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  1. It works fine. Cakewalk is on the list of supported DAWs. From https://vcvrack.com/Rack
  2. If any plug-ins have "Enable MIDI Output" selected, the data from those plug-ins may be recorded on any track with their input set to "All Inputs > MIDI Omni". By default, any synth that can send MIDI data has "Enable MIDI Output" selected. To see if a plug-in has "Enable MIDI Output" selected, open the VT2/3 drop down in the standard header above the plug-in UI.
  3. Are you reviewing the data in the Event List View?
  4. If this is the error I am thinking of, it means some other process is preventing Cakewalk from creating files. Generally, it is a good idea to post an image of the English version of the error message instead of interpreting them. The problem may be antivirus or antimalware software blocking disk writes. Make sure these programs are up to date. Years ago, there was a rogue antimalware program called ByteFence that was secretly installed with some software. It is known to cause this problem. The solution in this case was uninstalling ByteFence.
  5. The notes supported by SI Drum Kit are documented in its help. To open SI Drum Kit help, open the plug-in UI, click in the UI and hit the F1 key. The note map is in the "Using the Drum Pads" section. To play a side stick requires MIDI note 37 so, either the controller must send note 37 or some note sent by the controller must be transposed to note 37 or the notes must be entered some other way such as directly keying in the notes or dragging some existing notes to the appropriate value. Often drum controllers may re-assign the notes triggered by the kit. Cakewalk has two methods of mapping incoming notes to different values the MFX transpose plug-in and drum maps.
  6. I see you have installed Cakewalk in the past. Are you using the in-app update process, BandLab Assistant or the Cakewalk Web Installer?
  7. Just like the message says...let HOFA know. The crash is happening in their plug-in. May want to try the VST2 plug-in if there is one.
  8. The old Cakewalk servers are in archive mode. They have no email services running. To reset a password on the old servers requires assistance from support@cakewalk.com For more info see https://help.cakewalk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021666254-I-used-Cakewalk-a-long-time-ago-but-now-Cakewalk-com-says-account-creation-is-disabled-
  9. If there are any plug-ins in the project the delay may be caused by buffering needed to keep everything in sync. To see if Plug-in Delay Compensation is the cause, click the FX button in the Mix module. If the delay goes away, the cause is one or more plug-ins in the project. Most often these plug-ins need to see into the future, such as certain dynamics processors or require time to perform calculations such as impulse response reverbs. Often plug-ins that introduce PDC have some mention of it in their documentation. It is possible to override PDC on tracks with input echo enabled by clicking on the PDC button in the Mix module.
  10. Is that what the scan log says? I assume is actually "C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST2" and this is in the scan path in preferences.
  11. Given the scant information in the OP, my guess is this is similar to
  12. For any FX that uses MIDI data After adding the FX to an FX rack or prochannel: 1) Enable MIDI INPUT in the VST2/3 drop down in the standard header above the plug-in UI 2) Add a MIDI track with its output set to the plug-in, input set to your controller, if any, and input echo enabled (the button to the right of record) when playing the track interactively. Input echo may be turned off when playing MIDI clips.
  13. Where did you install the VST2 dll?
  14. I have not looked this up. I know it to be true. You can prove it for yourself by running a VST reset without an additional scan. All plug-ins will be there. If you want documentation, make sure to generate a scan log with the reset, Then run a scan and generate a scan log. All the plug-ins should already be scanned.
  15. A VST reset clears the VST inventory in the registry then performs a scan. Step 1 is the only difference between a VST reset and a manual scan.
  16. There is no reason to use BandLab Assistant to install or upgrade CbB. For new installs and updates to CbB older than 2020.09 try the Cakewalk Web Installer To update CbB 2020.09 and newer use the in-app updater on the CbB help menu. BandLab Assistant is still part of the "offline" activation process.
  17. There is no need to perform a rescan after a VST reset. A scan is performed as part of the reset. Like all manual scanning operations, a VST reset should be performed from preferences and it is a good idea to enable "Generate Scan Log" so if the reset does not fix the problem, there is a log which may help find a solution.
  18. If these "pre set clips" were not created or supplied by Cakewalk and the drum kit is SI-Drums, chances are the clips contain data causing the synth engine in the plug-in to shut down. If this is the case, the easiest way to address the problem is close and re-open the project, then open up the plug-in UI then click on the VST2 drop down shown in the image below open Plug-in Properties and enable "Do not intercept NRPNs" FYI, all the Studio Instrument plug-ins work the same way.
  19. scook

    SSL X Saturator

    It does not matter if your products are registered with them or not. SSL is one of those companies that does not bother to announce updates, just like Eventide. When I buy something new, I check the other plug-ins for updates.
  20. I was referring to the event list. Removing the event in the PRV is pretty easy though, using the Smart Tool, lasso the event and click the delete key. Clicking the - button in the controller header hides the controller instead of removing it, just like envelopes in automation lanes the track view.
  21. Could just delete the event by clicking on the leftmost column for the row then click the - button at the top of the view
  22. %appdata%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\Lenses\User
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