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    Kontakt 6 Full

    Oh! That's a very good deal. I've got an upgrade price of 99 euros, but for anyone who hasn't got Kontakt 5 full, that is a very good price indeed. Nice one Larry!
  2. Possibly my fault for trying to get it to scan the 32bit vst folder. ðŸĪ·â€â™‚ïļ
  3. Brand new SSD. I suspect it has something to do with Magix Vegas corrupting the VSTs. Had to do a repair of Addictive Drums this morning.
  4. Can anyone help? I have no idea what happened - I was using CbB this morning without trouble, but this evening when I turned on the laptop the CbB link was blanked out and so too was my old version of Platinum, Kontakt 5 & 6 .... I reinstalled CbB Kontakt and got it working but then I found that various FX are corrupted EzMix, Nomad FX... Any idea what could have happened? The only thought I had was that I used Vegas Pro earlier and tried a VST scan to use RX7 on a project, it hung when scanning and I needed to force the program to close. Could that have corrupted them? I'm now having to figure out which fx need reinstalling and where to find the installers.
  5. 53mph

    Keep a Little Light on

    Hey guys, I just wanted to update this thread. I've released this track on Spotify. I decided to try out mastering it using Bandlab free mastering tools...and I was pleasantly surprised. What do you think? https://open.spotify.com/track/6N1zwCjSueUl3kqj60wevU?si=PztMnNLWTUGDxRDHlIQs5Q
  6. It sounds great, no denying....but I find it sad that fewer and fewer people are playing real instruments. Just sitting down with an acoustic and twiddling around is so therapeutic, just as putting pen to paper beats typing on a keyboard every time, plugging in an electric and pretending to be Hendrix....how you gonna pose in front of the mirror in your spandex with this VST? I guess this is why I gravitate towards 'left-field' music that could not be reproduced on a VST. I'd love to hear someone try and pull off Thurston Moore or the Pixies Debaser on this thing The same with virtual drums or Piano - they sound great for certain genres, but try and do Elliot Smith...nah! Nothing beats a real instrument sound
  7. Not exactly - the 29 price is only for those who have Beatmaker 2. It doesn't apply to other UJAM products. It's the same price on the UJAM website, so log in and you'll see the offer,
  8. Do you have a top notch video card? I tried da Vinci, but my laptop couldn't take the pain.
  9. I think it needs to be said that izotope DO make great products. That out the way. They also have a highly addiction inducing marketing cycle. Each year a new BETTER version. They hook you in with the elements, tempt you with GREAT upgrade deals. I also have a sneaking suspicion that there is an inbuilt product degradation in the AI. The first months of use it seems to produce miracles, after which the AI appears no better than Bandlab Mastering (or is that just me?). Going subscription just seems like an extension of their marketing practise. For good and for bad.
  10. I really wanted to get excited about this deal, but.... I've got quite a few of splash sounds early libraries (thanks to Larry) but I've never been able to find a place for them in a mix. Something is too overwhelming about the sound. Too loud or lacking sensitivity. What do you use epic percussion for? Could it work in a piece of music or is it best for film trailer your of stuff?
  11. It's Russian for Chevy Chase.
  12. A dumb question... I'm guessing all of us here use CbB, right? Why do you need to buy another DAW? Isn't it overkill? *Waiting for flack* 😎
  13. I get your point....but then why join a Facebook group to ask the question 'should I upgrade?' if you know of this issue? Nah. If I were to be cruel, most of them are old guys in hats (what is it about hats and old guys?) 😆
  14. I'm part of a Sonar Facebook group that I am seriously considering leaving. Every couple of days someone asks the same f****ing question: "I've been using Sonar (1 - 8.5) on my (Win XP-Win 8) machine but I don't know if I should upgrade to CbB or Win10? What's the catch?" You can only 'friendly' respond so many times before the answer becomes.....just f****ing bite the bullet and upgrade....you don't need a f****ing forum to make the decision for you. Do some f*****ing research....seriously XP???? *I'll go have a drink now.
  15. I meant Linux.....but I'm sure you knew that.
  16. I had exactly the same experience as you. I tried the 'imitation' software that always 'nearly' did what you wanted, but was buggy as hell. The word processing software that 'almost' did as much as an old version of Word. I even tried the free DAW... Then I went back to Microsoft. Lynx is great for coders who find great pleasure in coding for the sake of coding. For a musician, it's just a waste of valuable studio time.
  17. I know a Facebook group where people would probably go for that offer. 😆
  18. Silly question I know, but you do have a good monitor to go with that beast, don't you? Fancy graphics mean nothing without a fancy monitor....and keyboard....and ergo-mouse.....etc... Oh, what have you let yourself in for?
  19. Have you checked out the Dell Alienware range? They are pricey, but made for gaming and they look amazing. They also keep their value when it's time to sell.
  20. Get a cool laptop. He'll thank you in the long run for the portability.
  21. Ah man. Sorry about that. I hope you manage to get it working again. 😕
  22. This is a fun thing to get involved in. The song is a corker (I've posted it on here before) with a great singer (not be). And it's a fun way to dip your toe into a big community of artists and makers. If you feel inclined, have a look...or of it on to someone who might like a go. Maybe you know some young art students up for a challenge?
  23. Anyone want to help create the cover for a song I co-produced? https://hitrecord.org/challenges/5555392?fbclid=IwAR3eknNT7tzlCMuxfH9lp41gQrS1XTD70pZZGFK-yykqXQsAS9rrVoT9go0&challengeType=visualart Follow the link, sign up, make some art.👍 It's going to be released on all streaming services (Spotify, iTunes) via HitRecord. PM me for any questions - cheers #hitrecord #CharlieArmour #53mph #music #makeart #coverdesign
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