Good song freddy, very catchy, like the keys in there. The drum sound is kind of low fi, is that what you were going for? Not a lot of bass on my system.
  11. KSband


    Nice song, very well written. Enjoyed the harmonies and guitar solos.
  12. KSband


    Thanks a lot Rik, it's electric so yes, just plugged it in and used some reverb, Fresh Air, a little compression and some chorus.
  13. KSband


    Thanks Bjorn! Good eye, it snowed one day and was warm and clear the next.
  14. Thanks everyone for the help. I did some recording yesterday and indeed the fader is not affecting the recorded volume, so learned something I probably should have figured out already 🤪
  15. It's not the over all volume, it me live vs the track I'm playing to.
  16. Really, I always thought the level I was seeing on the meter was the one I was recording. But if I'm using a guitar plugin the level to the plugin makes a big difference in gain and the resulting sound of the amp.
  17. When I'm recording a rhythm guitar part it's distracting to hear it really loud in my headphones but I don't want to turn down the input volume that I'm recording. I'm sure there's something simple I'm missing here.
  18. KSband


    Appreciate the listen and comments @mark skinner, @Marshall, @steve@baselines.co, @Bajan Blue and @AndyB01
  19. KSband

    To find his Home

    Really awesome guitar playing!
  20. KSband

    Sunrise Funk

    When I first started writing songs they almost all had vocals and every one of them was a struggle to write. I have a ton of melody ideas but finding words is like pulling teeth and I don't really like most of the ones I came up with so instrumental writing is my path of least resistance but I do admire people that can do it.
  21. Cool song, sounds very late sixties early seventies. Like the spacey sounds and the guitar solo.
  22. KSband


    Thanks for the listen and comments FreeEarCandy!
  23. Wow that's kind of a crazy piece! Great guitar playing for sure. It sounds like the levels of everything are so high that it is distorting is that an effect you were going for ?
  24. KSband


    My latest, featuring my Antigua Tenor sax and Yamaha NCX1 guitar, Ezdrummer 3 and ZZC PJ bass
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