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  1. It may be more than patch settings.


    Cakewalk by BandLab is much more than a MIDI file player and all the extra data has to be stored somewhere. Data such the plug-ins used,  audio clip locations and audio routing information are all stored in Cakewalk project files. Since none of this is MIDI data, it is not saved to standard MIDI files.


  2. 18 hours ago, Larry Jones said:
    20 hours ago, Grem said:

    Bingo!! I was gonna tell him to use "Apply Trimming"

    I've never had this particular use case, but I probably will some day, so... If I "apply trimming" the DAW will permanently delete the unwanted portions of the clips?

    20 hours ago, Grem said:

    If it were me I would save the whole project as a backup in case you change your mind or mess something up. Something like "Project Name_Original Version"

    Yes, while the documentation seems clear, I learn best through experimentation; "Apply Trimming" screams "TRY ME on a test project"

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  3. Recompute pictures using the last option in the clip context menu


    or Loop properties from the Loop Contruction view Clip menu


    or clear the wav image cache by deleting the contents of the path in Picture Folder. This will cause all projects to rebuild their wav images the next time they are opened.

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  4. The plug-in database "%appdata%\Cakewalk\Library\library.db" is used by all the last series of SONAR products and CbB. With that in mind, I might not want to have more than one of these DAWs open at a time for fear of corrupting the database.

    There are some subtle default path differences when installing 32bit Cakewalk DAWs before 64bit versions of the same DAW. As a rule, if 32bit DAWs are going to be installed, install them first. 

    If I still needed a 32bit version of SONAR, I would treat its installation just like any other legacy Cakewalk install...after installing any legacy DAW (re)install CbB to insure CbB is correct.



  5. Depends on how much value the 16-year-old project represents.

    There is no reason to wrap Dimension for future use as it was eclipsed by the 64bit Dimension Pro VST2 plug-in you also have licensed.

    All you need P5 for is the plug-in. To load the project requires a 32bit version of SONAR or some other program that can read a SONAR projects and load 32bit DX plug-ins.

    PSYNII and Pentagon I were shipped as both 32 and 64bit DX plug-ins.

    AFAIK, Dimension was never sold separately. In fact, there were quite a few plug-ins bundled exclusively with P5 that were never ported to 64bit DX or VST format.


  6. 8 hours ago, sjoens said:

    It should load with bitbridge in CbB.

    DX plug-ins have no bridge and as the OP observed wrapping them removes their identity for existing projects.

    In short, to load projects with 32bit DX plug-ins requires a 32bit DX host. CbB is a 64bit DX host and as is completely unaware of 32bit DX plug-ins.

    8 hours ago, sjoens said:

    Or open project in P5 if it installs and check the settings there.

    Are you sure P5 can open SONAR projects?

    8 hours ago, sjoens said:

    Was there a Dimension other than LE and Pro?

    According to the product info I found on the internet there was.  The plug-in was bundled exclusively with early Project 5.

    IIRC, I bought P5 when Cakewalk bundled DP with it as a promo for the new synth. 

  7. Cakewalk updates templates in the default path

    For example, my template path is set to "D:\customizations\Cakewalk\Project Templates" not the default.

    This has been my project path across a couple of OSes, various releases of SONAR and CbB on several PCs.

    The only files in the path are the ones I put there.

    Cakewalk updates have never written into "D:\customizations\Cakewalk\Project Templates."


    The same holds true for drum maps. I have ~30. Practically none of the ones in the folder came with a Cakewalk product and none were added or modified by a Cakewalk update.

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  8. Default template handling has not changed for some time.

    Either method may prevent lost template updates.

    The template path is one of the two paths (the other being drum maps) I change in folder preferences both for the same reasons:

    1. the aforementioned update issue and
    2. to limit the number of templates and drum maps.

    In most cases, I prefer to use directory junctions and leave DAW defaults alone, but directory junctions don't address either issue presented by templates and drum maps.

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  9. In your previous thread about 32bit interfaces, I posted a link to a section of the CbB documentation that covers the precision used to communicate with plug-ins. This is indicated with dots below the plug-in strip in FX racks.

    Plug-in technical details may be covered in the plug-in documentation. Without this documentation, a way to inspect the plug-in internals (not a typical user level activity) or a cooperative developer willing to provide these details, the internal workings of plug-ins are hard to know.

