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  1. The key entries I found at the update time were: [2019-08-31 15:21:29.029] [info] Checking for update [2019-08-31 15:21:29.121] [error] Error: TypeError: this.app.whenReady is not a function the rest in the log I looked at is code entry points (+ corresponding personal info) ... Personally I happy to download the exe & run it manually, that's 99.9% likely to work, if it's predecessor had no problem, rather than rely on auto-update code to do the job, and going forward that's just what I might do... 😁
  2. 5.0.6 works fine here... Don't use BA on startup, so had to launch the assistant which issued an update notification, but on selecting update, presumably a self update, it failed, followed by an instruction to download BA (bandlab-assistant-windows-latest.exe) and manually install via the exe, which is ok... Just remember to run as Administrator. Was this your experience, or was this just a glitch going from 5.0.4 (which was my initial BA install) to 5.06, if anyone knows??
  3. Patch Tuesday is precarious... I've had various settings weirdness after an update restart, some vanish on a reboot, others not... One mo' thing to add to the check list, post update 😆
  4. Good Catch... Just checked and yup, Game Mode was on! When did you notice this??
  5. FYI... My current project has 4 instances of Kontakt, 1 with 10 instruments loaded, 1 with 3 and 2 each with one, separate outputs & midi channels. The single instrument instances were breakouts from the multis, as there seemed to be performances quirks for those instruments, for unknown reasons, but I suspect it might have been due to a combination older libraries (Kontakt 2) with current ones, so there may have been some compatibility issue, or a scripting issue who knows, as also a chunk of midi CCs are used for all of them...
  6. Thanks. That was my guess, hence the question... As to external audio, that's not an issue as there is none for my midi projects. The issue for me is Kontakt, on a fast bounce it might glitch, midi events sometimes get lost. I 'll have to experiment to see if there's an audible improvement on a higher than the default buffer size, not that the render sounds bad, but it's the potential for lost midi events such as cc data that doesn't easily get noticed unlike a missing note which can happen even with fast bounce unchecked.
  7. For an ostensibly midi project, on a “Bounce to Track(s)” when “Fast Bounce” is unchecked, does the “MIDI Prepare Buffer Size” value make a difference for the render??
  8. If you’re using “Native Access” to update Kontakt which is the prescribed method, under the user icon’s (that’s the little head & shoulders) drop down menu is “preferences”, click on that and see the install vst paths that Native Access uses... Then check CbB Utilities>Cakewalk Plug-in Manger>VST Instruments (VSTi) & locate the “Kontakt” registered plugin and select to see it’s location... Copy the new to that location. That’s essentially what I do, as I keep all my NI stuff in a specific location...
  9. see this topic it's probably CbB zeroing the controllers...
  10. Indeed... And it seems recording is only way to see the waveform behind the envelopes after stopping the recording. Just checked a track with vst automation and the waveform preview has the same issue as the bus. This was for a stereo track with the double waveform, don't know if it's same for a mono?
  11. No it's not just you... But going forward for this & other reasons I'm taking Mr. Scooks advice...
  12. Terrific... jBridge is not free & the demo's limitations make it only useful for a review, be nice if there's a fix for BitBridge. Meanwhile is there any other free alternatives out there someone could recommend??
  13. I loaded the test project in the final Splat 64 bit, originally created for final Splat 32 bit. I can confirm that, yes indeed, in spite of the preset indicating the one that was saved, it was in fact the 1st in the preset list “Bass Gratification”, and re-selecting the checked preset that was originally saved will restore it. Re-saving the project under a different name from Splat 64 bit made no difference on the Splat 64 bit reload. This was with BitBridge, so it seems that whatever the preset parameter is, is not being recognized or applied to the vst via the bridge on loading in Splat 64 bit, yet the Splat 64 saved version opens in Splat 32 bit without any problems. It might work with JBridge but that I can’t test.
  14. Interesting synth... I created a test project for final Splat 32 bit, using two (2) instances of “Prodigious Synthesizer V1.2” each setup with a different “Prodigious Factory patch”, recorded a midi sequence for each midi track per instance. Also loaded an instance of AD2 and setup a midi drum sequence and saved and closed the project. On reloading the project all returned as saved no problems! Since this is a 32 bit synthedit VST, I hesitate to use it in CbB, having had problems with some 32 bit VSTs and BitBridge, causing crashes in Splat 64 bit. I assume your issue is in CbB, who knows it might be whatever bridge you’re using in conjunction with Prodigious, or another plugin in the mix? And, I always run the Splats & CbB as an administrator...
  15. Nah... That has nothing to do with it... Me thinks it's a bug that after the tempo map change operation via "Fit to Time", the progress bar fails to render, and further, the condition subsequently remains until CbB is closed & re-launched, even if a new project is opened followed by a simple save operation prior to the CbB shutdown... Yet the "save' or the "bounce" nevertheless succeeds.
  16. After a Process>Fit to Time, using the tempo map option is followed with a project save (Cntrl + S) the "Now Time" remains and doesn't switch to the "Saving Project" progress bar. If I recall correctly, the same thing happens on a "Bounce to Track(s)", that is after a "Fit to Time", using the tempo map, the progress bar fails to appear, but it seems the bounce continued, but in that case thinking something bad was happening (i.e. a error loop), I shut down CbB, to find a partial bounce .wav in the audio folder...
  17. After a Process>Fit to Time, using the tempo map option is followed with a project save (Cntrl +) the "Now Time" remains and doesn't switch to the "Saving Project" progress bar. If I recall correctly, the same thing happens on a "Bounce to Track(s)", that is after a "Fit to Time", using the tempo map, the progress bar fails to appear, but it seems the bounce continued, but in that case thinking something bad was happening (i.e. a error loop), I shut down CbB, to find a partial bounce .wav in the audio folder...
  18. I've use iZotope Dynamic Delay, when hooked to the hosts tempo, and using changes to the tempo map, you can get some weird artifacts. You could try what I do, that is put the delay on a separate bus/aux track and set the dry to 0% the wet to 100%, and on the track where you want the delay use a send to the DDLs track... It's a thought...
  19. For a smooth tempo transition I insert the start & end tempos, disable snap and use "draw line" from start point to end point... Then re-enable snap...
  20. So that's what the little keyboard's for... As evah, thank you so much... 😂
  21. My AAS VSTs have dials for most parameters or left-mouse-press drag to set the values. In addition, a right-mouse-press opens a drop-down menu where you can select manual value entry which opens an entry box for numeric values. This will not work for CbB or for Splat, numbers are blocked, I guess due to the keyboard shortcut numeric assignments, whereas alphas are not. This is unlike the properties for envelope nodes, which allow numeric entry. Does anyone know a way around this numeric entry block?? And of course, the AAS standalones don’t have this problem.
  22. Tez


