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  1. In Cakewalk and Sonar its Imposible to make a undo in a console or fader action.... Same as vst intruments parameters changes... In the console is necessary in the Mix work.. And Vst will be fantastic..
  2. I know that are many ways to change the velocity (cakewalk user since cakewalk 9 in the 1999). The Midi FX if can be in the "Key Bindings" is a fantastic idea. For example, make a change of - 30 of velocity more fast than drag in to many windows to get de midi fx velocity window...
  3. To change midi velocities you have to search in the Midi FX and search "Velocity". In the "key bindings" is impossible to make a shortcut to make that function quickly...
  4. I don't see the "merge" option... Wher it is?
  5. You have to know the ripple edit purpose.. Don't make sense have to move all markers after use the ripple edit.... And yes, i use the slide function...
  6. 2 Things... : 1- The Markers not move in the Ripple Edit (That can be a real improve) 2- The "Midi Loops" are a totally mess with this function..
  7. Hi, In Pro Tools and Studio One now is possible that function.. But in Sonar and Cakewalk Bandlab is not. Is necessary when work with many songs of the same artist for example... Import Track Data in a single manner..
  8. In the last update... Today i freeze a Vst Track and the freeze audio don't start in the beginning of the song... The freeze function don't work properly..
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