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  1. Typical .... Honestly I don't care if you read it or not ...I Lived It my man .... I will tell you this sport , you come into my thread , then you disrespect the featured artist Jose Felicaino while you act like your not even claiming responsibility for your view points and attempted written character assassination of Jose and his playing while your acting all as if you are a better player than Jose . Yet you offer ZERO EVIDENCE OF THE FACT Of Backing Up Your Claims by letting us hear some of your playing Then you try to play the whole I got a right to a Freedom of speech stance and then try to use it as a way to try and get me to co sign your BS. Then when you don't get your way and I call you out you try an attempt to MARGINALIZE Me and act all Jaded as if I should give a puck about you and what you think Just so we are clear my dealings with you fall into one basic category . I'm simply taking out the trash in my thread ( you ) Kenny PS you could have played it different and just said hey ..I don't dig his playing ...there's other cats I dig more , and if you left out the whole high and mighty holier than thou stance you took ...I would have been OK w that
  2. First off I never bad rap musical artist's online or even in person especially if they are not there to defend themselves . It's just not a thing I'm into on any level .. To me some peoples online behavior is no different than The Classic "A - Hole guitarist " that shows up to hear another guitarists band live on stage and gives the player on stage the old thousand yard stare while sitting in the front row while he has his arms crossed in front of his chest doing his best interpretation of a Deadly Self Inflicted Cobra Snake Death Grip ...Poor fella he wasn't brought up right because his mama never sat him down and told him that the death hold is real bad for his blood circulation it's just like drinking poison and then expecting the guy on stage to Die ... You seem not to know a thing about me and I must confess it appears to be mutual on my end . So please allow me the opportunity to clue you in . I hate sharing parts of my resume online I honestly do hate to do so but in this case I will share a few of the Cliff Note moments What do you really know about Hendrix ? Have you ever been to his Greenwich Village apt, sat on his couch in his living room and talked w his roommate ? I have 3 times . Mike Q was Jimi's roommate since the 60's. Mike held on to Jimi's apt until a few years ago when he then was forced due to age and health problems to enter a assisted living place of residence. Siting there listening to Mike talk about how Jimi approached his playing and music while sitting on Jimi's couch was a real eye and ear opener For the record , to this day I have never read a word in print or saw a video that even covers what Jimi's creative process on the level of what Mike Q told me .. Have you ever played your guitar in a Band as a sideman with an Artist that has won 7 Grammy's ? I have and I have also played with a number of Grammy Nominated Artists for some of their select live show's Have you ever worked as a musician and played your guitar in and for a hit Broadway Show ? I have , I subbed in and for the Original Broadway Show The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas . Do you know what it is like to sit down with George Harrison and talk guitars ? I do and it was a life changing event for me .... Have you ever been gifted a guitar from the President of a well respected USA guitar company ? I have twice . Both Guild And Kramer have given me guitars as gifts. Most people from the Legacy Forum knew I have hung out and had conversations w Chet Atkins , Eric Clapton , Robbie Blunt , Ronny Wood , Steve Miller , Peter Frampton , Bobby Mayo , Steve Katz and a whole list of Rock Guitar players .... In Jazz it was even a lot better for me as a Player ..every body here knows I used to jam w Joe Pass and Emily Remler all the time I have studied with some of the worlds best .......good lord this ain't no humble brag any more ..shheshhhhhh... Man I can do this all day and all night but doing that means I have to drag myself down to some place I don't want to go to ... So you think my approach is childish ? ...Yeah Right ... Dude I can back my $hit up .....CAN YOU ? Kenny PS , I'm more of a HERE and Now type of Guitar Player and I am in the best shape of my guitar playing life .... Knock , knock on the plain maple top of my Gibson R 8 You might want to read this post fast because I may decide to pull this post down in an hour or two because do not like putting my old accomplishments out there ....any body that knows me here especially knows it just ain't my style
  3. Good one abacab , I have had phase's in my guitar playing and practice routine where I would only use a classical guitar for practice and working things out . I remember those times well and after a few weeks or a month my hands felt very strong . Things that were hard to play on electric had all of a sudden felt fluid and much easier to play on my electric .... Ssshhh , don't tell anybody ......I hunted down my classical guitar yesterday , put it on my only guitar stand , put away the few electrics I had out except for the Worlds least expensive Les Paul and started Kenny's version of a guitar boot camp practice and playing routine ... all the best , Kenny
