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  1. steelstringer


    Thank you. I will look into the full Cakewalk DAW. It seems that the app doesn’t have all of features that I need.
  2. steelstringer


    I see... Is this the wrong forum for my question? Thanks.
  3. steelstringer


    I’ve included screenshots here because I am not seeing any master controls after I start a new project. If I double tap on a track, I have many effects and tools, but none that I can apply to the entire project. Are there some other templates that I am missing? I Have been using Import Track option. Keep in mind that I’m using an iPad. Thanks again for the replies.
  4. steelstringer


    Hello all. New to this app (using it on my iPad). When I am ready to master a project, I usually like to apply a bit of compression and an eq to the entire project. I also like to have control of a master volume that affects the entire project. But so far, I can only find these options on individual tracks. Am I missing something? I’ve seen the premade CD quality, Bass Boost, etc., but those are not interesting to me. Any tips? Thank you.
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