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  1. Try the drum replacer for the kick and snare
  2. Yes, the user directory is where the DAW picks up audio metronome wav files. The user directory is initialized using the contents of C:\ProgramData. The folders in "Cakewalk Content" are redundant
  3. Opening automation lanes where no automation already exists automatically creates volume automation. This makes it easy to create unintended volume automation.
  4. Sounds like the volume is automated. That said, here are the controls documented to work in Mix Recall (emphasis added) Check the Mix Recall Settings It is also possible to store multiple copies of the same project in the same folder.
  5. Was the TH3 input level set as described in page 7 of the manual?
  6. Mostly dynamics plug-ins intended for mastering, some IR reverbs and linear phase plug-ins buffer their input. Often, the plug-ins have a way to adjust the lookahead buffer. Plug-ins may reference it in their documentation or there will be some statement about latency.
  7. Don't use plug-ins that need a lookahead buffer
  8. probably your workspace setting Either create a custom workspace with "Control Bar Layout" not loading from the workspace or set workspaces to None X2 did not have workspaces.
  9. Overloud TH-U is an ampsim not a synth. An instrument track is not needed, just a MIDI track to route the controller data to the plug-in.
  10. To get MIDI data to any plug-in requires a MIDI track. Add the track with its input set to the FireStudio, output set to the plug-in and enable input echo (the button right of record) until the data is recorded.
  11. Loads OK here Anything bundled with CSC is also available in 64bit DP or Rapture. I bought one CSC expansion pack and built programs for the samples in Rapture so that I did not have to rely on CSC. Rapture Session put the final nail in CSC. Rapture Session was the 64bit replacement for CSC and more.
  12. That's a shame. It was working in January.
  13. I must have built this one directly in master.ins it was so basic. Any way I fleshed it out. Originally, I did not even create the ".Instrument Definitions" section necessary for import. Posted a link here Enjoy
  14. A more basic an instrument definition probably does not exist. Really not much more than a shell for other plug-in instrument definitions. Available from my Google page
  15. The DAW uses the master.ins in your user directory "%appdata%/Cakewalk/Cakewalk Core" You may edit master.ins directly but I usually create separate ins files for each instrument and import them using the UI. I'll add to instrument definitions in a minute.
  16. I built an instrument definition for Breaktweaker some time ago. There is not much to it. All that can be controlled is the pattern or sample. if you want it. I can post it in instrument definitions. Instead of using the CbB UI, I mostly use a text editor then import the instrument definitions. Alot of the stuff in the UI is not needed for plug-ins. The good news once the instrument definition is defined, the ".Note Names" section may be converted into a drum map using the ins2map tool I have mentioned in other threads BTW, I already have several instrument definitions available on the forum, if you just want to see the layout.
  17. They gave it away for free a couple years ago before releasing the reverb collection.
  18. Is there in activity (Z) shown in the MIDI track. If not, the data may not be making it to the DAW. Also, check the MIDI driver mode. If it is set to UWP try setting it to MME.
  19. Glad you figured it out. Input echo must always be enabled when monitoring the input data stream. The intent of the MFX Event Filter is to block mod wheel data going to the synth NOT the FX plug-in. The plug-in is placed in the MIDI FX bin going to the organ NOT the Leslie. It may not be necessary. I have seen others use a similar arrangement of an organ synth plug-in and Leslie sim FX plug-in where both were responding to the mod wheel. Whether this is desirable is up to the user.
  20. Yes, Windows does not allow 64bit programs to load 32bit dlls. BitBridge is a server launched by the DAW to host 32bit plug-ins and handle the communication between the plug-ins and the DAW. After enabling MIDI input in the plug-in standard header, did you add a MIDI track with the plug-in as its output? Plug-ins in an synth or instrument track FX rack do not receive MIDI data from the track driving the synth. When using the same incoming MIDI data stream for the synth and the FX plug-in, use the MFX Event Filter in the MIDI FX rack to block mod wheel data going to the synth instrument or MIDI track by enabling the Controllers filter and dragging the bottom arrow up in the CC# column to 2, like this When using instrument tracks, the track inspector MIDI tab (T) provides access to the MIDI FX rack (B)
  21. I too mostly work in the Track View. If there is a way to suppress the space used by the collapsed Navigation, Video Thumbnail, Arranger and Tempo tracks, I don't know it. Here as image of 2019.07, essentially the same as the SONAR X series. This version contains the Navigation and Video Thumbnail tracks only. and an image of 2020.11 showing the addition of the Arranger Track and an image of 2021.12 showing the addition of the Tempo Track
  22. I have no doubt the symptoms in the OP are real. The issue is isolating a repeatable set of steps to reproduce the problem. Failing that, for now, does freezing some tracks before export solve the issue?
  23. Could note replicate using CbB 2020.02 build 39 with a simple one-track project using plug-in in the FX rack or in a bus.
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