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  1. SONAR 8.5 was the first version to have a downloadable installer, however; unlike all other downloadable installers provided by Cakewalk, this one required SONAR 8 be installed prior to running the update. This was done to reduce the size of the installer.

    SONAR 8 was never available as a download. It was only available on disk.

    SONAR 8.5 upgrade disks were available when the product was announced. The disks were the same as full retail version (I think upgrades came w/o the retail box in the US).

    Without the SONAR 8 disks, the 8.5 upgrade download is useless.

    SONAR X1 and newer have full installers and updates available for download on the old Cakewalk site for registered users with valid SSO accounts.

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  2. Minimal Installation is the smallest installation required for V-Vocal. This is because there is no facility to install the plug-in on its own. X2 was the last to include V-Vocal.

    Never thought about the minimum installed necessary for "Time/Pitch Stretch 2."

    If it is not shown in the pick list below the Installation drop down in the Advanced install dialog then the plug-in is likely part of the minimal installation package. Stretch.ax and Stretch.hlp are installed in the folder with the program executable.

    "Time/Pitch Stretch 2" is very old. any SONAR version mentioned (8.5+) should have the last version of the plug-in.


    Very important, any time an older Cakewalk DAW is installed, the most recent BandLab version of Cakewalk must be installed last.

    All Cakewalk DAWs share components such as utilities like the plug-in scanner and DX plug-ins.


  3. 4 minutes ago, Badtimes Banjo said:

    Interesting. So SONAR 7 Studio Edition, which ran on Windows XP, can be installed on a Windows 11 machine? Can SONAR 7 even be found anymore? Or would I be able to transfer it from the XP machine to an 11 machine? Sorry for the tedious questions.

    To install SONAR 7 requires the installation disks. There is no downloadable installer and copying the program is not the same as installing it.

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  4. 11 hours ago, BigLew said:

    I've written some stuff(mainly bass parts) using Guitar Pro and converted it to a midi file.

    Some programs add a lot of setup information to their MIDI files. While the data is correct as far as the MIDI specification goes, this setup information can play havok with plug-ins. Most plug-ins that use MIDI data only support a subset of the MIDI spec and may misbehave when provided unexpected data.

    If Guitar Pro is adding a bunch of MIDI setup data to the file, it will probably be at the beginning of the file. This will show up at the top of the Cakewalk Event List View before the notes data. It may be removed using the Event List but may also prevented in Guitar Pro setup.

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  5. While the project format will be recognized by Cakewalk by BandLab, if those project contain any 32bit DX plug-ins there is a chance the plug-ins will not load in CbB.

    Quite a few DX plug-ins were never ported to 64bit. Unlike VST, 64bit DAWs do not have a way to load 32bit DX plug-ins. There is a 3rd party VST wrapper but that does nothing for DX plug-ins in existing projects and if often more trouble than it is worth.

    Should a project contain 32bit DX plug-ins that were not ported to 64bit, in order to open the project WITH the plug-ins, requires a 32bit DAW such as the 32bit version of SONAR 7 along with the plug-ins. Once open, replace the 32bit only plug-ins with plug-ins that have 64bit versions or at least VST format so they may be loaded in a 64bit DAW. 

    So, it may be necessary to install 32bit SONAR 7 even if planning to use a 64bit DAW like CbB.


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  6. You may point as many MIDI tracks as desired to a plug-in.

    Here is an image of a MIDI track pointing to an instance of TTS-1. Note the channel drop down. In this case, the track is set to force all data to channel 1. When this drop down is set to None, the ciip data is sent with channel unmodified.


    formore info see https://legacy.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Recording.29.html

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  7. Distortion may be down to a bad buffer setting.

    Based on the results with Audacity, the hardware is not defective so Cakewalk should get similar results with similar settings.

    For hardware that does not include a custom ASIO driver, try the WASAPI driver modes in Cakewalk first increasing the buffer size until the distortion goes away. If you cannot find an appropriate setting, try the other driver modes.



  8. 38 minutes ago, Bill Phillips said:

    Does this require Loop Construction View as described here?


    Time/Pitch Stretch 2 was a plug-in bundled with Cakewalk products for years.

    It is not part of CbB. Fortunately, like most Cakewalk plug-ins, if one product installs the plug-in, all products may use it.

    When installed, the plug-in only appears in audio clip context menus under Process Effects.

