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  1. This is a pretty sparse mix of guitars for you, Different take on the song for sure. I thought the bass was a little hot and muddy.  I like Susanne Vega too.

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  2. Good playing on here. Pretty dark tune. Lot's of different elements going on. The only thing I would change is the drums, they sound over compressed and mechanical.

  3. Nice song, like the strings and guitar. The old days are definitely gone unfortunately . The reverb is a bit much for me and 5 minutes tests my short attention,  but who cares it's your song. 

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  4. Nice work! Like the guitars and piano, really good playing. I might cut out a verse because it's a bit long for my attention span. Maybe a harmony on some of the chorus, not sure if it would work there or not, just my thoughts on it.

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    Just finished this one, another jazzy instrumental original. Using my tenor sax, Fishman tripleplay midi guitar for piano, Ezdrummer 3, PJ bass with Amplitube4 SVX Classic plugin. 

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