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  1. Craig there is no doubt in my mind that you have written and lectured about this sort of topic extensively .. I think i need to study harder . thank you for taking the time to respond . Kenny
  2. As far as I'm concerned John Bohnam is and was a One in Ten Million drummer . Yeah, I get how quantize can drain the life out of feel ...What about the opposite . Why not turn some of the crappy drum loops we all have on our hard drives into better sounding loops by learning how to tempo map a player of John Bohnam ' s caliber . BTW , I do understand that music has changed drastically in the past 19 / 20 years . Still if somebody wants to go old school and keep the feel of the groove , what is stopping them ? Kenny
  3. For those of us here that want to do their own experiments on what was mentioned in the first video ... here are some MP3 examples of John Bonham's drums only http://www.saladrecords.com/bonhamfiles.htm I was lucky enough to see Led Zeppelin 3 times at Madison Square Garden in the 70's , John Bonham brought down the house w his drum solo's , for a large segment of the drums solo he didn't even use sticks . I also saw Bonham's son a few times w Robert Plant . Great Players . For me the real find in this thread was the video interview of Carol Kaye . She still got it . It was nice to hear her just kick it and tell her story In the section where she talked about using the metronome you have to watch and listen closely to understand the benefit of what she was saying , Her implied message was to play off the 2 and the 4 of the beats . If you listen closely you will hear her count in ...and once she is there she is using the metronome to define not only timing for her playing , but a level of swing feel ....that is possible when you only play off the 2 and 4 Using her approach the 1 and the 3 are silent and the player is hearing those beats inside their heads . Playing off the 2 and the 4 of the metronome requires a lot more skill because it is easy to get lost and one may loose their place until they become more familiar with the concept . This happens because the player must feel the 1 and 3 w out hearing it . The tempo of the song moves along at the same pace even though to pull off the correct tempo and feel means the songs tempo is halved using this approach ... A silent 1 , heard 2 , silent 3 , and heard 4 beat style of metronome use means that a BPM of 60 = 120 BPM when one used to using the metronome as per standard use .... It might not sound like much but when the tempo is halved like that small changes can speed up or slow down dramatically into tempos a player may need to practice and spend more time at . ( first hand assessment lol ) Essentially I have looked at this approach as a drum track w just the snare hits .... Both Ed Cherry and Emily Remler have tried to hip me this years ago ...did I listen ? ....no ...lol... better late than never ... The true beauty behind this approach is w a little practice a player can develop a much more swinging approach to what ever it is they choose to play . When I say Swing I am talking about The Freedom of Unlimited Interesting to play and hear Hip Phrasing ... I think of it this way , When I play off the metronome using the whole 1, 2, 3 , 4 , beat approach to 4/4 I might as well try to join The High School Marching Band because that what it sounds like to me and to others ... Like it or not , my music and playing will be swinging like a rusty gate ... lol Using the silent 1 , heard 2 , silent 3, heard 4 metronome approach takes a fair amount of practice ( honestly some days I'm hit or miss on it , yet I still carry on ) I just came back and edited this because in Cakewalk the metronome preferences have adjustments for the first beat and then the other 3 beats combined ...It is possible to make the first beat silent , yet it is not possible to change the 2, 3, 4 beats they will sound .. An easy thing to do would be to record the metronome , then edit beat 1 and 3 out of it and create a groove clip to save . For fast and dirty , a practice thing I like to do often is to just pull up a drum VST , load a basic beat up with a hard hitting snare on the 2 and the 4 beats and then just solo the snare . It is simple and easy enough to go there using that approach ... all the best, Kenny
  4. Thank you for the listen and favorable comment Glad you enjoyed . Very kind of you to say that . Thank you . Thank you Bob for the kind words . I really appreciate reading them . Alan, thank you for what you said . I was happy to see it . Paul , it was my pleasure to share my most recent playing here . I'm glad you enjoyed the way I played my guitar on this tune . it means a lot . all the best , Kenny
  5. Hi Lynn , Wow, deep song on a lot of levels . I love the line " the older I get the less I become less of the parts of my sum " Love the change up arrangement wise you did at 1:38 ...what do we have here ? A Reggae style guitar part mixed in w a Cuban style groove done in an old Western spaghetti style sound canvas ...OMG Love it .. I liked your song a lot Lynn . Everything about it is very good . The songs message , the vocals , instruments and mix .... Great job , Kenny
