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  1. There's two different arrows depending on where your mouse is , one moves the transient marker and the other lets you stretch or shrink. I screwed some stuff up learning to use it. Look at Creativesauce youtube cakewalk videos, he has a lot of easy to understand tutorials, I've learned a lot from him.

  2. Very nice, I like your stuff. Smooth pretty, vocals sound good. My only crit is the weak drum sound, it's so faint it's barely there. i think it would be better either gone or louder.

  3. Hey, great first attempt! It sounds pretty good to me, nice song and vocals. Don't know if you've read up on audio transients but it is great way to get the timing cleaned up. Just make sure to get rid of unneeded transients and I move some of them so the transient is just before the note so it doesn't stretch it weird. I kind of strangely enjoy the process.

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  4. That was nice and relaxing, more mellow than usual, I like it. Very nice guitar tones. The fretless sounded cool on there. I just converted my cheap jazz to fretless and trying to get used to it, not easy.

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