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  1. Thanks so much Wookie, Keith, Starise! 

    I was looking at the settings in the addictive keys piano to see if I could get more of a stereo spread but I think I would have to use some other processer to do it.

  2. You know I fooled around with a B3 for a while in the song before I stumbled across the synth I used. I couldn't get the organ to fit anywhere. Using my midi guitar for keys I don't have an expression pedal or midi switch to turn the leslie off and on. The leslie is the best thing about the B3. I was doing some reading this morning about midi switch boxes that will host a pedal, it's a bit confusing to me. I also would like it for the wah wah that's in my BiasFx2 plugin.

  3. 1 hour ago, emeraldsoul said:

    The song is nice and simple and heartfelt. Panning is great across the field. I'm wondering what that tiny little soft snare hit is adding? I think you could get rid of it.

    those people with younger ears could tell us what that harmonica is doing above 13kHz - my guess is, it's a bit strong up there, but it's just a guess because I cain't hear dat no more.


    nice one!





    I heard that drum hit too and it sounded out of place with an other wise great sounding recording. It almost sounds like a glitch but I know it's not.

  4. 9 hours ago, bjornpdx said:

    Listened thru headphones. Sounds very good, but maybe could use bit more stereo spread?
    Really like the guitar playing.   I didn't understand the "midi guitar"  that you mentioned. Is that the Jam Origin Midi Guitar software?

    Thanks Bjorn,. It's the fishman midi wireless system. I had no luck with the jam origin.


    I play the song and imagine the drums playing in my head and then find the rhythm in my drum software that sounds like it. Sometimes I have to rearrange the kick and or snare to get what I want.  Even when I get a good bass performance I find I need some minor moving of notes to align with the drums, really makes a song sound so much tighter when you do that and I find it kind of fun to do. Read up on audio transients in cakewalk editing.

    I like MEquilizer to dial in my rhythm guitar sounds, it's a free plugin. You can boost or cut a tone and then sweep it back and forth to find where it sounds good. If you haven't watched any creativesauce youtube cakewalk videos yet I found him really helpful to learn how to do things in cakewalk, he puts things in a simple understandable way.

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  5. A great track. Really good playing and great guitar tones. Liked the harmonized stuff. On my phones the drums might be a little loud, I found the snare a bit of a focus point. Of course that is to taste. You guys are amazing, I'm a fan.


    I like your song, it's pretty, nice chord changes. Sometimes the bass sounds slightly off the beat, but that's easy to fix in cakewalk. I think it would sound good if some drums came in in the middle of the song too (and or congas).

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