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  1. I just read your OP again ( to let it sink in ) Wow you are indeed fortunate to still be here with us . I recently went through some heart stuff , it was nipped in the bud a little earlier in my case so I feel lucky to not have gone through all the extra challenges you went through .. The thing is "it's all mercurial " or as they say Y.E.T. , your eligible too . I think poor snack and munchie choices helped get me in this mess All the stuff I like is no good for me anymore and every time I eat stuff high in sodium that I enjoy the flavor of ...I end up paying a price ... I'm still working on it but it has taken me almost a year to have switched to a healthy sustainable heart healthy adjusted life style ... I will say in all honesty having to readjust my diet and activity level s are not with out it's temptations . To be human ....2 , 3 or 4 steps forward ...1, 2 or 3 steps backwards AYE AYE like it or not this metaphor has me feeling like I may be doing The Cha Cha Good luck man , if you can get a little time away from all the stuff that is no good for you and your health , when and if you revisit those foods you may find they don't have the payoff and appeal they used to have . As far as the exercise thing goes Rome wasn't built in a day ...I'm just getting back into hitting the gym and long walks after letting it slide for a bout a year . Whew it sure is humbling , ...I will settle for a little progress ... When I ask the Mirror Mirror on the wall to tell me how I'm doing , The Mirror on the wall reminds me I'm no spring chicken any more Kenny
  2. I was very interested in The White Penguin about a year ago . That is when it hit my guitar GAS radar . They are very hard to come by since they are a limited edition custom guitar . They were expensive ...I saw them going for South of 5 grand ... As far as I'm concerned I would have to classify The White Penguin as " a dream Guitar " I would someday like to own and play .. Would I buy a White Penguin ? Yes I would if I could break the income bracket I have been stuck in for the past decade .... At this point I am Lucky enough to have a Gibson Les Paul R 8 which was a gift from a true friend .... Kenny
  3. Here is a very informative web page on Davids Iconic guitar The Black Stratocaster http://www.gilmourish.com/?page_id=66 Kenny
  4. 🤣 You can do what you want ...I'm going there ... She Sounds So Sweet . Kenny
  5. HEY , watch what you be saying there sonny boy . we got feelings too FWIW , As far a dwarf sized wimenz go I happen to like Meredith Eaton ..... Kenny
  6. Of course he is happy . We just got done playing a variation of the game Jack and Jill . It goes like this . Jack and Jill went up the hill , they both had a quarter . Jill came back with 50 cents do you think they went up for water ? BAAADDDD Kenny BAADDD
  7. WOW , that sure was a nice way to spend my time dreaming about iconic guitars . I worked at the music store mentioned in the video where he bought some of those guitars ( in the 80's ) If I had the coin I would Love to get his White Penguin and his 50's reissue Gold Top . For some reason I have White Penguin on my mind ... anyway , I had a Gibson Les Paul Gold Top w 2 P 90's like his from the same era ..it was a 50's reissue . It my first Les Paul ever. It didn't have the Gold on the back ..It had a super nice slab of mahogany ....it was from the 70's a genuine Gibson Reissue Gold Top and I still kick my self in the a$$ for selling it .. Super cool video Drool drool slurp slurp ..hello maintenance , this is an emergency , Please send a janitor ASAP with a fresh mop and bucket to clean up the waterfall inspired spill dripping down out the side of my mouth ...I am drooling and a dripping much worse than the dog that did that movie with Tom Hanks . Secretary write this down and send this to my wallet Dear Wallet , lets shake a leg , We need to get well sooner rather than later , Lets get off life support and live a little .. P S , lets do this before I kick the bucket . Kenny
  8. I have made up my mind . When my Audo Technica ATH-M30X 's give up the ghost I'm going old school ... Who knows , I may even get back in shape using this approach Kenny
  9. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Yep How true ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Kenny
  10. OK boys , When some of our single or unhappily married guys decide to spill the beans , we may eventually find out that a few fellas around here may have gotten carried away writing PM's in the style of love notes professing their un dying love and affection to a few of our female members here .... This unfiltered display of enthusiastic throbbing male hormones combined with the intense depths of ones own personal affection may have ran some or all the wimen folk off and clear out of here . I have learned my lesson, I will never do something like that ........ever ever again 🤣 Kenny
  11. LOL , I mean i'm Raffing Out Roud . Rank You Verby Munch Kenny
  12. A new set of headphones or fix what you have , yeah that bites . My 2i4 is worse off than yours I think . My headphone works fine in everything I have that takes headphones w the exception of my 2i4 . My right channel cuts out and I think my headphone jack internally must be broker or have a loose connection. Kenny
  13. Cool story about your wife . As far as the meme goes , the pic of the Sax is John Coltrane's horn . https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smithsonian-institution/saxophone-supreme-john-coltrane-legendary-instrument-joins-collections-american-history-museum-180950274/ Kenny
  14. Bob , Are we talking an intervention here ? I think I have a " friend " that qualifies as a possible candidate in great need of a Sax therapy session . Kenny
  15. 🤣 Oh Yeah , it helps immensely if one starts w a good Reed . Kendo
  16. OH Yeah , What A Classic Thread ...🤣 She had just about everybody in that thread who tried to help her wrapped around her little pinky ... good one Speaking from personal experience here , Reality sucks big time when you don't get your way or what you truly want , or even what you think you deserve ... some times with living life it just ain't fair ..... Sniff sniff ..........gulp snort cough cough snort ...., Whew , I think I need a woman's shoulder to cry on ...wwwwaaaa hhhhh Julie London w Barney Kessel on guitar will have to do for now . I remember the time I shaved my head , I walked into a Jazz club and every guy in the club that had a bald head seemed OK w me I went back a year later w a full head of hair and all the fellas that were nice the last time around had turned a cold shoulder in my direction . For some people "sausages" are a symbol of " the secret handshake " What a world huh ? LOL Kenny
  17. It just goes to show you how much things change . When I was in High School the closest I ever got to Tantric Sex was Blue Balls . Kenny
  18. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^The Current State of a lot of the Music Forums I Read ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Expecting anything different is just wishful thinking . Kenny
  19. What ! Sting got reincarnated as a Sax ? Kenny
  20. That is some crazy dancing stuff there .. whew .. That dancer is almost superhuman . You better watch out( female stick holder ), Sally is training super hard and she want's your gig holding the stick Kenny
  21. I used to like that picture of her swinging on a rope ..it was a nice one ...real classy Lady . Kenny
  22. En harmonic Spelling of the same musical pitch . Kenny
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