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  1. I always know where to find my Turkey Baster . I leave it in my tool box for the car . I use the thing for adding distilled water to my car battery ... When I cook a turkey which is not all that often I just use a big soup style spoon for splish splashing the bird . Anyway , I do feel the OP 's pain, Yesterday I was looking for my cable that I run out of a mini headphone out into a stereo RCA split that has the regular 1/4 plugs attached . I spent almost 2 hours looking for that thing ...then I eventually found it dangling underneath the table hidden by the whole mess of all my other cables ... Thank you Universe. I'm still undecided if you are just effing w me or if you are just trying to teach me patience .... Kenny
  2. I happen to like the idea of a Tutorials Sub Forum . good idea Kenny
  3. I will have to look into that one .. Thank You Hi James , Yes , I certainly have to check out your Eagles suggestion ..That might be a really good one for me to check out ....Love a lot of their music Funny story , when I worked in music stores on W 48 th st . Joe Walsh would come in all the time , I have even waited on him and sold him some gear ... Boy Oh Boy he was a funny guy .. During one of his visits to the store I had sold him a battery powered amp that was built inside a full sized red gas can . He started joking around by asking me in front of the whole guitar dept if it was OK to come behind the guitar counter where I was standing so he could use has new gas can amp to take a piss in it ...no lie ....lol Right now time is of the essence , I will get back to you on your other videos suggestions once I do my daily chores .... thanks .. Wish I knew hot to do a full quote around here ...this quote only shows what you said not what I said ... In any event, At the old Cakewalk Forum I had recommended The Wrecking Crew . For the record I was very outspoken about a number of things that happened to get under my skin and irk me about the movie ... FWIW the thing I learned the most from watching The Wrecking Crew was how to emulate Tommy T.....and Bull $hit like a Pro ... BTW I have already seen the movie you recommend ... Thank you for contributing Kenny
  4. Standing in The Shadows of Motown trailer Standing in the Shadows of Motown The Full Movie . I have watched the full move VIA DVD and loved it. Be forewarned ,Some of the sections of this movie VIA the link I'm posting for it ...May get wonky ... The Vimeo player does not like to be slid around ..the other thing is I saw towards the end of the movie in the link I posted some out of sync audio that didot match the video . In any event , It sure beats a preview and it was OK for about an hour ..if somebody got a better link to full movie let me know . all the best, Kenny
  5. The Wrecking Crew Official Trailer I have seen the Movie ...I highly recommend watching it . Kenny
  6. Here is the u tube preview of Jimi Hendrix: Hear My Train A Comin' Looks like a good one Kenny
  7. Yes , Sound City is a great one 🙂 Here is the link to the full unedited movie Sound City http://www.documentarytube.com/videos/dave-grohl-the-sound-city-studios Keep emm coming , Kenny
  8. Dear Tom Brady , We have only the absolute best in quality deflated balls . Act now and grab yourself a sweet endorsement deal for your next years line up of Deflated Game Balls Kenny
  9. My song tile submission is for The Modern Popular Country Music Genre "The Ballad of Juan Hung Low " Badd Kenny for going there ....