  4. We have been talking in this thread about clips of Jose's playing that are in some cases over 30 years old ...a lot can happen in 30 years Inquiring minds would like to learn about the people they are talking too . So why don't you school me first on who you would like me to think you are . I must have missed the memo where you posted the links to all your chart topping hit songs, Also I would love to have the u tube links to your multiple Grammy wins including the acceptance speech's you have made for them .... all the best , Kenny
  5. Jose did make it his own and that's a thing I dig about it ...there's more I dig but I'm listening to you guys for the moment ...Thank You for sharing Ouch.... lol What ? an admission of an individualized recognition of a personal perceptual distortion of the facts coming from " the bapu " will the wonders ever cease ? This here post was said with WUB Hey abacab , That link was a good read , nice to rap w you again , Love what you contributed , thanks . Jose Feliciano had a lot of Fame back when he was breaking out . Just about every one knew he was blind . Now when we factor in the 50 year + gap between 1968 & 2019 it doesn't surprise me that someone may or not know about his blindness ....you get a free pass ...don't worry about it . Kenny
  6. Yes that is pretty cool playing on Jose's part ...I'm still getting over the shock of it all ..thanks for sharing ... Oh Yeah James , True that ! This guitar playing from Jose is a real solid two for the price of one . When I watch his playing on the video I get a real eye opener . When I close my eyes and just listen to his guitar playing I get a real ear opener ... thanks for sharing . Hey BassDaddy , Say you bring up an interesting point . When I was younger and banging around doing my Git Box travels I would meet Rock guitar players that could play Jazz , Jazz guitar players that could absolutely shred and all kinds of players that had a " secret you would never know aspect and depth to their guitar playing " In a way I should not be surprised . I guess when you hit it as big as Jose did in his career as an Artist , he must have had to stay true to playing the tunes and putting on shows that pleased his audience ... cool beans , nice talking with you , Kenny
  7. that's pretty cool ...exactly right on the 50 year mark ...it's a good age ....I remember it well .How I wish I could get back to it WHAT ???????????? I'm too old at (63). This news is far worse than finding out Santa Claus ain't real I thought I had another year to find out the answer as if to whether my imaginary long lost significant other will give me her answer to a question I have been waiting to ask her for 63 years . "Give me your answer, fill in a form Mine for evermore Will you still need me, will you still feed me When I'm sixty-four? " Devastating absolutely Devastating news ....Oh well at least you are Lucky James being 58 ....that gives you a few years to go before you too become too old . Say that Joanne Whalley does look pretty cute . I got to hand it to you James . You have good taste in emotive melodic guitar leads and women all the best Kenny PS, BassDaddy's avatar was just a quick loaner for standing in as a cool smiley . He was not harmed in any way lol.....
  8. Great to see you around here BassDaddy What you said was pretty encouraging . Yes I hope every body out there gets a win .. I've heard you mention that before .....I hope you get it back ... Right now I'm sitting here playing the worlds least expensive Epiphone Les Paul , The Epiphone Les Paul S L . I Love this thing . As you know I do have and Play A Historic Gibson Les Paul when the mood strike me ....the thing is , I love the fact that now a days even the worlds cheapest Les Paul the Epiphone Les Paul S L coming in at the price of $119.00 can in the right hands be a very good playing and sounding guitar for the player on the cheap ... have a good one , Kenny
  9. I had no idea Jose could play like this on the electric guitar ... Seems I always thought he was an acoustic kinda guy .. Wow he is shredding better than some of these new guys that came up from the shred era . Who Knew ? Wow , I'm gonna go on an all expense paid guitar lick shopping spree and copy some of his playing on these 2 songs , I ain't no thief . I'm just a guitar lick recyclable type of player Kenny
  10. Are you saying you were actually in the womb waiting to be born 50 years ago ? Or were you still swinging with the boys on you daddy's side watching him piss out fresh beer suds on unsuspecting tree's and low hanging bushes ? Either way 50 years ago I was 13 years old ...by then my cherry was lost to my friends older sister , I already had my first couple of LP's , The next few years I started hitting the concerts ...Man I saw everybody ...I'm not kidding I saw everybody ..Regrettably the only Act I didn't see was Hendrix ... Color me Old , Color me unwilling to Change but I would not trade a musical moment from back then for what's happening musically now ... Now I'm not saying whatever they got going on today in music is not good . Kenny No Hablo that $hit ... I like playing in a 3 to 5 piece band in an intimate space . I don't need 25 dancing acrobats clogging up the stage while a Disney quality light show is going one blinding me to death . The only thing I'm not totally sure about is in a way I wouldn't mind one of those Hot Hoochie coochie female singers doing a twerk up close while I'm playing my guitar for a bunch of the senior citizens at the Rest Home for Wayward Guitar Pickers and Bass Players ... Hhhhhmmm Lady Ga Ga do you hear me ? I wub you ...if you ever decide to sit in w us please wear the becan dress ...me and the old boys would love to do lunch with you slurp slurp Kenny
