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  1. I use BiasFx2 plugin, it's pretty easy to get good tones with it. This one has"Lari Basilia Lead" preset loaded up. I usually tweak the presets a bit, they generally have too much delay and reverb for me. I think I added an auto wah on this one. BiasFx has a whole bunch of effects pedals that you can add or delete from the presets.  This song has a humbucker guitar on it. I have a super nice amp and pedals sitting in my room but it's so much work to get a great recorded sound out of it.

  2. Very cool song, it sounds like you put a lot of work in it. Lot's of sounds going on. Listening on my headphones the only small suggestion is the vocal could uses a little air, l mean clarity.  Might sound different on other systems.  Good work on this one.

  3. Good song and beautifully recorded. You always do such a great job at separating all the instruments so you can can clearly hear each of them.  I like the sound of your drums back then better than your new ones, sounds like a real snare. Are you singing?

  4. Very nice song. Your vocals sound really excellent, great detail and you have a very nice voice.  There is a thing with your songs with the drums though, they sound like an after thought and very weak. Maybe a different drum program altogether and louder. I'm no expert but I feel your recordings are so close to being stellar. Just my 2 cents. I would suggest a favorite artist recording that is close to what you are going after and record it into your daw as a reference. 

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