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  1. 2x is the default. You may set the oversample rate as desired either by modifying Aud.ini see http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Mixing.25.html or use the Upsample Editor in my CbB Tools suite. Link in
  2. see Improved plug-in exception handling / crash reporting in http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=NewFeatures.012.html
  3. After playing around a bit with file I think it may be related to the file names. If the files are unzipped in an uncompressed folder and If extensions are turned off in Windows Explorer and the files are only visible in the Cakewalk media browser when "Show All Files and Folders" is enabled - it is likely the files actually do not have the appropriate file extension. To see if this is the case enable "File Name Extensions" on the View tab on Windows Explorer. My guess is the file names will not change. IOW, they will not show the .wav extension. If the files are really wav files adding the extension will make them usable.
  4. This shows the file is compressed. Try putting the file in a folder that is not compressed.
  5. The files in the media browser do not have a valid audio file extension. If they are wav files the files will have to be renamed to add the .wav to their names. Forget that, you still have extensions turned off in Windows. Are the clips on the C drive?
  6. There's no image. I see the image in the post. It is from the documentation. Follow the link in the post for the image and more info about the browser.
  7. Not sure what means. The plug-in menu was changed in 2021.04. It was completely rewritten and is a larger format. See http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=NewFeatures.012.html
  8. You don't need to mess with the tmp files. They are built as needed by the DAW. To create a custom layout based on "Sort by Manufacturer" set the layout in the plug-in menu to "Sort by Manufacturer" select "Manage Layout" from the plug-in menu edit the layout in the plug-in manager save the layout change the plug-in menu to use the new custom layout Unlike the three "Sort by" layouts, custom layouts do not get updated automatically when plug-ins are added or removed. Custom layouts must be updated by hand.
  9. The three "Sort by" layouts are built on the fly by the DAW. While "Sort By Category" may be customized, the other two cannot. Temporary copies of these layouts are stored with the user created layouts. Alternate versions of "Sort by Manufacturer" may only be done with a user created layout. The plug-in layout path is set in Preferences > File > Folder Locations.
  10. For now, to select a collection of notes/nodes that do not fit in a single rectangle, hold down the CTRL while using the smart tool to make multiple selections.
  11. Instead of export and re-import, why not use Bounce to Track(s) to create the new track containing the isolated audio?
  12. The Melodyne 4 installer that shipped with Platinum was the same as the one that came from Celemony when the Platinum installer was created. There is only one Melodyne 4 installer. It includes Essential, Assistant, Editor and Studio. The license unlocks the feature set. That said, it is unlikely the Melodyne installer included with Platinum was the last version so might as well skip it and grab the last one from your Celemony account.
  13. Please start creating new threads. Also post just the error message. Tiny error messages in the middle of the screen shots are hard to read. This problem is often caused by software on the PC preventing the DAW from creating new files. Could be anti-virus or anti-malware software. Bytefence has a history of causing this problem. If it is installed...uninstall it. Update your AV software and whitelist the DAW.
  14. Yes SONAR 8 required registration when initially installed. After that, subsequent installations used the serial number and registration code provided during the initial install. It was not possible to register SONAR more than one time. When Cakewalk was shutdown by Gibson, the customer account database was archived. No new accounts may be created. If you are receiving a "cannot create account" message, it means you are trying to create an account on the Cakewalk website. Installing Cakewalk by BandLab relies on a BandLab account (the same account used for this forum) NOT an account on the old Cakewalk website. The image shows a problem with IK Product Manager. This is not a Cakewalk or BandLab product.
  15. The two common reasons files cannot be dragged from the OS into the DAW are The DAW is running as administrator. The DAW does not run as administrator by default. You would have had to explicitly change this in the compatibility tab in the program properties. The files are not files recognized by the DAW. While the OS prevents drag and drop when running as administrator, the media browser should always work, however; by default, the media browser in the DAW applies a filter to show certain types of files. Refer to the media browser documentation for this list. Generally files blocked by the filter are not used by the DAW. If you believe the files should be displayed in the media browser, verify the file names have the proper extension. Note: the image in the OP has file extensions turned off so there is no way to tell what the full file names are. There is a setting in Windows Explorer View tab to show extensions. There is an option in the media browser menu (B in the image below) under Views to "Show All Files And Folders" If the files are on an external drive, try copying a couple to the C drive and see if they can be imported into the DAW.
  16. Rollback installers are linked in every release announcement. The maximum activation period is 6 months regardless of the activation method. For info about activation see
  17. This is not the default path for the working set of metronome wav files. The default location is "%appdata%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core\Metronome" Normally when the audio metronome fails the drop downs in preferences are blank. The fix is holding down the SHIFT key while starting up the DAW. This adds any files missing from "%appdata%\Cakewalk\Cakewalk Core" (commonly called the "user directory") including the Metronome folder. NOTE: this "partial personalization" process is not the same as holding down the SHIFT key while opening a project (a.k.a. safe mode). There is a more "complete personalization" option which overwrites the files in the user directory and resets a few registry entries. This is invoked by holding down the CTRL key while starting up the DAW. No, GroovePlayer is not available in plug-in lists. The dll is there to support the metronome only.
  18. The easiest way to verify plug-in oversampling is use a plug-in that reports sample rate like S-Gear 2. Here is a video using CbB 2021.09 build 99 showing the effect of the 2x button when S-Gear 2 has oversampling with default values enabled in a 44.1K project. An audible test is possible inserting TTS-1 into a project and set the plug-in oversampling to 96K in AUD.ini. The plug-in will distort just like if the project is set to 96K.
  19. If waiting for the project to age off the list is unacceptable, remove the entry from HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Cakewalk Music Software\Cakewalk\Core\Recent File List Launchpad in the CbB Tools suite has the ability to edit the recent file list too.
  20. If it is in the enabled plug-ins in the Plug-in Manager, it is in the "Sort by" layouts. Use the search function in the plug-in browser to locate the plug-in.
  21. Going from 16 to 32 audio is padded with zeroes. This has no effect on the audio. Reducing bit depth such as 32 to 16 the audio is truncated to fit. This can cause artifacts. Dithering adds noise to the audio to mask any artifacts.
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