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  1. KSband

    5/ testmix

    Sounds great! Beautiful playing.
  2. Agree, nice song and good playing! I like the dramatic change up near the end, very Elton kind of thing. I could imagine this worked up with a full band arrangement.
  3. Thanks so much! @Supa Reels, @EnglandBross, @freddy j and @AndyB01 Steve, what did you like better on the first mix?
  4. Definitely not my thing but you do very good job on this style of music.
  5. KSband

    Vacation Song

    Very catchy song and a nice production too, good stuff.
  6. Hey Mark this is a much better version, the mix sounds very good. I like your solo in there, very cool. Nice work!
  7. Really beautiful playing, very creative and different! I would like to hear some of this worked up with bass and drums.
  8. Thanks @bjornpdx! Alex is a total pro player, he added those sax parts in no time at all.
  9. KSband


    Really like this one, super groovy toe tapper for sure. Great musicianship all around!
  10. KSband

    Free Fall

    Agree, this would be good soundtrack for something.
  11. That's a cool song, very creative. I like the harmonica.
  12. Thanks for the listen @Larry T.
  13. Nice work on the guitars. The low frequency thumping is really heavy in the beginning, made me turn my volume down right away. Once it gets going, maybe a minute in, it is still pretty heavy but better, probably what you were going for.
  14. @hsmusic thanks for the listen and comment.
  15. Did a remix on this, fattened the bass a little, added drum fills, edited guitar solo. Appreciate critical listen.
  16. KSband


    Pretty awesome! I could imagine that being on a Spyo Gyra album, very high quality stuff.
  17. Thanks @mark skinner ! I'm going to have to experiment with my wah wah pedal and the sax, never tried it. He told me his chain of Fx for it but it was beyond anything I can do.
  18. Pretty epic, must have been a lot of work. Definitely too long for my attention span.
  19. Sounds like a movie sound track, good work.
  20. KSband


    Somehow I missed this one when you posted. It's a really good song and good production too. Cool bass line you have going.
  21. Good track, very professional production!
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