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  1. Thanks guys for your responses. Yes I'm using a multi-timbral keyboard which has a different 'material voice' on each channel hence the need I think to route each instrument on a different channel. I understand that tracks and channels do not relate directly for example I have tracks 10 and 12 both sending drums on midi channel 10 routed via in the inspector. I shall digest and experiment and may follow up with further questions!
  2. Hi basically I want to copy and paste midi data to another track but assign a different channel number so I can have 2 different instruments or devices playing an identical melody which I can then individually edit. For example if I create a melody in say track 5 piano (midi channel 5) and copy it to track 6 organ (midi channel 6) all the note values, and data is copied correctly to track 6 but the midi channel assignment doesn't automatically change to 6 so I have to manually edit each individual midi item in the event viewer to change the midi channel from 5 to 6. Is there a simple way of doing this? Am I missing a simple method to define what channel to assign the pasted data or am I missing a concept here? Thanks as you will save me hours! Andy
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