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  1. Hey Steve , Superman was hanging out with a few of his Super Hero friends at the Super Hero Club House where he went on and on about is tale of woe about him not getting any. After about a half hour of listening to his kvetch The Flash interrupted the man of steel and said "hey my super hero brother you are Superman ! the man of steel , what woman wouldn't want a little piece of that ? Listen to me , why don't you fly on over to the nudist beach and when you see something you like swoop on down and introduce your self " Surely that could work for you " Superman said" sure I can do that . do you think it will work " ? The Flash said "Yeah man after hearing your story, what else do you have to loose' ? "You don't want to turn out like Kenny do you "? With out a further moments hesitation , Superman jumped on out the window and flew his way on over to the nudist beach . While he was doing his fly by he spotted a naked lady on lying on her back in the sand waving her arms and moaning .. Thinking that was his invitation to break the dry spell Superman swooped on down , landed on top of her , and went all super ballistic biological jackhammer on the poor unsuspecting lady . When he was done he hopped on off and flew on into The Sunset .... After what seemed like an eternity of shocking silence the woman screamed out at the top of her lungs . "What the heck was that "? " I don't know but my butt hole Shirley Hurts " said The Invisible Man Kenny
  2. I still can't get over some of those Vegas prices you mentioned Dave ... Is there still such a thing as a "Dollar Store " In Las Vegas ? or is it now called "The Twenty Dollar Store " 🤪 Kenny
  3. How true , yes he does . 🤣 Great Idea Craig . 🤣🤣🤣 Yes Bill ! I do feel bad for you , but hold on there for a moment and take a good look at poor Al Bundy . Al thought he was dealing w a another whack y attention seeking shoe and bag shopper . When Al found out the show was rewritten and he was meeting the new Mrs Al Bundy for the first time ,he got down on his knees and found his long lost religion all the best Kenny PS S.L.I.P. I'm glad you dig that Bapu Hammer pic I did .There's more of them where that came from .💪😋🤙
  4. That's probably all my Strat is worth anyway 🤣 .... Hey , I also take Fred Meyer coupons . Kenny
  5. Wow those numbers are inspiring . Anybody here want to buy one of my Strats ? I will give you a good deal ..I would be happy to get a half a million 🤣 Kenny
  6. OMG , I had no idea Vegas was that expensive . Time to scratch that one off my bucket list . Kenny
  7. I sure hope this one makes up for the last one I posted Kenny
  8. Sorry about this one ED I couldn't help laughing my A$s off for a while before posting this . Kenny
  9. Wish I could say or do something that would help ease the pain of 25 years worth of MS your wife has had to endure . As your song pic shows , we all have our crosses to bare . I enjoyed you chord changes in the opening measures and as the song unfolded . I was pleasantly happy to hear your melodic lead playing . It was tasteful and overall very expressive . Your guitar playing served the song well and got the message across . all the best, Kenny
  10. Hi Bob , I dug your songs message and I'm feeling I may need to break away from a few long standing chains I've been shackled to . Guitars sound nice , video has some good visuals and effects that add to the song 's story . It is obvious to me that you put a lot of thought and effort into your song and video ..it shows ... Nice talking w you again , Kenny
  11. I thought this song was very good ...Nice powerful vocals with loads of expressiveness in the vocal delivery . Over here as I listen it's 2 am so I am listening to your track at low volume to medium volume conversation levels ... I may revisit the song during a time of the day when I can turn it up a little ... Overall what ever harshness I may have heard was during the early stages of the song ...the guitars were a little top heavy and thin . After about the halfway point the guitars sounded very good to me ...Yeah the guitars tone had more meat on the bone erm I mean fret board . , Good gtr solo's w a nice melodic expressive tone .. Good job , all the best, Kenny
  12. Hi Lynn, Your song is coming along rather nicely . It certainly kept my interest as the song unfolded. You have a lot of very interesting things going on with your songs arrangement and I like how you paid homage to various guitar heavy musical genre's . Some of those sections sounded very authentic ...It seems you must be holding out on some of us guitar peeps around here ...lol Also , I wish I could sing like you ...Oh Yeah , very nice . Kenny
