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  1. Plug-ins that load from a shell must be scanned every time. I believe those using these types of plug-ins run scans manually as needed.
  2. scook

    Pro Channel

    Please do not cross post this again You are asking the wrong people. The fix must come from Softube.
  3. It is not a CbB 2021.04 issue. It is a bug in the Softube code from April 2020. There is no reason to cross-post in this thread
  4. Likely being overridden by the Workspace setting. Create a custom workspace or set it to None
  5. The Realtek ASIO driver is not suitable for DAW use. If you want to save the entry for some reason, export it before deleting it. Then delete the Realtek entry and startup CbB
  6. Are there any entries in the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ASIO if so, what are they?
  7. Is the layout set to the CbB provided "Sort by Category"? It is the only layout supporting the right-click to categorize function.
  8. If the projects maintain the same track/bus layout, mix recall scenes may be shared between them.
  9. That's right and AFAIK Softube have no plans to fix it. Softube broke all of their PC modules with v2.4.96 in April 2020. Any release prior to v2.4.96 should work OK. If you get an old installer, copy the VST dll into the PC module folder "shared utilities\internal" and future updates by Softube will not affect the PC module. Of course, this means relying on abandonware. not a great solution.
  10. It is a feature request and one that could create a lot of problems for existing projects.
  11. An FX chain works just like a track template except instead of a collection of tracks, it is a collection of plug-ins. It is read once and stored in the project.
  12. When in doubt https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=SoftSynths.27.html
  13. "Rename Clip" is in the track view area in keyboard shortcut preferences. Currently the shortcut for insert synth is ALT+i+y
  14. Try the FX button in the Mix Module. When reading about FX bypass also review the PDC button description.
  15. Use a 64bit looper. Starting new projects with old, unsupported 32bit plug-ins is not a good idea. That said, sending MIDI to 32bit plug-ins is the same except BitBridge opens the plug-in UI and standard header in separate windows. To open the standard header hold down the ALT key when opening the plug-in UI. Usually the header opens behind the plug-in UI.
  16. Often problems with Cakewalk sfz engine synths are related to 3rd party MIDI files. Here is a post on how to deal with this issue This may be due to the per-project Zero Controllers When Play Stops setting
  17. There are 2 accounts Cakewalk - the old company BandLab - the company that purchased Cakewalk IP from Gibson A Cakewalk account is the Single Sign On account created between 2014 and Nov 2017. This is where your record of old Cakewalk products like SONAR and Music Creator are stored. This server is in archive mode so users cannot change their password and no new account may be created. Password reset on these accounts must be performed by support@cakewalk.com This account is used to log into the Cakewalk Command Center, the install manager for Cakewalk products released from 2014 through 2017 and certain legacy products with updated Command Center aware installers. This account is used to access any downloads on the old Cakewalk.com servers such as updates linked to old Cakewalk Knowledge Base articles. It was also the account used to log into the old forum. A BandLab account is needed to access this forum, log into BandLab Assistant and Cakewalk by BandLab for updates and (re)activation.
  18. scook

    Sidechain does nothing

    Make sure the sends to the sidechain are pre-fader and mute the tracks you don't want to hear.
  19. scook

    Sidechain does nothing

    No switches turn on/off sidechain in Sonitus. If there is a send to the plug-in, it listens. Notice the output button becomes enabled when sidechain is active. This is for switching between the regular output and the sidechain signal. Turn off all soloing.
  20. WRT gain plug-ins see if you don't want a silent bus warning just turn the volume fader to 0 on the bus. Remember the bus fader does not affect the signal to its FX rack.,
  21. Any send can be pre or post fader; you could use aux tracks or buses. Aux tracks may be placed in folders. Or as I mentioned above, leave the faders at unity and add a plug-in before Neutron in the track FX rack to handle volume automation
  22. That's right The volume fader and its automation are after the FX rack so Neutron is measuring the signal pre-fader.
  23. the volume fader comes after the PC and FX rack
  24. Having the volume fader/automation before FX would play havoc with dynamics plug-ins and plug-in levels in general. To automate levels before some or all of the effects add a plug-in with an automatable gain/volume control and move the track volume automation to it. Something like the plug-ins mentioned in this post
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