  11. Oh Yeah , I just got promoted and given a new spokes person position with the Proctor Gamble company representing Old Spice . The other fella moved on to other things . I wish him the best of Luck and much prosperity When I get done with this Old Spice Photo Shoot I'm going right after all that becan Kenny
  12. Say , was that Daryl in the opening pic ? If so it was nice to see a pic of Daryl .... And now a message of Hope from Maurice Kenny
  13. OK we have The NAMM 2019 show and no mention of the updated bapu Version 2.0 . Is it me or is The bapu 1.0 is getting a little long in the tooth Kenny
  14. That was a darn good Video interview ... I like the fact that CLA is very outspoken and the he shoots from the hip..... Kenny
  15. I'm wondering how you fell about the top banner that reads " Legendary American Achievements " ... FWIW, 50 Years ago all my favorite guitar players were from your side of the World ...then I back tracked and did my musical history. have a good one , it is nice to see you here , Kenny
  16. Hey Steve , I did that little thing this morning while I was having my first few cups of coffee ... Just looking to share a few laughs around ..... Say , it is nice seeing you here and getting to interact again all the best , Kenny
  17. The Heritage H -530 perked my interest ..Tarzan Want . all the best , Tarzan lol I mean Kenny
  18. I feel the same way about my 84 MIJ Tele ...hey post a pic here if you feel like it .... I may post a pic of mine in a day or two. Jame's , A while back I seem to remember you had a Tele w 2 P 90's . I would Love to go there at some point myself ..... OK since I had pulled the 86 MIJ Fender Esquire neck off the guitar and held on to it for all this time .I might as well show you what guitar I had put the neck on . First here's the head stock ...remember I mentioned that my Esquire is an actual Fender made in JAPAN in 1986 not a Squier Here's the guitar the neck is currently on Ash bodied Korean made Samic Valley Arts Telecaster have a good night guys , Kenny
  19. Hey Jame's , I'm gonna have to give that tune a listen after I get done reading the book you wrote ..... Kenny
  20. Yes , I'm old enough to remember the movie Billy Jack . In addition to that half my current guitar arsenal is also old enough to have been played while I was watching the movie Billy Jack ... Sheesh talking about the age thing ...my 2 cars when you add up how old they are ...they are old enough to collect social security ..it's the truth ... I love messing with people at the supermarket check out , when the clerk tells my my groceries ring up at $18. 83 I quickly proclaim " Ahhh yes the year I was born " " I remember it well " more often than not it gets a giggle ... all the best , Kenny
  21. I sure wish I could eat popcorn again some day . I would have it with real butter and salt ....thank you low sodium diet ggggrrrrrrrrr ....lol I hope you enjoy the movie ...it starts off a little slow , then when it starts getting down , it gets down fast down and dirty .... that is big reason why I wanted to see it again .... Yes 2 thumbs up from me over here . For anyone interested in this type of thing I would venture to say this could be a must watch .. thanks for sharing .. +1 I can see myself buying a bunch of their movies just to have hard copy's to watch ... What ,,,I thought they said they were gonna send an exterminator over here to this forum to fumigate this place before they opened it up ... Oh well I wub you too....I really do I really do ...but I can't explain why I really do and that's the reason I'm sticking w my therapy ... Kenny
  22. RUMBLE is the electric story of how Native American influence shaped rock and roll, a missing chapter in music history. I just saw this film on my local PBS station about a week ago . I was very impressed . After watching it I found it had filled in a lot of holes as far my music history knowledge goes. I tried to find out when it would play again , then I got lucky ....I'm posting the link to the whole unedited movie . As far as I know the full movie will stream for free until 2 / 5/19 . after that I don't know ....also I do not know what the availability of this movie is outside of the us .. https://www.thirteen.org/programs/independent-lens/rumble-the-indians-who-rocked-the-world-vyepam/ This is one cool movie about rock guitar ...if you haven't seen it yet , here's a good opportunity for you to see it .... say could you pass me the popcorn please Kenny
  23. Hi abacab , Thank you for the warm welcome , now I feel all warm and fuzzy inside ... Street Cred ? I would be happy if I don't repeat all the mistakes I made at the other Forum , I'm looking forward to this new start , all the best , Kenny
  24. I thought my guitars were long gone .I had no idea my friend was gonna gift me by giving me back my own guitars. The whole situation was totally unexpected .That's the freaky thing I love the most about this story . Whew , that's a friend for sure . I have an 84 MIJ Squier Tele . Jay Black formerly from Sadawskys Guitars who later went on to work at The Fender Custom Shop did all the fret work on it . If it ever came down to it I could be happy w only one guitar ... Hey nice talking w you My MIJ Esquire would be pretty hard to find if I wanted to ever replace it ....I lucked out getting it back after all those years. Most if not all 1980's Fender Guitars MIJ are easily considered to be at least equal to the American Fenders of various offerings and time lines . When I grab this guitar it does not feel like any of the guitars I may play at a Music Store . It has a lot of MOJO Nice talking w you , Kenny
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