  13. I don't have a dog in this particular fight , since I do not have or use Pro Tools .I can say right now I am rather disenchanted with the whole subscription approach to DAW's and Musical software in general .. Anyway that's my two centavo's , Kenny
  14. Hi Bill, Sounds interesting . I do a lot of short transcriptions over here myself ..I have yet to write then down ... How would you go about sharing a few of the ones you have ? A playing Fred over at the Tutorial forum ? I'm interested . thanks again for posting ... Hello Reece! Thank you for the nice words you just said ... Say we go back a long time . I appreciate seeing and hearing from you again . all the best, Kenny
  15. How True , Those were the days my friend We thought they'd never end We'd sing and dance forever and a day We'd live the life we choose We'd fight and never lose For we were young and sure to have our way La la la la la la La la la la la la La la la la La la la la la la Oh well , it was sure nice while it lasted ... Kenny
  16. Here is a nice little article on this topic titled How to take your mixes from Studio to Stage https://www.musictech.net/guides/essential-guide/take-mixes-from-studio-to-stage/ I found this link under BandLab Technologies , Music Tech Productions , Essential Guides . Kenny
  17. Craig , We all know I don't have a girl . Lets ask Dukes old cell mate from the shelter what he thinks about getting stuck with a cat . Kenny
  18. Once drummers find out the lead singer and guitar player get most of the girls , drummers get desperate and start beating things out of necessity ... Kenny
  19. "Nobody puts bay leaf in a korma". Steve ! sorry about the head crop I got to work w what I got ..... Kenny
  20. Shhhh don't tell anyone , A few of his licks may have made their way into this recording. 2 days before I recorded this tune I nicked every lick I could off Pat Martino's recording of The Great Stream .... Thank you for the complement on my guitar playing . I have always Loved Pat Martino . Hi Bill , I'm glad you got a chance to listen to this as I know you have a long history of playing Jazz Guitar .. Like you , I am all about the playing . I spend a lot of my music time doing the same type of things you do. I'm grateful you made it over here and took the time . BTW , I did enjoy your other post ...I thought it was funny . all the best , Kenny
  21. I Like your tune . This is the type of groove I love to play over and listen to .. Crits ? nah , I'm digging the listen so far ...Oh wait on second thought if you ever do the 17 min version I want to play on that one ... Kenny
  22. This may be the first song of yours that I have given a listen to. Overall yeah , nice one . Love the first time the arpeggio synth comes in . As I listen I find your tune has 2 things going on that elevate it in my mind . 1, it has a visual vibe to it , in sections I found myself placing mental images to your music . 2, Some of your melodies and parts of your songs arrangement have hinted along an Epic type of Musical Vibe ...Thematic in Nature I suspect that you could probably do some tweaks to your instrument choices and arrangement to flesh out a few rather nice off spring's and variations of this song . As far as some of the other things mentioned.... the cymbals and all ....I would only consider that to be putting sprinkles on what you have here ...for some people that may be enough ... At some point I would urge you to rerecord this song using as many real musicians as you can enlist to collab w you ....sort of thing you do when the time is right . The Sax , Bass , and Drum parts played by real players w chops could easily bring your tune a number of notch s over the top . Another thing to consider is your song could also use some rhythm gtr and drama based melodic doubling of the sax melody w guitar .. keys or both .... Someone mentioned any vocal planed ? that person gave you good advice to consider ... BTW I do know my feedback may be out of reach conceptually at the moment ...we all do the best we can with what we have . To me your tune sounds like you work alone . That is why I'm suggesting you consider my suggestions at a future date .... Wouldn't you want your music to represent and take on the momentum of metamorphosing itself into a vehicle of self expression that includes becoming a part of something much more greater than yourself ? I know I would .... I did enjoy the listen . all the best Kenny
  23. hi erwic , thanks man . Hi kakku , I'm glad you like what I'm playing on the guitar with this tune . Back in the day I knew how to play like this , the thing is it took a number of years for me to get here where I could do so effortlessly . The main difference after all the time has passed is being able to play within a zone where I have a lot of extra chops on Tap ... Thanks for the song listen . Kenny
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