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  1. Often unexpected MIDI playback is the result of a plug-in with "Enable MIDI Output" selected on one or more tracks and the input on the track with the mystery playback set to "All Inputs - Omni" By default, synth plug-ins capable of sending MIDI data have "Enable MIDI Output" selected. This setting is on the VST drop down in the plug-in standard header. Deselecting "Enable MIDI Output" when not needed and avoiding "All Inputs" input settings fixes this problem.
  2. I tried running the new installer (Cakewalk_by_BandLab_Download_Setup_1.0.0.013.exe) with 2021.01 build 98 installed 2021.04 build 175 installed in both cases, the appropriate version of 2021.06 was downloaded and installed. The installer did not detect the existing add-on installs. Maybe it should have some notation if previously installed but still allow re-install. Neither gave me the chance to run the program after install completed I wonder if the new installer should mention in-app updating if it detects a previous install?
  3. The amount of the effect depends on the Processor section settings. For maximum effect try Min Gain = -12 Max Gain = +12 Gain Scaler = 100 Could also play with the Main attack and release values to exaggerate the effect.
  4. scook

    SSL LMC+ $29.99

    The email was sent a little late. There is nothing to do if you have already created a new account to purchase the LMC+
  5. Using v1.2.3 of Hornet AutoGain Pro Mk2 VST2 Add the plug-in into the FX rack of the track needing the effect Enable write In the plug-in UI Write enable an automation lane for the plug-in's Gain On the track used to control the level create a send to the plug-in Start the transport I did notice, the plug-in UI must be open in order to send data to the automation lane.
  6. Font size depends on the vertical zoom. Zoom in to make it larger.
  7. scook

    Imported midi tracks

    That may explain why SI-Bass has a built-in transpose control
  8. While I have not personally experienced the problem, over the years there have been reports of MIDI data vanishing when unfreezing a track. Also, in order to freeze a track there must be MIDI data in the track and it is impossible to manipulate the plug-in UI while freezing.
  9. SONAR Producer 8 through X2 bundled a plug-in called Analyst which produced several automation envelopes based on audio level. Blue Cat's FreqAnalyst Pro offers this feature too.
  10. scook

    Error Message

    Disable the device in Windows Device Manager
  11. OK, I'll play, here are a couple Soft synth audio recording and the related Waveform preview for synth tracks
  12. scook

    Imported midi tracks

    The fixes posted in my link must happen before the plug-in receives any data. If the fixes are performed after the plug-in receives data that causes the synth engine shuts down, only restarting the project or replacing the plug-in (and applying the fix) will cause the plug-in to play again.
  13. scook

    Imported midi tracks

    Assuming the notes are in the playable range for the plug-in, this may help when using 3rd party MIDI files.
  14. Usually when "Stop At Project End" is enabled and the transport plays past the "End", there is some bit of data further down the timeline, most often a MIDI event or automation node. Here is a post on what to do
  15. scook

    SSL LMC+ $29.99

    IIRC, years ago SSL gave away a 32bit version of their talkback compressor.
  16. scook

    SSL LMC+ $29.99

    The new accounts may not ever contain plug-in history. From https://solidstatelogic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4403253260945-Where-can-I-find-my-purchased-plug-ins- My guess is the "re-register" elsewhere refers to hardware.
  17. Could they be broadcast wave files? If so, the data may be far to the right on the timeline. There is a setting to change this behavior called Always Import Broadcast Waves at Their Timestamp
  18. None, the file needs to be imported into master.ins, the master instrument definitions file. From the Importing instrument definitions help page Step 4 is the AD2.ins file. Step 5 is AD2 Note: if the Define button is disabled: Go to Edit > Preferences > MIDI -Devices Select a MIDI output device and click Apply Go back to Edit > Preferences > MIDI - Instruments, click Define and proceed with the import Once the file is imported, go back to Preferences > MIDI > Devices and deselect the output. For more info about instrument definitions see http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Instrument_Defs.01.html
  19. scook

    No longer free?

    Cakewalk by BandLab has always been and is still free. What site you are visiting? Posting a url might help. If you need to re-activate you installation of CbB see
  20. from http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=NewFeatures.041.html
  21. from http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=NewFeatures.003.html
  22. From the link above (emphasis added)
  23. So this is not EA release specific, no need to post in that thread WRT crash reporting in general see
  24. Any issues with an Early Access build should be reported in the appropriate early access thread. In this case "Crash" by itself is not very meaningful. If there is an error message, this should be reported. If there is a crash dump, make a mention of it as it may be requested for review.
  25. No need to use third party tools to perform a clean re-install. Follow the directions provided on this support page https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034066393-Clean-Install-Cakewalk-by-BandLab Be aware, step 8 will delete all 3rd party plug-ins under the "C:\Program Files\Cakewalk" folder. If there are any 3rd party plug-ins installed there (usually they would be in "C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Vstplugins") consider saving the folder to somewhere else before proceeding with step 8 and restore the folder(s) after running the CbB installer. A clean should enable all prompts in the installers.
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