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  1. I put all drums in a folder. After some work, I collapsed the folder and worked on other areas in the mix. Today, I discovered that all effect racks in that folder was turned off. I had to rethink everything. What did I do? I mean, how did I do that, because it was never done intentionally.
  2. This guy is so straight to the point. No "in this video I'm going to talk about..." Or "Remember to like and subscribe.." or "What is up, youtube, today I am going to show you.." Also very useful stuff. He really got me going back in the day. (What dialect is that, by the way?) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdBDkCsLpOhkHAQyvbQqqPQ
  3. Thanks! No, they are not engaged..
  4. I cleared all automation, and did it over again. Now it kinda works, but faders show no response. Is this normal behaviour in Cakewalk? Because this is part of my workflow and I've just been lucky to not have any automations included.
  5. I simply adjusted all faders in a group, and all volume automation turned catatonic; No response. Can.. can I get it back in a safe way?
  6. Oh! The drum map was also set to the Akai pad. Now I have sound. Scook! What can I say!
  7. I allready have that definition. But it is routed to the Akai MPD218. The other way so to speak. But I shall now figure out the concept of " per-track note names" Thank you.
  8. I don't get it. I shall choose the drum map as output? Because, when I do, there's no sound. And when I choose SD as output, there is sound. That makes sense. But all tutorials tell me do send output to the drum map.
  9. Thanks. That windows behaviour has given me several problems. Knowing them help fixing them. But that was not the case here. I fixed it, but I do not know how. I have two midi controllers; An Icon Qcon pro 2 and a Komplete kontrol A61. When the Icon was disconnected, I could not start interface for KK. I Removed, installed again, connected/started them in different orders, and by today, they both start.
  10. The interface will not start when I click it under utilities. And after one try, it goes grey/inactive. Wut?
  11. I right click the midi/synth track and choose "Replace synth.." Pick another, and wait for new synth to load. I does, but the former synth name is still there.
  12. I have tried to quick-group, and holding down Ctrl while adjusting levels, but that does not work. I have not found any topics via google, so I try here. Is there a known way to perform this operation?
  13. In such cases, I close Melodyne, rightcklick/region effect/open editor. Et voilá!
  14. Mainly Am-G13. There is also D7 to dm7 Rest is plain major choords. I use EZ keys, and transfer chords to Cakewalk's default strings. Oh there is a CMaj7 also.
  15. Thx! This is the first time I mixed the preamp in the guitar with a microphone. I'm "allergic" to quack and have never even thought of trying it. I don't remember the brand, but it is an "Aura" in a Martin GPCPA1 combined with a Neumann TLM 102
  16. Strange how I hear it differently as soon as I've uploaded.. Sorry for the initial empty post. I uploaded the MP3 file, and thought I was succesful in uploading a video directly.
  17. I can do my most used operations on the Icon. But I cannot for the life of me find a use for the push-function on the pan knobs.. Not many in-depth documentation/tutorials out there..
  18. Yes, I could. But the buttons are still very small..
  19. Now there's a handy feature. But the buttons that change value are strangely tiny. Through mixer, cables and other paraphernalia by the mouse, it is a small challenge to hit them right.
  20. Here's what I'm working on tonight. I cannot decide when to introduce the bass; With the drums, or wait until chorus.. What a joyful "dilemma" Don't you remember.mp3
  21. ..the more you play, the better the guitar. I've come to realize that I'm looking forward to the end of my work day, just so I can get home to my Cakewalk projects. I've fairly recently got an Icon Qcon Pro2 that slowly gets into muscle memory. I've recently started to use the pro channel more and more, because I've come to trust it. It is darn good. The joy I get from this makes me very grateful, and if I exaggerate just a bit, I could say Cakewalk has become part of my persona. I just would not know what to to without it. (I'd had to fiddle with ye olde Tascam 244 four track cassette recorder. Yes, I still have it somewhere in the basement) Thanx guys for excellent performance over the entire line. Product, forum and all.
  22. Some windows update activated "restricted folder access". -Once I turned that off, I can load themes again.
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