  6. Hi kakku , I listened to your most recent version. In away , at least to my ears ,your tune has a retro sound in places that remind me of the band called Mountain . I happen to Love Mountain ( still listen to them ) In your song the guitar parts have the type of crunch and way of playing chords that reminds me of the phrasing Leslie West would play when he played power chords. Your song seems to be coming along nicely . my suggestion would be , play around w the arrangement ...flesh it out some all the best, Kenny
  7. Hi John, Very interesting song on a lot of fronts . I enjoyed the modal piano part up against the S Dan bass style part . Gave your tune a nice rhythmic bounce .. As the song develops you go into some very complex chordal and song arrangements featuring instrument change ups horns and nice sub motifs that play off each other . Good stuff there . Seems you stand apart in that area ...must have taken a lot of time to get that right I got your songs vocal message VIA listening and then reading your lyrics . Since I am a non vocalist ...can't say much about whats happening there ... Overall you seem to have a quirky bone here and there in your musical bone structure ... BTW that is a complement in my book .... A little over 10 years ago ..I used to joke around w a few forum members on the old songs forum It seems a number of my tunes had their own thing going on and they didn't fit into a box Because of that , I used to call myself Captain Quirk .. all the best, Kenny
  8. kennywtelejazz

    Plan 9

    Hi bjornpdx , I enjoyed what you did here w your song overlay over the dialog. Your interpretation of Sci Fi tones are very good . I must confess , I'm not sure if I have seen the movie or not . Now that I have heard your clip Plan 9 , I think I want too. I love messing around with those type of sounds myself . Truthfully , I can't say I have done anything as developed as what you have done here . I have been messing around with these samples lately ...all the free ones that come in the free packs are very good for the type of sounds you were going for ... IMHO , at least in my case the free bundles were worth the time and effort . YMMV Lots of warp drive motion and alien sounds can be found here .... https://glitchmachines.com/ all the best , Kenny
  9. Hi Lynn, Your Kind words of encouragement are awesome . They gave me a gentle nudge to continue along w my journey along the path of the will to carry on . I'm real stoked you dig my guitar tone and phrasing . I guess the whole secret to good phrasing is for me to listen closely to everything I'm playing as the song unfolds , then I must resist the temptation to install an unnecessary musical kitchen sink ......just because I can ... lol The real kicker is I am playing a bone stock Bullet Mustang ...the one w 2 humbuckers that only cost $149 .00 brand new ... https://www.guitarcenter.com/Squier/Bullet-Mustang-HH-Limited-Edition-Electric-Guitar.gc I have one in White that I picked up a few months ago ....I bought it as a get well guitar gift to myself . I lub that little geetar ...lol... all the best, Kenny
  10. Hello bjornpdx, I'm glad to have contributed a moment of musical beauty to your listening pleasure . To reach another person and to connect on a genuine heart felt level of sympathetic vibration is the only true reason I post tunes . It sure ain't the money I'm doing this for Thank you for the listen Kenny
  11. Yes I feel the same way . You got that right . I agree w you 100 % Yes you are making a lot of sense here with this train of thought . I had gotten the e mail for Next the same day this thread hit the forum , yet if it wasn't for you replying in this thread I would have had no idea Acid Pro 9 was even out. +1 I would gladly ante up the 99 clams for the whole enchilada . Acid Pro 9 Next ... I will not under any circumstances try to pawn the dusty lint or the spider webs in my wallet nor the ones that reside in my pants pockets just to raise the coin to buy Acid Pro 9 Next at the price Magix is asking . As the deal stands now from Magix ..no way it just ain't gonna happen . I got a little Magic for you Magix , keep this type of $hit up and watch me disappear . Me neither , I'm not the least bit interested in a Magix DAW subscription of any kind ... If it wasn't for Cakewalk by BandLab and Mengs generosity, I would still be sitting over here bent over looking into a mirror with a pair of vise grips in one hand while i go through the motions of picking out the Joshua Tree prickly thorns out of my aching bung hole that got deeply embedded up and in there from my experiences with the Gibson SPlat lifetimes subscription fiasco . Yes I hear you on that point loud and clear . Admittedly I confess to knowing very little about the zynaptiq® STEM MAKER audio source separation technology. What I do know is the Genre of musical examples they chose to use and feature in their video were clearly not even close to my Genre of Music nor were they even close to the nearest Star in the furthest out reaches of my Musical Orbit ...not even close . Unless Magix thinks a 100.000.000. Light Years away is close enough to being and nailing a bullseye in my Musical Galaxy . Here on my beloved home Planet ...The Planet Tele X..... we have high standards lol... any way thanks for the views you expressed ...it was nice rapping w you Kenny PS , please don't mind me or my mini rant, it is all in good fun . I guess I like to kvetch a lot .
