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  1. Plug-ins bundled with Cakewalk by BandLab If you have a license to an old (preferably 64bit) Cakewalk product, all the content bundled with it is usable in CbB. If you perform an install of an older Cakewalk DAW, make sure to install CbB last. There are also quite a few free synths available on the net. Have a look at this thread.
  2. The documentation is correct as far as it goes. What it does not say is when a source may be used. If there is any audio in the project, the clock must be Audio. Project audio includes audio clips, input echo on an audio track, the audio metronome and soft synths.
  3. If the items in the image above that point to "C:\Cakewalk Content\..." point somewhere else, then one needs to review the content in those folders as it may be newer. Assuming "C:\Cakewalk Content" was fully populated and the files also exist in the user directory your PC has at least 2 copies of "Cakewalk Content".
  4. "C:\Users\Frankl\AppData\Roaming\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core" is not "C:\Cakewalk Content" that is "%appdata%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core" (AKA the user directory). By default, there are paths pointing to both in "Folder Locations" but the bulk of the data is in "Cakewalk Content", by default. The default paths should look something like this from http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=0x201D9
  5. No other changes are necessary. As far as the DAW is concerned nothing has changed. When the DAW tries to access "C:\Cakewalk Content" the OS will use "E:\Cakewalk Content". This is the beauty of directory junctions.
  6. The mklink command creates a directory junction called "C:\Cakewalk Content" pointing to "E:\Cakewalk Content" It cannot do it if "C:\Cakewalk Content" still exists. Just like you cannot have to folders the same name, two files the same name or a folder and a file the same name, a directory junction must be unique. Mklink does not move data, it simply creates an entry on the disk pointing to something else.
  7. To relocate "C:\Cakewalk Content" to "E:\Cakewalk Content" Using Windows Explorer MOVE "C:\Cakewalk Content" to "E:\Cakewalk Content" Open a command shell as administrator and type: mklink /j "C:\Cakewalk Content" "E:\Cakewalk Content"
  8. First physically move not copy "C:\Cakewalk Content" to "E:\Cakewalk Content" This is telling you "C:\Cakewalk Content" already exists. When creating a directory junction, the name used for the junction cannot already exist on disk. If "C:\Cakewalk Content" was copied to "E:\Cakewalk Content", delete "C:\Cakewalk Content" then issue the mklink command again.
  9. scook


    Once at 65 there will be at least an additional 1 year and 6 months before the gov't says you are old. And the goal moves every year for the next for years (at least). At 65, all one gets is a bill for Medicare which may be ignored (for a price if one decides to enroll after 65) or if covered by an employer's policy.
  10. Cakewalk Command Center is the preferred installation method for installers written in 2014 through 2017. Older installers do not work in CCC. The post I linked details the process of installing Cakewalk legacy products including the install order, where applicable, and a link to a spreadsheet with the history of SONAR Platinum/Producer bundled plug-ins.
  11. Internal may only be used with MIDI only projects using external hardware. If there is any audio (including soft synths) in the project the clock must be audio.
  12. Here are the instructions for changing project sample rate
  13. Just downloaded CCC from the Cakewalk website using Edge on Win10. Ran CCC, it connects and downloads OK. All the installers used by CCC should also be in your old Cakewalk account. To run manually downloaded CCC compatible installers, place them in the CCC download folder then use CCC to install.
  14. I do not own Kontakt but from the info above - playing the keyboard in a synth plug-in confirms an audio routing only. It does not provide any info about MIDI going into the plug-in and the MIDI data is not triggering sounds If I had to guess, this is MIDI note display issue. Make sure the notation displayed represents the MIDI note numbers required for the plug-in. The display relies on the Base Octave for Pitches setting. Alternately one can use a drum map or the MFX Transpose to map the data instead of changing the Base Octave for Pitches.
  15. Could also try different default algorithms for stretch methods but if everything sounds OK except the ends, I'd probably just slightly fade the ends.
  16. In SONAR, Edirol VSC was replaced by TTS-1. CbB includes TTS-1. Of the rest of the 32bit DX plug-ins mentioned above a few were ported to 64bit by Cakewalk but were dropped from their product lines before BandLab bought Cakewalk. It is extremely unlikely BandLab will go to the expense of releasing these plug-ins. Missing 32bit DX plug-ins is a common issue when transitioning to a 64bit DX host. Unlike VST, there is no 32-to-64bit bridge software for DX plug-ins. One way to ease this transition is install a 32bit DAW to load the project completely and swap out the 32bit plug-ins for plug-ins that have both 32 and 64bit versions. Once the plug-ins were swapped, the project should open completely in a 64bit DAW. The process is not going to get any easier as the move to 64bit DAWs started around 17 years ago and many manufacturers have stopped offering 32bit software entirely.
  17. The most common cause is the synth encountering unexpected data. This can happen with any of the Cakewalk sfz engine synths. To address the problem see
  18. Enabling Preferences > Customization > Display "Show All Times as SMPTE" makes it possible to move Now time using that format in the Go dialog (keyboard shortcut G).
  19. Musical time=Measures:Beats:Ticks. To convert to seconds requires knowing Tick Per Quarter Note which is available in CAL and Beats Per Minute which is not available in CAL.
  20. All time functions are in musical time. CAL has no access to tempo information.
  21. There is a time offset in the track inspector It is the bottom control pointed to by Q
  22. When it was released, it was free for MCabinet owners. My guess is that is still the case since it is not sold separately. My want to confirm with Melda.
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