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  1. Wow thank you S.L.I.P. ! this is much appreciated . Was that Notes Norton playing the Sax? Kenny
  2. Yes Craig I agree w you it is still a very good deal ... They are a good company , When I bought Voltage product bundles / upgrades through them , they always applied my prior purchases to the price of what I'm looking to upgrade to .. Work requirements 😎🀣 Kenny
  3. I had my birthday last weekend . I would have been happy if she showed up even if she couldn't sing worth a $hit and handed me a twinky w a half burnt candle on it ... Yes ! Very Do Able Kenny
  4. After seeing this Fugly Trick or Treater at his front door on Halloween and thinking once or twice about hitting it S.L.I.P. decided to rise above this personal romantic low point and get himself a service animal . After an exhaustive national search He knew beyond a shadow of a doubt when he did in fact find the right dog for him . Armed with a fresh unopened jar of peanut butter for his new four legged companion They both set out on their new found quest to set things right and to restore his former high standards of posting only cute pics of do able Ladies for all his future Coffee House posts Kenny
  5. This is Beagles Nobel Prize Nominated Taste Captivating Visual Essay called The Advanced Biological Concepts of Procreation explained in much simpler terms Kenny
  6. Last month Audio Deluxe was giving Voltage Module away for free ( The Basic) . Then Cherry Audio added the Nucleus bundle for Voltage Module to sweeten things for free which I grabbed ... Then I upgraded to the version you mentioned ( Core $ 99 .00 ) for 50 dollars ...Cherry Audio was having a sale for 1/2 off When I bumped up Core there was w an add on package w some real cool drum modules and presets from another vendor / synth company ... Cherry Audio also has a lot of cool vendors that have come up w modules for Voltage PSP I can't say enough about this synth . it absolutely sounds fantastic ... if it ever goes on sale again do your self a favor and spring for it ... Kenny
  7. 🀣🀣🀣 Gee your funny ..hows that ? I got your back Craig ...Don't worry..... Be Sarcastic Kenny
  8. Agreed . I had a SH 101 that I loved , it got stolen and to this day I still miss that little tone monster . trying to learn this VST modual synth helps me w everything ... A real keyboard player knows and understands all the basics on what the oscillators , filters and all the other synth parts dodads will do to affect sound and tone .... Not me I'm clueless lol to me its like a super big guitar pedal board ...he heh he ...I do know that after attempting to learn the in's and out's of the modular synth signal chain I do have a bigger set of Balls lol ( only in my imagination ) because I'm no longer scared to go under the hood of any synth I have and mangle things ... I went to an alternative High School , they set me loose with a 35 Millimeter Camera , all the film I could use and gave me full access to the schools dark room .. I loved it man ...loved B & W and I wish I could do that again ... Kenny
  9. Yes I have to admit it was a strange install . I let it do it's thing and I figured once I had my licensee also placed in the right folder it would authorize .. Not the case I had to run a manual scan in Mixbus 32 C for it to show up and in Reaper I wound up having to go online and paste my authorization link .. At first it seemed as if it didn't work but after all that Jazz it in fact did work . Seems worth the extra hoops I had to jump through YMMV Kenny
  10. when you say refuses to run ? what exactly do you mean ? does it show up at all after a scan ? can you register it ? Kenny
  11. Wow Sweet , thanks for the heads up Larry ! The timing on this is perfect since I just upgraded to Mixbus 32C a few weeks ago . Kenny
  12. Very interesting topic and thread . One could almost say many of the real Synth Pioneers were hardware or Modual Based ... I have some favorites from back in the day I may need to revisit and listen to again w fresh ears ...one thing is for sure some of the best music ever made was made on that type of gear . My only modual hardware based synth is this one by Cherry Audio a software version .... learning how to use this thing has been a real education ... I hope to graduate kindergarten on this synth and make it to the first grade by next year I kid you not this thing is deep ...the sound is awesome Kenny
  13. All you guys in this thread are my best-est friends ever ...I wub you all .... Kenny