  12. Very helpful post Sir .Thank you for taking the time . Hey Starise , yes I do not fall into their target market either . At the prices they want to get for this I simply will not go there . Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding CCLarry in for the Win ...Amen my brother . Acid 7 is good for sure . I have it , yet honestly , as good as 7 is I still prefer Acid 8 over 7 by a long shot . I may have different reasons than some ...in my case the short answer involve this . I go back a long time w Samplitude . Many of the stock plugs that come with Samplitude I happen to use and like very much . I hated the idea that I could only use them since they were locked down in Samp. when I got a hold of Acid 8 I was happy to see that 8 came with all of those plugs I like .Then when I factor in a couple of Humble Deals I picked up I was very pleased to have all my SONY apps tightly integrated w Acid 8 ..All the plugs from Sound Forge , Spectral Edits and the Magix Vintage Suite showed up in Acid .. In addition to that ,The SONY apps I mentioned are already integrated and can be used for editing within Acid 8 .... For me that's a big one . I would consider $99 bucks for Magix Acid Pro Next ... Not a penny more UNLESS you buy me a hamburger with a side order of Acid Pro Next . I will gladly pay you on Tuesday ...lol Kenny
  13. Hi all , This song Remembering The Heartbreak is basically me playing my guitar over The Twanger Central Challenge Week 193 BT . I sincerely hope you enjoy my guitar playing . thank you in advance Kenny
  14. Ouch .....he he eh whew ...that hurts Yeah I wish .... Yeah , where are they hiding that Info ? I certainly couldn't find it I agree with you on that ...I don't care for Magix pulling something like that . all the best , Kenny
  15. I have and use Acid Pro 8 so I wonder , if that's the upgrade price from having Acid Pro 8 or if that's the $299 Acid Pro Next price for any body regardless . Kenny
  16. ... at least you can be grateful he didn't kick you in the balls with his peg leg . Kenny
  17. I haven't touched a drop of booze or done any illegal drugs since August of 1983 . Living One Day At a Time ...is challenging even on a good day Kissing a girl that has the taste of booze and stale smoke on her breath ....nope ... No Ken Do ..been there and done that enough times to have learned my lessons. My fingers are crossed on that one because I may still suffer from the whole delusion of "this time it's gonna be different " I will take a life of not so much fun over the roller coaster ride of a life of Drama ..... There can only be One Drama Queen in my life at any given time . So if ain't gonna be her it's gonna have to be be me Kenny
  18. Since Guitar playing has been real good too me and brought me Great Fame and Fortune . Lets make it more interesting for ya and worth all the time and effort you will need to put out . Instead of going for my guitars , Why not go for my 60 foot yacht , my Ferrari or my Lake side waterfront vacation property with the Sea Plane docked over by the boat ramp ? In my underground climate controlled Car Vault Bunker , I keep a full collection of Vintage American Muscle Cars that would make Jay Leno green w envy. Even have every year Corvette ever made from the first year they came out right up unto this year in two colors. They are all low original mileage and many of the Corvettes are convertibles . Do you need or want the keys to my house ? They are hidden over by the front gate under the blue rock with the white stripe next to the rose bush ... BTW, when the thrill of that Fairy Tale Fantasy wears off , the sad truth of it all is .... This is what it's all gonna be about in the end anyway Home Slice ....lol .... Kenny
  19. Talk to me when you can play a different guitar every day of the week for over a month and a half with out ever repeating your self . ....then you and I will be closer to being on the same page . Kenny
  20. I've have over a dozen DAW's with 100's of Virtual instruments I don't play very much . Is it wrong to have all these DAW's and Virtual Instruments and not play them every day ? Kenny
  21. I'm biased ....The Ibanez is and was so much more than just a Midi guitar the neck and bridge system alone was a marvel / masterpiece . Neck = Ebony finger board Graphite reinforced .Gittler style tuning from the bridge ....need I go on ? https://www.joness.com/gr300/img2010.htm I wish I could get some of the hardware Ibanez used ....I would slap that on some of my other guitars ...IMHO , Ibanez was way ahead of the loop . I sold my Roland to get this thing ...lol Then I would go out and listen to John Abocrombie play his Ibanez ...he used to make fun of me ...lol As far as the Gittler goes I'm sure it costs a fortune in materials alone just to make one .....Titanium ? Either way I scalloped one of my Fender Esquire maple necks back in the day ..a full scallop like the guitar John McLaughlin, played back in the day I know I can dig that type of feel ....a big reason I gravitate towards my interest in The Gittler Say , if you build it , and if I ever come passing through your town I will check it out nice talking w you , Kenny
  22. I knew you would like that keyboard chick Dave ... I had a feeling you wouldn't want to touch the "Pick Muse" with a ten foot pole . She hung around with a couple of dogs and I was interested in her , Those facts alone may have tainted her reputation I like your story about the girl in the club ...too bad she left before you could hook up ... Kenny
  23. Get Well soon Dave Signed w Love " The Pick Muse " In other Island News Kenny
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