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  1. I just registered anew I think. I've got LMC in my account but not the channel strip. I just think of ILok as the license holder rather than the SSL shop account.
  2. 20th of September I think it said on the SSL site. Their timezone I'm guessing.
  3. I couldn't resist this one. Great price considering they offer free upgrades. I don't own Fabfilter Pro Q 3 and this is a fraction of the price, even if Fabfilter does dynamic eq and this doesn't. Other features seem fairly comparable. And for those who avoided the Harrison 32c, this one doesn't cramp 🙂 I was pleased to see it's nice and light on CPU, so it should work well on each track as a goto mixing eq. I wish they included more presets though.
  4. A lot of people get really excited by these Cherry Audio synths. I used to be one of them. Used the DCO-106 as my goto for a while. Then I compared it with the Softube Model 84 while watching a YouTube comparison by Starsky Carr and realised the Cherry Audio was but a pale imitation. Bought the Softube but it's tired looking UI doesn't really inspire me to use it as much as the Cherry Audio did. I enjoy looking at the Cherry Audio synths. They're cheap and cheerful I guess and there's a lot to be said for that. I'm hoping they improve the accuracy of the emulations as time goes on. Because then they'd really be on to a winning combination.
  5. https://store.solidstatelogic.com/products/ssl-native-x-eq-2 85% off
  6. Wow, the pace has really picked up. I figured it would as it got higher and higher. The more you get for free, the better the deal becomes, and the more motivation for people to jump in, and for those who have already jumped in to dip in again. I'm in twice so far and planning to go in a third and possibly a fourth time depending how high it goes.
  7. I'm glad I upgraded to 12 via the 11 Suite offer. That was a great deal. Rebirth and then Reason is what got me making music in the box way back when, after I gave up on using trackers, so there's a nostalgia factor to be sure, but I'm glad to still have Reason Rack in the toolbox in high res at last.
  8. There are two issues facing producers using midi packs to produce today's chart topping hits. Velocity levels Note lengths So I'm bringing to market a midi pack with the revolutionary feature of folders inside it for each possible velocity combination of every chord, as well as a large number of midi note lengths from the stabbiest staccato all the way out to two bar note sustains. That's 4096 variations per chord than other competing midi packs! Now you might be thinking to yourself, if only I had this idea first, I could produce such a midi chord pack and be well on my way to becoming a bazillionaire, but don't fret; I've got you! As a strictly limited time offer for the next 12 hours, you can get in at the ground level of this amazing business. We are looking for savvy midi users interested in opening their own midi pack franchise. Enjoy healthy discounts on any midi packs you purchase Earning a substantial commission on all sales of any direct customers you sign up Earn a very generous secondary tier commission for any customers your customers sign up Introducing the Amwalife Midi Pack. But wait, there's more. The first 100 franchisees to open a Amwalife branded TikTok or Instagram account and post using the hash tag #amwalifemidipack will go into the running to win a limited edition double-tracked midi pack, with hard-panned left and right chords to set your chord progressions apart from the rest. You won't want to miss this. Act now!
  9. Craig N

    PA Any Plugin Sale

    I'm getting the same error. Was all set to purchase the Bettermaker EQ and then it says the voucher code has been used already, which it hasn't.
  10. On the topic of full Kontakt libraries not appearing in the graphical libraries tab, it's well worth familiarising yourself with the "Quick load" panel; it's like setting up bookmarks in your browser. Once you get your libraries bookmarked there, it's actually more convenient than to scroll through a long list of player-compatible libraries and its a million times easier than browsing your hd to find the library each time you want to use it. I have only been collecting Kontakt libraries for a short while, I don't have a huge number and I categorise mine by company name, then library name, and then I have the instrument and any snapshots in the next level down. At some point it might be worth organising them by instrument type. The great thing is there's nothing stopping you from having kontakt libraries categorised in more than one way if you like, so I could add a second set of category folders in addition to the company name ones. Another tip is I have found some larger full Kontakt libraries can be slow to load initially. There's a "batch re-save" feature that helps Kontakt avoid having to search for files during loading, which can speed the initial load time before the library UI appears from as long as a minute, down to a few seconds. Not every library needs it, but for those that take a minute to load its a real disincentive to use them. After batch re-saving, they load much faster.