  14. Thank You Noel ! for chiming in and clearing this up . As I said I did get desperate there for a while trying to figure out what was going on . FWIW , I'm actually happy this happened . I wound up poking around with the Lenses feature (something I never used )., Once I got a little familiar w Lenses I realized that the current lenses in Cakewalk are something I had been asking for for years as a Cakewalk feature ... ( Doh ) lol Samplitude had a feature I really liked where you could you could set the GUI to various preset environments to keep the tools and the GUI uncluttered . I haven't used Samplitude in a long while .. It is nice to see Cakewalk has that type of feature since Cakewalk by Bandlab is doing everything and then some for me at this point . I am so grateful to the Cakewalk Team ! Keep up the good work . Thank you all the best, Kenny
  15. After updating CBB a few days ago I was surprised to see another new update ..I download it earlier today and let it sit for a few hours because I had things to do in my day to day . About an hour ago I decided to do some music in Cakewalk and my whole GUI looked pretty sparse . I was like what happened here .LOL My GUI had no transport including all the upper tool bars I had always been accustomed to seeing in the Cakewalk GUI . I got pretty desperate there for a moment yet somehow I managed to get a more familiar to me GUI back up in Cakewalk ...I had to set Lenses to Advanced to get my old GUI back I wonder did I miss some sort of feature notification ? Kenny
  16. I got my left eye on one deal πŸ˜›and I got my right eye on another dealπŸ€‘ . Dang ! my wallet sure picked a great time to be running on fumes.πŸ€ͺ Now I'm sitting here cross eyed πŸ₯Ί Kenny
  17. So far I 'm really digging the new up date .. WOW !Thank You Bakers ! It has been a while since I studied and read music or did lessons w a teacher . I was very excited to hear about the ability to see the note names in the Piano Roll . I ran a little experiment over here and I thought I would post it here in this thread ... My first screen shot is of a Bach midi file I found for guitar ..Piano roll looks very clean and easy to read ... ( love the idea of being able to see all the notes uncluttered ) Then I said to myself " with this new feature we can go way deeper than this "..Hhhmmm how deep ? OK lets scratch the surface ... I loaded up an audio file of a Bass guitar part in a new test project . Then I turned my audio part into a Groove Clip. Next I inserted an instance of Dimension Pro and chose a Bass patch ... ( in Dim Pro I had to transpose the patch up an octave for the patch to sound in the correct octave as seen in the following pic after this one ) Next, I inserted my Bass audio track onto the Dim Pro track to perform a simple Monophonic Audio to Midi conversion VIA Melodyne ... ( I have the essentials version over here ) That simple process created a Midi conversion of my audio tracks Bass part as a mid file being played by the Dim Pro .... Since the audio file was first converted into a Groove clip before conversion everything both the audio and Midi syncs up real nice ... Last but not least What I consider to be "The icing on the Cake " of this new feature in Cakewalk It's pretty easy for me to read this over standard notation in Bass Clef . Also , I prefer the sound of the Dim Pro over the original file .... FWIW , I happen to enjoy using Cakewalk as a learning tool for all the various elements of music I may encounter in my musical journey . I hope someone gets where I'm going with this . Just think of the possibilities of where you can take it ! all the best , Kenny
  18. Hi Steve , thanks . 😊you got big pockets too.πŸ˜‰ Hi Bjorn , Wow , very nice complement you said there . I need to get back out in the clubs again . I miss playing Live in front of people . If and when I do get back out there (in my current Geo location) I'm local to you ...maybe we can even meet . Hi Max ! Yes I did have a lot of fun playing over this track . I'm glad by the third mix I got the song in the ball park . I enjoy listening to tunes here myself . I need to make some time to comment on some of the new tunes I have yet to hear. thanks Max . Hi Kevin , As far as my guitar playing goes , I sit in my Lazy boy chair and play for hours ...during that time I come up w lots of ideas , Usually I analyze what I'm playing and just practice what I think will free me up ...sort of like the big picture and It's