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  9. 9 minutes ago, István Máté said:

    Although the tempo is incorporated into the MIDI file, I cannot get Cakewalk to follow the external clock's tempo. Would be nice to have an option to play the MIDI files in the cell in their own tempo.

    Unlikely to ever happen.

    Projects have one tempo track and tempo is stripped from imported MIDI clips.

  10. If legacy SONAR is installed Time/Pitch Stretch 2 may be available.


    Hidden away in the clip context menu under Process Effects > Audio Effects > Time in the "Sort by Category" layout, it is worth checking out.

    This is a destructive effect.

    And forget the help unless the OS has been modified to handled ancient hlp format.

  11. 22 minutes ago, JohnnyV said:

    Almost all modern Audio Interfaces are set at 24 bit.

    Pretty sure you meant to say most ASIO drivers are 24bit. 

    Some drivers work at high bit depths but this due to software DSP bundled with the hardware.

    Some drivers can operate at a variety of bit depths.

    The OP is not about any of those. According to their website, Zoom sells inexpensive 32bit interfaces. 


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  12. This does sound like a chatty keyboard.

    If it does not happen while recording, then there will be nothing in the track.

    The DAW is capable of playing data not recorded in a track using input echo. 

    The problem should not happen if tracks are not pointed to the keyboard and input echo is disabled.

    I have never tried but disabling recording pitch wheel events in Preferences > MIDI > Playback and Recording may prevent the problem.

    Short of repairing/replacing the keyboard, filtering wheel events before the DAW with a standalone tool such as MIDI-OX or via plug-in such as the Event Filter MFX prevents the data from affecting projects.



  13. 47 minutes ago, RexRed said:

    Is it converting it to 24 bit?

    Internally Cakewalk works at 32 or 64bit depending on the 64bit DPE setting. The image in the OP has 64bit DPE enabled so the DAW is running internally at 64bit.

    Audio clips in a project may be at different bit depths depending on how they were added to the project. Recorded clips use Record Bit Depth. Bounced/Frozen/Export use Render Bit Depth. And there is a separate setting for imported clips.


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  14. I was adding that to my reply


    Internally Cakewalk is running 64bit because you have the 64bit DPE enabled.

    Plug-in may processing at one bit depth but communicate at another.

    The DAW tells you the bit depth of the connection to the plug-ins. This and the 64bit DPE determine the bit depth between the DAW and plug-ins like Melodyne.

    I am looking for the link just a minute

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  15. The value shown in the Transport module is NOT the Audio Driver Bit Depth.

    The value reflects the Record Bit Depth found in Preference > File > Audio Data.


    While all the audio in a project must be the same sample rate, there is no such restriction on bit depth.


    Anything rendered in the DAW, including Melodyne processed clips are stored at the Render bit Depth also set in Preferences > File > Audio Data



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  16. 5 minutes ago, JohnnyV said:

    Exactly. The nag stays on the free bundle forever until you upgrade ( At least I think it does?)  It's hard to say what that upgrade does but I think it adds full features to all the free bundle effects. I think it added side chaining to the compressor as example. 


    marketing information regarding licensing (what they call "a professional version") is on their website reproduced below


    The software is totally free of charge, so please download and enjoy! You should consider upgrading to a professional version though.

    If you do so, you'll be able to:

    • Change the size and style of the plugins.
    • Access the sonogram feature in the analyzers and equalizers.
    • Manipulate (save, load, organise) your own presets.
    • Access the modulators.
    • Use upsampling to minimize aliasing and to improve sound quality (most plugins).
    • Get rid of the big red reminder box with our clickable logo at the bottom of every GUI.
    • Make us happy and help us develop more free software ;-).


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  17. 22 minutes ago, Max Arwood said:

    Do you mean to freeze the v instrument,  then copy audio to clean track. Then archive instrument track?

    You may copy the audio from a frozen track if you wish but it is not necessary, 

    Depending on the options, freeze performs the follow steps 

    • render audio in the instrument/synth track
    • bypass FX plug-in
    • archive the MIDI track 
    • disconnect synth plug-in


    A manual bounce places audio in a new audio track


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  18. If the entry for the RealTek ASIO driver is not found in


    the DAW will be completely unaware the driver exists.

    I have one RME Babyface Pro attached to my PC, the registry looks like this


    notice there is no entry for any other audio device.

    The only way CbB knows about ASIO drivers is by checking this registry area

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