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  1. Great, thanks again scook ... I'm going to try to record a few songs using this approach and look forward to hearing the results.
  2. Thanks scook ... that makes sense for sure! If I assign the tracks the way you suggest, will the panning I've setup in the Studio-Capture be lost once I receord; ie. would the panning be hard left on track 1 and hard right on track 2 when recorded and I would have to redo the panning in Cakewalk?
  3. Hi everyone - I am fairly new to using Cakewalk and have a question around setting-up my Roland Studio-Capture. I use the Roland to drive my drum mics and currently have 7-mics plus 2-overheads each being fed into the Roland unit. I am using USB to hook up the Roland unit to Cakewalk via my laptop. I want to record each mic on a separate track so i can manage EQ and possibly effects based on individual drum needs but can't figure out how to configure Cakewalk to do this. The closest I can get is assigning a stereo pair from the Roland to a track in Cakewalk (e.g. mic's 1&2, mic's 3&4, mic's 5&6, etc...) but not individual mic's to a track (mic 1 or 2 or 3 or 4...). I've pasted a screen-shot of what this looks like below... So this could be a newbie question; but does anyone know how to split these pairs up? I've searched the Roland documentation and can't figure it out. I'm not sure if it would need to be done on the Roland unit, or in Cakewalk, or (hoping not) if it's not possible period. Thanks in advance for any help with this! Ray
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