    Thanks Noel, I was aware of no offline support... But after the install and the failure to launch the browser window as described, I closed CbB and when I couldn't start up the browser I was initially concerned that something had been corrupted. Fortunately it could be worked around. So is the browser issue an independent glitch?
  23. Tez


    Hey Noel, 1. After the settings migration from Splat to CbB the core "UseOnlyOfflineHelp" reg key is set to 1. This suits me just fine as I can use the SONAR.CHM offline in CbB. 2. The help menu options: "Getting Started Guide", "Support" & "User Forums" should open the corresponding web page in the browser. If the browser is running the web pages happily launch in a new tab... The issue is that if there no instance of the browser running it fails to launch the browser window, yet the process gets launched and the task manager shows that the "UAC virtualization" as "Not Allowed", and this blocks any attempt to launch the browser window at all, up until the task gets manually ended. Typically, the task manager shows that the "UAC virtualization" as "Disabled", which I presume is normal! Is the issue with 2. somehow related to 1.
  24. Tez


    Given the current zeitgeist, a measure of cynicism is not entirely unwarranted. But today having wound up my projects, I decided to upgrade the last Splat to CbB (no addons). From the bandlab assistant through the settings migration the install was flawless, just a small footprint on the system drive, and managed to capture the setup exec too! Only the minor task of copying across custom content, and CbB seems much more than a full Splat with, on first impressions, better performance! So with that, there are some good folks left, and a huge thank you to one and all for CbB, and thanks to Scook for responding to some irritating questions I’ve had along the way...
  25. Thanks for the reply and I assume all the other "Shared" folders too, and that's basically why I asked in case something weird could happen 🤔...
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