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  1. If you prefer not to clean up the project, the export audio dialog has options for start and end export times. Set the export parameters for the project one time and save it as a task
  2. This depends on the VST3 migration settings in preferences and whether the plug-in developer supports automatic VST2-to-VST3 migration.
  3. When using MIDI tracks for a soft synth there needs to be at least one audio with its input set to the synth or instrument track defined for the synth. Maybe you are recalling instrument tracks. An instrument track is an audio+MIDI track pair associated with a soft synth plug-in presented as a single track in the DAW.
  4. The onboarding process runs once the first time CbB is run. It may also be run on demand from the Help menu. Re-running the onboarding process is harmless. The process uses the previous entries as its defaults. I was not sure if onboarding ran before or after CbB tries to discover drivers for the current driver mode. Looks like it runs after checking driver mode.
  5. The audio driver mode setting from preferences is stored in Core under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Cakewalk Music Software\Cakewalk\Core When I have driver mode set to ASIO, Core is 0x29a When it is set to WDM/KS, Core is 0x7d0
  6. Try setting OnboardingShown to 0 in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Cakewalk Music Software\Cakewalk\Core then run CbB. This should start the onboarding process when CbB is run, the first screen can set the audio driver mode (in the advanced options) and the CbB device i/o preferences.
  7. Or use the MIDI Event Filter MFX
  8. FYI, a lot of the modules are polyphonic. For example, to change the initial demo synth from mono to poly, right-click on the Cardinal Host MIDI module and increase the Polyphony channels setting. The connecting cables increase in thickness to indicate polyphonic connections.
  9. DISTRHO Cardinal is a free plug-in based on the VCV Rack 2 modular synth Both FX and synth plug-ins are included. For more info see
  10. For those interested in a free taste of the plug-in version of VCV Rack. From the Readme.md in https://github.com/DISTRHO/Cardinal/ It contains over 900 of the free VCV Rack 2 modules. Compiled binaries for all OSes are here. On Windows, the installer exe is required. The zip contains plug-in binaries and redundant resource files. I skipped VST3 for now.
  11. Try using the friendly name Enhancements for input and output port names feature introduced in 2021.06 to rename the ports.
  12. scook

    Pause function

    Play/Pause is an unbound function in the keyboard shortcut Global Bindings Area. Add a key combination to it.
  13. It might be time to move on. Larry is free to return whenever he sees fit.
  14. I stand corrected. When looking up SONAR HS 7 XL, I found no mention of 64bit (other than the 64bit DPE which is not the same as a native 64bit DAW) or Bitbridge. Are you saying the installer has a screen to select separate 32 or 64 bit installs? If so, then it does have a native 64bit format.
  15. The DAW always records the signal at the track input. When the input is set to the audio interface, this means the recording occurs before any plug-ins. In order to record a signal affected by plug-ins, the plug-ins must be placed before the track input. To record plug-ins on a live signal, place the plug-ins in the track with the input set to the audio interface then set the track output to an aux track. Record both tracks. This results in the original audio recording in the track with the input set to the audio interface and the original signal + plug-ins in the aux track. While recording both tracks is not absolutely necessary, it can be really handy if aux track recording is unsatisfactory.
  16. SONAR 7 is not the same product as SONAR Home Studio 7 XL. SONAR 7 has both 32bit and 64bit DAW installers. SONAR Home Studio 7 XL is only 32bit and based on an older version of SONAR. Based on the OP, I am assuming this thread is about a 32bit only DAW. Correction: both SONAR 7 and SONAR 7 HS XL include 32 and 64bit DAWs. Installing CbB with any 64bit version of a Cakewalk DAW will update shared dlls and utilities. These shared files are compatible with all prior versions of 64bit versions of SONAR. CbB does not interact in any way with 32bit Cakewalk DAWs including the SONAR Home Studio series. When transitioning from 32bit to 64bit always work on copies of project. Do not overwrite the original project as there will likely be 32bit plug-ins that will not run in the 64bit environment. This is especially true of 32bit DX plug-ins that were not ported to 64bit. DX plug-ins are host bitness specific. IOW, 32bit DX plug-in only run in 32bit DX host such as SONAR Home Studio 7 XL. 64bit DX plug-in only run in 64bit DX hosts such as the 64bit versions of SONAR and CbB (which is 64bit only). Using the 32bit DAW to load projects and replace 32bit only plug-ins with new 32/64bit plug-ins is an important part of the transition process, if one plans on using the projects in a 64bit DAW. update: to correct statement about SHS 7 being 32bit only.
  17. scook

    MIDI Keyboard Delay

    Because the bluetooth device has some built-in buffering all its own in addition to the WASAPI driver. This will be noticeable when trying to play along in real time with pre-recorded audio.
  18. scook

    MIDI Keyboard Delay

    WASAPI Shared driver mode uses a fixed buffer size. In addition to the audio interface buffer size, plug-ins can contribute to the problem. To see if plug-ins are the issue, click the FX button in the Mix Module to bypass all effects.
  19. The image shows BandLab Assistant Try using the Cakewalk Web Installer (direct link) as @Jonathan Sasor suggested. If you prefer not to use the direct link, here is the Cakewalk by BandLab page. The Cakewalk Web installer in the button left of BandLab Assistant near the bottom of the page.
  20. Make sure to install the 64bit version of EZ Drummer. The 32bit version does not work in 64bit DAWs.
  21. Google is a great place to find out how to use Windows; in this case how to map drives to unc paths and using mklink with unc paths. With either method, choose the uppermost directory to reduce the number of drive letters or directory junctions. The media browser in CbB may be used to add subdirectories as needed from the drive letters or directory junctions.
  22. Either map driver letters or use mklink to create directory junctions on a local drive to the NAS UNCs.
  23. Forget about the integrated mp3 encoder that Cakewalk sold and ultimately gave away for free when they no longer had to pay the royalty fee. Cakewalk went out of business in 2018 and there is no legitimate way to get any of their products today. It is possible to use Lame or any other free mp3 encoder to create an mp3 file from the wave file exported from SONAR. OR If you are running a Win7 64bit or newer consider installing Cakewalk by BandLab. It is free, originally based on SONAR Platinum and includes an integrated mp3 encoder. CbB can work with SONAR project files.
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