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  1. KSband


    Sounds great! Like this song. The piano and organ compliment nicely. Very smooth guitar playing. Like the soprano solo a lot. Your mixes always sound perfect.
  2. Sounds like a good idea.
  3. KSband

    Two time loser

    Use the audio transients, you can see any timing issues. Record the drums to a track and first sync up the bass and drums, then go from there. Bass can be moved around pretty reliably but guitar sometimes can get weird if stretched or shrunk very much to get in time.
  4. KSband

    Two time loser

    Good rockin' song, I like the guitar riffs. I would bump up the bass. It feels like there are some timing issues here and there, maybe go through and check with some audio transients.
  5. KSband


    Yes that organ is cool. Another great track, you guys seem to never run out of ideas. Mix sounds great on my little monitors.
  6. Sounds like the recording is too hot, I know you're going for heavy guitar distortion but this sound like recording distortion to me.
  7. Little more rock sounding track, sounds great, very good production and performance.
  8. KSband


    interesting mix, kind of a film noir sound to some of the chord changes. Great playing by all.
  9. The fiddle is a nice compliment to your song, sounds good.
  10. KSband

    Zombie WOOF't

    I'm a Zappa fan, although I don't really like most of his work after the mid seventies. I've worn out Apostrophe, Overnite sensation and One Size fits all. Zombie Woof is one of his craziest songs so pretty ambitious one to cover. I can't even imagine trying to do it so good job.
  11. Very nice song with lot's of interesting sounds.
  12. KSband

    Boy Meets Girl

    Catchy song, well done.
  13. Nice tune, well done recording. Don't love the drums is my only nit.
  14. Pretty funny song. Good playing!
  15. KSband


    Great track with a lot of energy. My first listen was on my monitors and the drums seemed kind of overpowering. Listening again on my headphones seems better. Personally I would of left the bass solo off. Another impressive song.
  16. I noticed that, but I dig that song Veil of Veronica, nice guitar work and interesting changes. Carry On is nice too, good vocals.
  17. KSband

    Hilton Head

    Nice pics, looks like a cool place to visit. Pleasant little groove to accompany it.
  18. Clever song, I like it. Wish I could write lyrics like that.
  19. Mark, the whammy is a good excuse to get a strat, I love mine. It's the only way to get some vibrato on chords, very fun.
  20. Sounds good, reminds me of the Pretenders.
  21. Cool song and good recording! I like the way it's panned and mixed. The vocals sound really good too.
  22. KSband


    Sounds great! Beautiful playing.
  23. Agree, nice song and good playing! I like the dramatic change up near the end, very Elton kind of thing. I could imagine this worked up with a full band arrangement.
  24. Thanks so much! @Supa Reels, @EnglandBross, @freddy j and @AndyB01 Steve, what did you like better on the first mix?
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