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  1. Very nice tune . Sounds great. Has lots of interesting musical parts and groove pockets going on .Love that thing you do with your lady where you two double up on the vocal melody in different octaves . Kenny
  2. Say John , I don't know about using Ginger Snaps as a song title for that new song you wrote ... What do you say we call it Giant Steps ? ..it certainly has a nice ring to it ...Oh snap ! that sounds like a great idea . Kenny
  3. I have to tread very lightly when it comes to a local Pawn Shop in my town ....the last time I went in there I bought this guitar. that was only about 3 or 4 weeks ago ..... Kenny
  4. Thank you for the kind words Craig . I remember what it was like when I first started playing the guitar . I had a Harmony Archtop w fixed neck with no truss rod . This plywood guitar featured a genuine two quarter string action height off the finger board , and the only strings I could get back then were the Black Diamond W.W.1 . barbed wire Anniversary Commemorative Gauge string sets the mom and pop store carried . . No lie , after playing that rig for a 2 solid pain filled years I had the most astounding revelation I have ever had in my whole guitar playing history . The day I was able to play and fret a cleanly played six stringed first fret F bar chord on the thing , was the day I knew I could play anything . That was the hardest thing I ever played on the guitar , +1000 on that .... I Love looking at guitars so much it's crazy . On pay day , after I get paid I ask the teller at the bank for a thick wad of singles . When I get home I like to put on some music , turn the lights down low and slip my guitars G string a few bucks as I nibble on her tuning pegs . all the best, Kenny
  5. That is one beautiful looking guitar. How does she play and sound ? Kenny
  6. I have to ask my doggy if we can swing a 7 thousand dollar Guitar. He's the one with all the money . I'm pretty sure he is gonna say no because he always leaves the room whenever I play the electric guitar ..( it's true ) No wonder I have serious issues , my best friend can't stand the way I play electric guitar . I ain't all bad , when I play the acoustic guitar he will stay to listen and give me the whole Puppy Eye look Kenny
  7. Wow , nice guitars in here . Do I really need a 7 thousand dollar guitar if all I'm doing is playing elevator music ? Kenny
  8. I think I like V 5 the best so far . It's runny pretty good over here for what I do . Kenny
  9. Hi Bjorn , I get what you are saying . I don't keep Dramamine at home ,but I sure could have used some on a few occasions when I have felt some of that zooming stuff has gotten a little out of hand ... As far as me being annoying goes ...thank you for being kind ......I take it , you don't hang out in The Coffee House all that much ...lol have a good one , Kenny
  10. Now I'm left here wondering was it me that annoyed you or was it the Ken Burns comment ??? Hey wait don't answer that .... all the best signed , Just another annoying Ken
  11. Hi Wookiee, I enjoyed it because I know how sneaky and deceptive Classical Music is ...or can be .... A tough genre to write in only because the bar is set very high . Lets see if I have this right . You crank up your furry little paws and work them to the bone with a thousand and one little details in Notion . Then you transfer it all over to Cakewalk by Bandlab and when all is said and done your fans want to hear more because Just about a Minuet is 01.11 long ...LOL way to go my friend .. Yeah this is totally a nice musical path for you to explore . Deep , complex and well suited for a lot of the cool synths you have on tap in the wings . I did find it impressive that you used only what came w Notion as far as instrument tones go . I'm sure if you write in this style more often , I get the feeling you will definitely come up with something that is totally your own thing musically .. all the best, Kenny
  12. Hey Freddy , Lone Wolf was nice . I enjoyed everything about it . At times the sounds of Rock ' n' Roll and Rockabilly you used in Lone Wolf reminded me of the band Jeff Beck used for the DVD Jeff Beck Rock 'n' Roll Party honoring Les Paul . A lot of similarities between Lone Wolf and the sounds and singing of Darrel Higham who was featured in the DVD I mentioned . cool stuff all the best, Kenny
  13. Hi Bjorn , I thought your slide show w music was very interesting . Loved all the cool photo's . Your Grandparents have charisma and they seem to be naturally photogenic . Have you considered / tried a narrative approach like Ken Burns does w zooms ? Those picture look as if they are primed for a Ken Burns type of documentary treatment and slide show ... either way you slice the cake ....cool stuff, all the best, Kenny
  14. Hi Bjorn , By the time I recorded my lead guitar on this tune I had been in top shape playing wise ...the rust from being sick was gone and I was looking to express myself and have a little fun . Everything I do on the guitar practice wise is with the one goal of being able to free me up to play my guitar and express myself as free as a bird floating above the clouds with out a care in the world ...( as we all know my real life is the complete opposite ) thanks for the kind words Hi Freddy , Thank you for the Very Kind and encouraging words you said . The general stuff I practice on my guitar are how to play over chord changes , scales , and melodic patterns . Plus I spend lots of time playing over loops of music I'm transcribing including some tunes / sections / loops of great players , and some maintenance loops of my own creation . All the things I have just mentioned are playing tools that I use for feeling comfortable as to be able to play over any musical situation I may find myself in . The transcribing helps w ear training and learning new melodic concepts of how other players play . The loops that I create are so I can play inside outside over the chord changes .. I feel it is important to have way more playing chops on tap than I may need . The reason for that is if I have to struggle to just get through the song structure then I'm just to busy fighting what I am trying