like my little cocoon ........... Then when it comes time to record I throw myself into it w every thing I got ... I always try to leave my mind out of the equation ...doing it this way for me is sort of like a metamorphosis ..if I want to repeat what I played I have to sit there and learn what I just played ...For some odd reason playing guitar solo's comes somewhat easy too me ...as long as I get out of my own way ....lol Hi Tom , I'm glad you liked what I did here on this tune . Midi Guitar 2 is so much more than just a Midi Guitar app Used stand alone it is pretty versatile as a live performance tool. I love that It hosts every VST plug and VST I synth I have . Not only that , it is capable of creating some very complex signal chains for Midi Instruments and audio combined (Midi Guitar is easily as versatile as Main Stage) . Used in side of a DAW it tracks very well as long as you keep audio buffers to 256 and bellow . I have actually used Midi Guitar 2 as a poor mans Melodyne .. Check this out, both clips are Joe Pass ...I took an MP3 placed it in SONAR ( Pre Cakewalk ) and Placed Midi Guitar 2 on my audio track and had it trigger a VST instrument ... first clip is Lounge Lizard https://www.soundclick.com/html5/v4/player.cfm?songID=13548515 second clip is Joe Pass Virtuoso All The Things You Are ..audio on one side Strumm acoustic on the other side .. This was done in real time as the song played and I did not do any midi or audio editing at all on this file / conversion . I left the warts in there so a person could be able to hear for them selfs how good this plug really is ... There is a part of me that would like to edit-it but man Midi Guitar kept up great https://www.soundclick.com/html5/v4/player.cfm?songID=13311064 I used Joe Pass because he is a true musical virtuoso on the guitar ..very few people play on his level .. I think Midi Guitar kept up pretty good with him ... PS disregard anything that might come up as an auto play after the files I linked .....I have left that site as a ghost town nice talking w you Hi Arlen , You hung in for the long haul w me on this song ...I'm gonna suggest you get hazard pay for hanging in there πŸ˜„ Yeah man I got burnt out putting in the time ....the playing only took a few takes and less than a half hour for the session . The Mixing and all that other stuff ( in my case ) is always the thing that takes me into the championship rounds ... I got my rest and one day back in the gym after doing the updates on my tune ... If I can make the gym tomorrow I may be strong enough to take a Victory Lap ...lol... if not I'm going back to practicing in my Lazyboy all the best , Kenny
  19. OK , here we go again . I remixed the song as I paid real close attention to the low end . After saying "Dang the ending of my song really sucks ...I'm gonna do something about that " to myself . I whipped out my guitar and did something about it . here's the newest mix .....my opening post has same song version I plan on getting some rest , ( been at it all night ) I will come back here and thank the people that helped convince me to keep at it .. till then all the best , Kenny
  20. Hi Arlen , A few other people thought there was something funny going on w the Bass in my other mix . On this Mix I did take a lot of the rumble out in Cakewalk . I think some may be getting added back to my stereo file during the pseudo mastering stage . I kid you not ... I have always created characters or named parts of my solo's and sections of my songs .. Dr Mumbles got sent down the road packing . πŸ˜‚ Yes it is true ..my current ending BITES 😭I'm gonna have to something about that real fast and real soon ...I just can't take it no more πŸ˜– I might just end this one with a solo ... thanks for the listen and feedback Kenny
  21. You have gotten good feedback so far . At first I listened w cans and then over my monitors ... I preferred listening over the speakers for sure ...your using so many clean sounds on the gtrs .while listening over the cans they sound alright . They sound even better over the speakers . I can hear and feel the subtle punch of moving air ( In the whole song w all instruments ) Pretty cool song I want to hear where you take it . all the best, Kenny
  22. I enjoyed your songs overall vibe and story . Very fun listen .It brought me back to a time when Rock And Roll was all the New's ,Weather and Traffic Report I ever needed to get through the day ... Kenny
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