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  1. The bundled Sonitus plug-ins are 64bit DX format.

    The 32bit VST version of the Sonitus Suite was never bundled with SONAR. 

    It was a separate purchase,

    They never ported the 32bit VST plug-ins to 64bit.

    The 32bit DX plug-ins were ported to 64bit.

    There is no bridge software for DX plug-ins. 


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  2. .sig is fine too.

    It's not that big a deal either way.

    It might be different if a user was abusive or continuously spammed the forum.

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  3. Conducting private sales in this forum are not allowed, however; links to private sales in other forums have always been allowed.

    It is a good idea to post a little for information than just a link though.

    Even comment as simple as


    I would like to sell or swap some of my plug-ins. Here is a link to the items on kvr audio

    would be enough to let others know what the OP is about.


    Edit: it appears OP has been modified to include a little more info, thanks

  4. Intro price $44

    From their email: 

    Out Now!
    The British Tanks Collection
    Vintage Distortion Pedals


    The British Tanks Collection is a bundle including analog simulations of four classic vintage distortion pedals made between the late 80s and the early 90s.

    You can get The British Tanks Collection as a bundle or the individual pedal plugins.

    Intro Price until August 9th, as part of our 2021 Summer Sale.
    Demo versions available on each plugin's product page.


    Get it now!

    PLEASE NOTE: this plugin is 64bit only.
    Minimum requirements are Windows 7 and OSX 10.8



  5. The preferences for ASIO4All look fine and although ASIO4All should work, if you are running Win10 try the WASAPI driver modes instead of ASIO.

    Also may want to start simple, with a single audio track project.

    Have you tried both channels on the interface?

    Can you hear the guitar when the interface is setup for direct monitoring?



  6. 31 minutes ago, Hidden Symmetry said:

    I'm sure many users don't know that they can purge the Aquarius/ Stage folder that additionally stores the install files. That can use up allot of space if you never clean it out.

    I hope most know many installer front ends cache their data and these caches may be purged to reclaim space.

  7. Of course, the wet/dry mix is not a latency issue.

    Neither is

    15 hours ago, Kawika said:

    I first noticed this after installing thunderbolt. I also noticed that in preferences/ mixing latency, the buffer slider is grayed out yielding to making such changes in ASIO.


    If you are hearing a mix of the direct and effected signal, something in your signal chain mixing the two.

    It could be in the interface hardware (if is has an adjustment for direct and return signal), a software mixer supplied by the hardware manufacturer, a mix knob on the plug-in or multiple tracks set to the same input.

  8. All the Engineering FX Suite Installers are available in the Command Center, right-click the Engineering FX Suite link for the context menu. The installers are listed under the rollback option


    Grab the installer from your old Cakewalk account. Click the Engineering FX Suite link, then click the "Show Other Downloads" button at the bottom right to see all the installers.

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  9. 41 minutes ago, John Vere said:

    Buffer settings are set in the ASIO control panel of the interface. Not in Cakewalk. Those will be greyed out in ASIO mode. 

    Starting with CbB 2019.11, some ASIO drivers may be adjusted using  the latency slider in preferences. 

    It appears the device the OP is using is not one of them.

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