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  1. I have S1 Artist, and after dragging "AnalogEffectsCollection.install" to S1 window I get an error message saying Analog Effects Collection is incompatible with Studio One. I can see Analog Delay in my account as purchased item at my.presonus.com/products/all - but it not available in S1 Extensions window. Looks like it's VST only. Still, at this price... 🙂
  2. Total uninstall/deactivate/reinstall/reactivate solved the problem 🙂
  3. Every time I load any factory preset from one of the collections I got as a freebie from this 25GB into AT5.2 (like Brian May, Mesa Boogie etc), I got annoing noize every few seconds. Like that trial copy protection noize. But if I start from a default preset or from one of the presets from collections I actually bought (like Fender 2), it's OK, no noize. And if then I load gear from freebie collection into default preset, replacing default amp and cab with amps and cabs from freebie collection, it's OK, no noize. Looks like a serious bug.
  4. So, actually it available for free for those who subscribed to newsletter AND bought something.
  5. Oh. That's definitely "Oh"... Next time I should be more patient. Way more patient...
  6. Totally useless feature in most real life situations IMHO. And cutting objects from photos is part of my everiday job 🙂 Affinity is great. There's still some imperfections and some really strange design decisions (like there IS Auto-levels as destructive filter, but NO Auto option in non-destructive Levels adjustment layer dialog). But in some aspects it's actually even better than PS.
  7. Rebelle is really great natural media tool. But current version is Rebelle 4, and HB sells Rebelle 3. Most important difference is oils. Hmm...
  8. I absolutely sure I subscribed, but now I found Product Emails was turned off in my profile somehow. Oh well. That's disappointing, but at least I didn't loose money when missing the free gift 🙂
  9. So... I can get AmpliTube 5 SE and T-RackS 5 SE for about $35 if I buy Pro Tools subscription for just one month? Sounds like a good deal. Or too good, maybe? 🙂
  10. So if I have Amplitube 4 + most collections and CS gear included in Amplitube 5 - it's better for me to buy A5SE than "upgrade" to A5 Full version? Because with A5 I'll get mostly the same as with A5SE, but for more money, right? Oh. Well. That's very interesting "upgade" conception.
  11. Corel Draw 4, Aldus PageMaker 4, Adobe Photoshop 2.0... Sweet memories. There was a rule of thumb that even (4/6/8) versions of CDR was very unstable, and odd (3/5/7) versions was reliable 🙂 Eventually I abandoned Corel for Aldus/Altsys/Macromedia FreeHand, which was replaced by Adobe Illustator. Now I use Adobe at work and Affinity Suite for my personal projects.
  12. In My Products section on KI website, I see 9 Authorizations left for my AmpliTube Slash Power DUO Bundle. But in IK Product Manager, I see 7 Authorizations left for my AmpliTube. And there's no AmpliTube "Full" or AmpliTube Slash Power DUO in Products sub-section in IK Product Manager . Just AmpliTube Free, Slash, Fender and other Collections. Where's my 2 Authorizations go and how to get them back? 🙂
  13. Well, I'd say Axiom is not exactly a "plug a cable and you're OK to go!" type of ampsim. Rather it's first and only "sound design modular studio" oriented towards guitar players, not keyboardists. Some presets are pretty good stright off, though, in every category. And you get LateReplies and ReGuitar as built-in effects.
  14. I had hope that Blue Cat would include AcouFiend in next Axiom release as internal plugin, like they did with Re-Guitar and Hot Tuna... But well, they already was kind enough 🙂
  15. I wrote to support@celemony.com, forwarding that old mail with free update offer. Received answer: Upgrade process with that SN went without any problems, now I have Meloddyne 5 Assistant. So it's true!
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