  11. That's a shame. I really wanted a Roli Seaboard one day. Waited too long I guess.
  12. Yeah it is unfortunate. The Authorizer app lists "hi res" after the name of the extension after its been updated, so the easiest thing to do is just delete all extensions and then press sync all on the website, which will reinstall the whole lot.
  13. Btw as a heads up if you have rack extensions installed eg if you bought Reason 11 suite, and you're not getting high res graphics for some of those extensions eg Radical Keys, you may need to close your DAW, run the Authorizer, delete the extension, then go into your account on the Reason Studios website and click the Download button for that extension again. It's a bit of a drag, but the updated graphics are worth it in the end at least.
  14. I signed up for the beta program so I've tested a few of the high res betas along the way. Makes it usable software again for me. I couldn't bear using it previously.. It was so ridiculously cramped and tiny.
  15. Are you asking if you get 10x the gear credits? If so, it doesn't quite work like that. If you buy the gear credits and then use them to purchase a product that is eligible for inclusion in the group buy, you will receive 10 free picks for the same retail price or less from the list of group buy included products. So make sure you pick a product with those gear credits that's listed on the group buy page. Also, I don't receive a commission on upsells or anything (lol) but if you buy 150, 200, 300 or 500 etc gear credits there's a further discount beyond 1 credit per dollar/euro, whereas buying 100 gear credits is no cheaper than spending $100 on the main site. And you probably already know that you can use a voucher code or jampoints when buying gear credits...
  16. Ah yes, it does seem a bit tricky! I'm going to be facing this myself unless I opt for the 500 gear credits and jump in at 300. Perhaps the Amplitude 5 upgrade? For me it's listed as $199 / 200 Gear Credits -- and Amplitude 5 at $199 is also listed on my Crossgrade/Upgrade page https://www.ikmultimedia.com/userarea/eligibility/
  17. This song seems relevant to the occasion... pardon the 80's nostalgic flavour. I'm showing my age.
  18. As long as it's eligible for the group buy, yes that's my understanding. I originally wrote that registering the code in your account enrolls you in the group buy, but I am not sure you'd get a code from the Custom Shop - it probably registers it directly into your account. All I know is tons of people have been buying with gear credits (even though I haven't) so we'd know by now if it didn't qualify. Just make sure the thing you buy in the Custom Shop is listed on the Group Buy page, and if its something with a few flavours eg T-Racks, when you view the product page for that particular product variant it shows the red dialog at the top right of the screen indicating it qualifies. Because T-Racks MAX does not qualify, for instance, but T-Racks Deluxe does.
  19. I need some advice. I am already in the group buy at a lower level, but I'm thinking of also buying in at the $199 level with SampleTank 4. Is there an affordable upgrade path from SampleTank 4 to SampleTank 4 Max? After entering a song in the SampleTank Songwriting Competition I realised how amazing a product it is for someone with my eclectic musical tastes, and I have come to REALLY want everything it has to offer, but it seems as if buying SampleTank 4 and then each of the collections would still leave me short some of the content in ST 4 Max. So if there's no way to get from SampleTank 4 as an upgradeable buy-in purchase, to ST4 Max affordably, maybe I'm better waiting for a sale on Total Studio 3 Max...
  20. I just posted it to a bargains website I belong to, to see if that gets us a few more participants.
  21. Gold! That was hilarious all the way to the last sentence. Love it.
  22. I think it sounds great. If I wasn't already overburdened with reverbs I'd definitely have bought it already. I'm still tempted to get it anyway.
  23. Here's some fine albums that were released in 1996 Orbital - In Sides Westside Connection - Bow Down Beastie Boys - The In Sound from Way Out! David Gray - Sell Sell Sell Better Than Ezra - Friction, Baby Carcass - Swansong Oh man, now it's up to 2002. Ok, what good albums were released in 2002...
  24. @Peter - IK Multimedia I have read the rules posted here https://woobox.com/csz66u/rules but I am still unsure whether the song needs to be comprised solely of Sample Tank instruments, or whether it is sufficient if Sample Tank is used somewhere within the piece?
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