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  10. 1 hour ago, Bill Phillips said:

    After working on it for several days and spending hours of trying to get the Dimension Pro 1.5 update to install with X1, I regressed to a restore point just after I installed my Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 and before I'd installed any Cakewalk software.

    The programs are gone from the Programs and Features list, but all the folders and supporting files up through X1 are still there. Should I delete all of the Cakewalk folders and files?

    This is up to you. If you are going to re-install the folders and files will be re-installed anyway.

    If you wish to perform a clean install, removing all legacy Cakewalk files and CbB, the old clean instructions still work 


    Be careful with these or any instructions regarding removing Cakewalk software. The instructions call for removing the default VST2 plug-in path "C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Vstplugins" which may be a problem if the path is used for 3rd party plug-ins. Move/backup the 3rd party plug-ins before deleting the folder.

    1 hour ago, Bill Phillips said:

    I started with SONAR 8 DVDs because I wanted to have the Lexicon Pantheon reverb that wasn't available after 8.5 and I needed 8 to install8.5. I used advanced install but installed all 64-bit plugins. Was that a mistake? Should I have installed no plugins with 8 and just the Pantheon Reverb with 8.5? Would that have allowed me to install the full version of Dimension Pro with X1, or could I have waited to install Dimension Pro with Platinum?

    My new PC is Windows 11. From reading Forum posts, my understanding is that these programs will all run on Windows 11, though I don't intend to run any other than CbB. I just want the plugins.

    Wasn't the "good" version of Pantheon the one released before 8? IIRC, it was multichannel with some extra controls the stereo version bundled with 8 did not have. Regardless, both have been long eclipsed but if you want the plug-in, an advanced install should get it.  Don't remember if it was updated in 8.5.

    As far as actually installing SONAR, I start with X2 to grab V-Vocal.


    may want to review the SONAR Plug-in spreadsheet from this post

    to see what else only came with X2.

    Run the X2a update to get the last version of V-Vocal.

    Then run a full install of Platinum.

    Using the SONAR Spreadsheet again backfill with advanced installs of any other DAWs for plug-ins only. The old LP plug-ins were discontinued during Platinum. If you need those, the easiest way is an advanced install of X3- but, if necessary, I can look up which Platinum Engineering Suite installer has them. I know it has been posted before.

    When done with legacy stuff...install CbB. Really, advanced installs of legacy stuff can happen anytime. CbB needs to be installed as the last DAW so that SONAR and CbB use the latest plug-in manager/scanner and shared plug-ins.

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  11. Recording Mode is in the Project preference settings.

    Project preferences are inherited from a template during project creation. Change the project template and all future projects created using the template will reflect the changes. Of course, existing projects require changing one-at-a-time because Project preferences are stored in project and project template files.

    To prevent a DAW update from wiping out user created/modifed project templates either:

    • use a custom template location - set in Preference > File > Folder Locations, Cakewalk updates the default template location only or,
    • use unique template names - not my choice but it should be pretty easy to create names Cakewalk won't use.


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  12. IIRC 01_READ_FIRST_SONAR_X1.exe  contains install instructions

    02_SONAR_X1_Producer is a two-part installer.

    As with any multipart installer, only the first part (the exe file) is run. The rest of the parts are run by the install process itself.

    03 Beatscape content w/o the plug-in was reorganized and repackages as loops and one shots in X2. Install both to waste 5GB of disk,


    I did not bother performing a full install of X1, too old, too many updates (including Producer Expanded).

    In fact, I would not bother with full installs of anything prior to X3.

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  13. It is pretty easy to create volume autmation. Open the automation lanes and volume automation is created automatically.

    To delete any automation envelope from the automation lanes, right click on the envelop to bring up its context menu and select Delete Envelope

    For more info see https://legacy.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Automation.11.html#1154521

  14. The VST specifications provides for individual and banks of presets. The FXP extension is typically used for individual VST2 presets. Not sure about RPL, that may be a reaper file format.


    The SPP files created by Cakewalk are proprietary and the company does not publish file specs.

    Unless you can hack the format to do what you want forget about the Cakewalk preset manager.

    To get plug-in presets out of Cakewalk for use in a different DAW, use the preset manager built into the plug-in to save presets. Plug-in preset managers work the same regardless of the DAW hosting the plug-ins.

    If the plug-in lacks a preset manager complain to the plug-in manufacturer. It may still be possible to extract presets by using @azslow3's Cakewalk>Reaper project conversion utility to get the projects loaded into reaper w/ presets intact.

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