  10. Hi Guy's , I have run across a few movies and documentary's where where Bands, Music , and gifted players have been featured . In some cases these movies and DVD's have revealed many facts and details about the musicians and the bands history I had not been aware of . What I would like to do here in this thread is to create a space where forum members can place their Movie / DVD recommendations w links to their favored flicks featuring players, bands , or anything you feel can bring value to us here on the forum ... It doesn't matter how humble or great the production is . If you have it or know about it please share it ... This post is merely an opening post , I plan on coming back here to add a few recent flicks I have recently posted in other threads . Thank you for considering sharing your flicks in advance , Kenny
  11. I hope I can stick around . Thank you for the Kind Word Starise . Kenny
  12. You know you have a real winner of a car that you will always be proud to drive when all the cars body work is from different cars ... not Kenny
  13. I'm glad your feeling better . Best of luck with your health Kenny
  14. I know about that feeling Yes I do . Last year I started to puff up . The short story was I had been experiencing my first round with Heart problems . I went from my so called normal weight give or take 10 pounds to looking like I was ready to enter my 3rd trimester ... Large Jazz Box's felt like they were in another Zip code . It turns out I had over 40 pounds of fluid retention ....Doc told me my body thought I was bleeding out so it went into a mode where it held on to my fluids . Since I had to take on a whole new health challenge and stick w it ... lowering my sodium intake and eliminating just about every thing I like to eat . I can say I'm back down in my weight w out the extra fluids and I'm doing my best to follow my treatment ... have a good one Kenny
  15. Grumpy Cat needs to get out on the dance floor and have a little fun Kenny
  16. Say , do you know if they are hiring life guards or assistant coach's for the women's swim team at the school where your brother used to swim at ? Kenny
  17. 911 , whats your emergency ? It's Valentines Day and I do not have a date ... OK sir , have you tried " Rent A Friend " ? they may be better equipped to assist you in solving your problem ...The 911 number is only to be used for an emergency ... Alright , I didn't know and I'm real sorry to have bothered you .... Sir , It wasn't too much of a bother. It has been a slow night at the call center so far ...I had the time to chat w you as rare as that is ...also I like reaching out to the community and trying to help sooth a troubled soul . Oh cool , is there any way you might feel like helping me get over some of my troubles by getting together with me after you get off work to have a late night cup of coffee ? I'm sorry , I can't do that but I will keep you in my warmest thoughts tonight as I work through my shift . I sincerely hope that you can get through this situation over to the other side .... I'm sorry if I had crossed a line ... No you didn't Sir , it has been my complete pleasure to have served you in the only capacity I can as a temporary rest stop for you to collect your thoughts . Whew , I'm glad to hear I didn't cross any lines with you mam ... Well Sir , you have a good night . Thank you very much you too ...... DUKE ! where the heck did you hide all my clean rags? and the brand new jar of Coco-butter ??????? hehehhehhehhe , I'm not telling you Kenny , Now take me out for a long walk and when your done cleaning up my poop remember it will be time to bring me home and feed me my big meal of the day ... Ay Carrumba I can't win no matter what I do around here I may as well just practice my guitar and do a little recording in BandLab... after playing the guitar for about an hour ..... Hello operator can you please give me the number for"Rent A Friend " (note to self , I sure hope they take grocery store coupons ...or else I'm in deep dooo dooo for tonight date wise ) Kenny
  18. Bingo We Have A Winner .🤣 Kenny
  19. Behold The Akashic Record BS meter . This thread sorely needs one of these Kenny
  20. Well , that all depends on who you are where you do all your swimming. If you happen to be at your local gym doing laps in the Olympic sized swimming pool and the Life Guard yells out too you " Hey Shamu its time for you to get out of the Pool. We are about ready to close " and then you come out of the water dripping wet reaching for the towels wearing only a Speedo .... ......😮 you tell me Kenny
  21. Love The George Benson Ibanez 🤩 you have there Bill . Tarzan Want ....heck if my Valentines Day keeps going the way it is, I can probably take all my unused Date Money and Get One .... Hhhmmm , can I grind my own beans for a while to get a sweet guitar I have always wanted ? ...hell yeah .... Tarzan over and out 🤣
  22. Yes Bob , In addition to hiding a large beer belly , a Gibson Jumbo can effectively hide National Geographic Knee Knocker Sized moob's . A large generous side order of Muffin Top Love handles and a Bedazzled in Gold Sparkle Manley version of a J. Lo Wide Berth Beginner Sized Twerking Patoot .... If cash is low as it may be for some musicians , An Epiphone Jumbo can work very well in a pinch . nice talking w you , Kenny
  23. Hey cool , One out of 20,199. actually trumps my average of one in every 27, 435 . have a good one Kenny
  24. WOW what a diff ,. Absolutely stunning transformation you have done there w the picture Steve ... all the best. Kenny ....
  25. 🤣 Watch out for girl power ...All the girls these days ( including wives ) Have NOW got The Power ... Oh BTW , Nice Wall .... Very nice James , Kenny & Duke like your guitar/ instrument wall. Nice cool setup you have there BassDaddy , Your room uses space with very nice clean simple lines . Ouch, My guess is the low rent condo's in Vantuckey don't have walls w studs in them . just kidding around w you my man ... Kenny
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