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    Virtual wah wah

    yes, https://www.google.com/search?q=midi+expression+pedals
  2. Your time may be better spent learning the plug-in. It is a large/complex plug-in with the ability to tailor each kit piece individually in the plug-in with the myriad of built-in effects and routing options to mix in the plug-in to a single stereo out. That said, if you really want to bypass BFD internal mixer, start simple. Do everything in little steps and you should be able to figure out how it works. Once you get the entire kit setup with MIDI and audio tracks, save it as a track template and use the template to load BFD in the future. Here are some little steps to get you started - In CbB, drag the BFD3 plug-in into a project with only MIDI source selected in the Insert Soft synth Options dialog. You can always create a folder and move the tracks into it later. In BFD3, load a kit In CbB add an audio track, change the label to Kick set the interleave* to mono set the input to BFD3m01 (Note: BFD3m... are BFD3 mono outputs, BFD3s... are stereo). In BFD3 change the Kick in the BFD3 mixer to Mono 1 test by clicking on the Kick in the BFD3 kit view In CbB add an audio track change the label to snare set the interleave* to mono set the input to BFD3m02 In BFD3 change the Smare in the BFD3 mixer to Mono 2 test by clicking on the Snare in the BFD3 kit view At this point, chances are the kick and snare will both play albeit at different levels on both tracks. This is because BFD3, by default allows the kick and snare to bleed into each other's microphones. This is controlled in BFD3 in the tech display to the right of the Kit and Mixer display. Repeat as desired for each kit piece. * Track interleave is located in the track inspector and depending on Workspace and Track Control drop down settings in the track view track headers.
  3. It is possible to add tracks for any synth including Session Drummer 3 at any time. Additional MIDI track need their output set to the synth. Additional audio tracks need their input set to the synth. If you are using instrument tracks, there is a function to append instrument tracks to a synth with multiple outputs. Right-click one of the instrument track headers in the track view to access this option.
  4. Yes, buses are audio only so their FX racks and Prochannels work too. Typically, a soundfont player is a plug-in loaded into the DAW like any other soft synth plug-in. All soft synth plug-ins require an audio or instrument track to work in the DAW. Maybe you are using an external synth like VirtualMIDISynth. If so, you may want to reconsider. Using external synths like the MS GS Wavetable synth, VirtualMIDISynth and the like are fine for basic playback but are difficult to work with inside a DAW. There are hundreds of free and paid synth plug-ins designed for use in DAWs. There are quite a few free synths mentioned here.
  5. Check the CC value sent by the pedal in MIDI-Ox. This will tell you what CbB is receiving from the pedal.
  6. It is true, Guitar Rig and Amplitube are audio FXs. They may be used with anything that makes a sound including the output of soft synths. They may be added to audio/instrument track FX racks, Prochannels and audio clip FX racks. They may not be added to the FX rack in MIDI tracks and clips. Only MFX plug-ins like these may be added to MIDI FX racks.
  7. A bad idea that should have generated a warning when running CbB. ASIO4All is not recommended under any circumstances especially when a device has a manufacturer supplied ASIO driver such as Focusrite. Generic ASIO drivers are known to conflict with real ASIO drivers. Uninstall ASIO4All and install the Focusrite driver. CbB could not find a MIDI input device in Windows. Please provide information about the hardware, OS and model of Focusrite interface.
  8. Please provide information about the hardware, OS and images of Preferences > Audio > Devices Preferences > Audio > Driver Settings Preferences > Audio > Playback and Recording and if this is about MIDI data also include images of Preferences > MIDI > Devices Preferences > MIDI > Playback and Recording
  9. Please do not cross post.
  10. Try changing the file extension from webm to mp4 before importing
  11. When KORG added resizable UI to collection 1, it was only available through KORG Software Pass. That is why I started using it. It may have changed since then IDK, I purchased collection 3 since then.
  12. Don't need to see the problem, the 2/3rds of the requested audio preference images are enough to suggest a solution. Try setting UseHardwareSamplePosition to False in Preferences > Audio > Configuration File AFAIK all Digidesign interfaces need this change.
  13. and the audio preferences?
  14. it unfortunately has nothing to do with any of the levels, i can hear it with the input echo just fine, but no matter what i do it only will play back 1 beat, it wont even attempt to make the timing marker move past the first beat Still the rest of the information requested by @Promidi may be useful. In addition to images of the requested audio preferences dialogs, consider including images of Preferences > MIDI > Devices and Preferences > MIDI > Playback and Recording.
  15. Remove the curly braces. ^Tab::^i For more info review the Hotkeys section under Usage and Syntax in the autohotkey help. Also make sure SetTitleMatchMode RegEx is somewhere above #If WinActive("ahk_exe i)Cakewalk.exe") because this line uses a regular expression.
  16. https://www.waves.com/support/tech-specs/supported-hosts
  17. I used the Korg Software Pass to update
  18. Once the Export Audio dialog is setup as desired click the + next to "Add Task to Queue" Then run the task as needed to perform the export. More info about tasks is near the bottom of the Export Audio dialog page linked above.
  19. I posted in this thread only after receiving a report about a failure in another DAW. Before that, I saw no reason to post here. This would not be the first time. They have the source to the plug-ins and are in the best position to see why the same initialization string works in one version and fails in another. Cakewalk, on the other hand, has no way to know how the plug-ins are processing the data sent by the DAW. Always a possibility.
  20. You mean the one I quoted in my post?
  21. Can make a video using one of the PC-based screen to animated gif tools too.
  22. It does not appear to be exclusively a CbB problem.
  23. Or use the VST2. Simply using the VST2 or rolling back to the previous VST3 does not help with fixing the problem. Reporting it to support may. Relying on VST2 is not a good long-term strategy.
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