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  1. LPC

    No playback through headphones.

    I'll try that. Basically, my guitar is plugged into the Behringer U phoria so it should only be recording the signal of the guitar. But the laptop's mic records also meaning any noises I make or there are in the room while I record, it will be recorded also, which shouldn't happen since it should only pick the guitar signal from the USB sound card.
  2. LPC

    No playback through headphones.

    ASIO is on. Everything is fine from what I understand. In even disabled the laptop's mic but still outside noise picked up and no play back. I had a Focusrite ages ago, not anymore. I'm using the Behringer driver from their website. I tried everything from what I read in other posts, still nothing.
  3. LPC

    No playback through headphones.

    Hi, Yes I do have the ASIO4ALL that shows in the playback timing master + record one and as input / output drivers. The USB audio codec, not sure what it is really. It was showing as I plugged the U-Phoria. The name of the device itself doesn't appear anywhere, like it used to when I had a scarlett for instance.
  4. LPC

    No playback through headphones.

    Hi Greg, Thanks! And thanks for replying. I'm using a laptop, definitely not top notch, a small Acer. The mic is definitely picking up external noises. As mentioned before, I went through all the suggestions form other posts on the topic (maybe I missed some). Checked input, output in cakeWalk and laptop, both are set on the USB codec, as it is written. I did a troubleshooting on the laptop, nothing seems wrong. I'll check some videos about cakeWalk recording but I doubt it will be helpful. Definitely don't know where to look.
  5. Hi, I know this topic has been abused already. I've looked through every posts on this forum about it, nothing helps so far. I'm recording guitar through a Behringer U-Phoria UM2 ans the playback comes out of the PC speakers. I checked the settings on the PC. Input / Output are both set on the USB codec. Now I just realised that even though I'm plugged straight into the U-Phoria, the external noise is recorded on the track. Had a Focusrite Scarlet in the past and never had that kind of issues before. Anyone had any suggestions how to fix that? Cheers.
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