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  1. KSband

    Bad Dog

    Thanks much @daryl1968!
  2. Original jazz fund sax song using tenor sax, Fishman midi guitar, Ezdrummer 3, Glarry jazz fretless bass. Oops, misspelled the title of the video!
  3. KSband

    Midnight Show

    Good song and arrangement!
  4. Yes. The cymbal is right in the front of the mix, if you're going to crash on it like that it needs to be backed down in the mix a lot. It sounds like there is an overhead right on the ride.
  5. KSband

    Bad Dog

    Thanks @Bajan Blue and @jwnicholson78! I had not heard of MIGIC but it looks like it's monophonic so that wouldn't work for me. I tried the Jam Origen a few yeas ago and it has a lot of latency but I need to try the latest version to see if it improved. The midi guitar system has been a fantastic recording tool for me, a non keyboard player.
  6. Congratulations, your stuff is very well done!
  7. Pretty well done, certainly different . Not a genre that I usually listen to but sounds good.
  8. I would say way too much hard crashing on the cymbals. Maybe less cymbal hits, shouldn't be a crash every drum beat.
  9. I think it would help to hear the rest of band to give us context for the style you're going for. Sounds like you put some work into an arrangement.
  10. KSband

    Bad Dog

    Thanks a lot @steve@baselines.com and @DeeringAmps appreciate it!
  11. KSband

    Bad Dog

    Thanks for checking it out @noynekker! That is the late great Kona dog, she had a collar with "Bad Dog" on it. Actually a really good dog but she had her moments.
  12. Great rockin' track, enjoyed it! It sounds great, on my headphones the crunch rhythm is over powering the lead a bit, I don't know if the rhythm is slightly loud or the lead could be a little more up front. Love your playing.
  13. Good song, kind of has a 60's vibe. Pretty wild music, I can't really tell what's playing but it sounds interesting.
  14. Good song, sounds like you put some work in the arrangement.
  15. KSband

    Off My Mind

    Nice groove. I like the various synth stuff going on.
  16. KSband


    Nice, has an epic feel to it.
  17. KSband

    Bad Dog

    I tried it a few years ago and found it unusable. I did see that there is a new version coming so will have to give a try. Years ago I demo'ed the Roland synth midi guitar and it had so much latency I couldn't stand it. I've seen guys play these systems and they sound good but I can't get the same results. The Electro Harmonix synth pedals do an amazing job of keys without midi but you are limited to the built in sounds.
  18. KSband

    Bad Dog

    Thanks @Wookiee! It's a Fishman wireless, has a stick on pickup and a controller that mounts to the back strap button. There is no way I could perform live with it, I get so many glitched notes. Still easier for me to go back and edit out the glitches than to try to hunt and peck out the chords on a keyboard.
  19. Nice production, very good playing on the piano and bass.
  20. I'm confused, you don't want feedback?
  21. That does not sound like a trumpet. Maybe pick a lead instrument that is more easily copied by a synth. How about a violin or cello? There's someone on here that has a flute vst that sounds amazing but it wasn't cheap, usually the case with the good stuff.
  22. Whatever you're doing it sure sounds good. All the instruments come through nice an clear.
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