to do in the first place ... A lot of people think I'm about licks ..I'm not , I'm more about trying to play what I would like to hear played on the guitar . When I have lots of extra chops on tap I can turn off my judgmental mind .Then I can play and listen to everything I'm playing at the same time in real time as it happens . Usually when in the zone the listening part is what helps me the most because I can have fun and improvise my lead playing in the moment and play what it is I would have liked to heard in the first place . I hope to put more playing out there in the near future .. thanks once again Hi Bob , Nice to see you here at the new forum . Yes I'm feeling better and I hope to do more music . Oh BTW , here is a picture of the guitar and amp I played on this tune ... Yes , That Super Champ is dynamite . I own a few nice amps but this amp has been w me since 1984 and it is my sound . The guitar I played on this song is an Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Special 1 w 2 humbuckers . I also have one w 2 P 90's that I love I have lots of more expensive and better made guitars that I could have played . the thing is this little Axe does have the Mojo I was looking to hear in this song . all the best , Kenny
  15. Hi John B. Yes I am working through my health challenges . Sure hope for now that I have gotten through the hardest part . It's not really my tune , somebody at another forum I am a member of posted it as a good one to play over . About 10 of us laid down our version of a lead guitar track ..all in good fun ....not competitively ....what you hear here is mine . I do agree with you on the vocal line or singing .. thanks for giving this one a listen Hi Lynn, I lost about a year due to bad health and a broken arm ,It sure does feel good to be playing the guitar again . ...whoopppee.... That Super Champ of mine is one amp I love ....I'm glad I was able to figure out a way to use it in an apt living setting .... As a Cakewalk Veteran my advice to people is to listen to what I say and then do the complete opposite . If you can follow that simple rule everything will turn out right for you ...LOL thank you for the song listen . I appreciate that you did . all the best , Kenny
  16. I would put MainStage 3 on that Mac https://www.apple.com/mainstage/ Kenny
  17. kennywtelejazz

    Road Trip

    Yes this was good . I enjoyed your Guitar playing and Tone . all the best, Kenny
  18. Love what you have done with this room . Can I stay and keep your Guitars company ? Kenny
  19. Yeah that's a lot of money for guys like us huh ? I had a friend in Cali named Vic , I knew him since High School from back east , any way Vic did well for himself . He had a number of vintage guitars and a few handmade Benedetto's that cost him well over 20 grand apiece . I used to go to his house and play his guitars all the time ...Pre War Martins , 50's and 60's Strats , Tele, 335's and a cheap a$$ed Gibson L 5 that was only 7 grand Sure a 20 or 30 thousand dollar guitar sounds like a lot when your playing an Epi like I was at the time . I suppose it is all relative .. I used to get a kick out of him driving us over to hear music in the Mercedes convertible w the top down . Funny thing he hired me to play a few shows with him as a blues act .w a female singer ..he sure loved playing blues on his Paul Reed Smith that cost him only 6500 bucks ...lol We were sort of like the Ying and Yang brothers he would play guitars that cost more than my car and i would play guitars that cost a bout as much as a diner date for 2 . for the record most of my guitar playing these days has been on a guitar that only cost me 119 dollars ... I have to keep my good guitars in a case because Duke is a leaner ... anyway here is what my 119 dollar guitar sounds like Kenny
  20. I was hugging and kissing on Duke last night after seeing this and he was like "daddy who the eff is Nubby ? " "why do you keep calling me Nubby " LOL ... I'm a real softy when it come to stories like this . I Loved watching that frisky little Nubby pooch and his extended family of humans and dogs . Kenny
  21. Hi Daryl , Since being sick sucks music is a big part of getting well for me . , at least now I know what I have to do to get well . Thank you for listening and your uplifting favorable comment. Hello Tom , For me playing what I did there was just an after thought on hey lets play something and hear how it comes out . I'm glad you enjoyed my guitar playing . It means a lot . Hey Wookiee , Say , Thanks for the comment you left over at S C . Yes it has taken the better part of a year for me to get back into playing . While I'm still here , I'm gonna do my best to enjoy my forum friends , pooch and music . Also , Thank you for the kind words of encouragement in this thread and the various PM 's we had while I was getting bombarded w physical changes. You are a genuine class act my friend . This is gonna sound crazy , I have never bought a country record in my life except for a Danny Gatton record once in the early 80's .. Yet, out of every genre of music I have ever played , Country Music paid me the best and put food on my table when all the other musical genres and projects I was involved with over the years didn't. Whacky Huh ? While I was playing the guitar to the B T , I was pretending that I was playing my guitar to people that wanted to hear my playing ... I'm glad you enjoyed this , Thank you edd987 , I am very happy you enjoyed my guitar playing and tones I used . all the best, Kenny
  22. Hi Guys , I have had a number of health challenges on my plate this year .Unfortunately my guitar playing and music has had to take a back seat . I have been slowly working my way back into playing my guitar as a creative outlet for my own personal enjoyment . Earlier tonight I decided to play and record a lead part over a Southern Rock style Backing Track . I am happy to be using my guitar amp a 1983 Fender Super Champ recorded direct VIA a direct box into my 2i4 . All my guitar playing was all done in one take as I winged it and played along with the BT , . I Love You More . I hope some one enjoys the guitar playing Kenny
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