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  1. No, still a missing feature - It won't be added to CbB as that's it now. You will have to hope it gets added to Sonar ( or change DAW )
  2. They will because kids now have grown up with Google and Youtube and social media, they can easily find free stuff . Trust me I have 3 kids aged 15 -22 . This stuff comes naturally to them. When I started out the only way you found out stuff was by reading Sound On Sound magazine as there was no internet. There is more funtionality in the Pro-Channel alone than I had in my first studio, plus there are hundreds of free plugins literally. I don't think we need to bloat the installer with even more. Nope. When I started out I had hardware synths and FX units and Cakewalk was just a sequencer which I slaved to my ADAT. Then I got Waves once I got a PC that was fast enough to handle audio plugins, so I never really used anything bundled as it was not very good compared to other stuff I had at the time. Z3ta was pretty good when it came out but other than that I've not really used any bundled stuff.
  3. IDK , I mean if they are free then why not just let people that want want them go downlod them directly. I've got hundreds of plugins both free and paid , I don't really want a bunch of extras - I hardly ever use any of the bundled stuff.
  4. Was filling in a survey and surprised to see Cakewalk not even mentioned in the survey list. Surely there must be a huge user base, I can't see a DAW like Bitwig having more users than Cakewalk. Part of me thinks because it's been free for 5yrs it's been marginalised to the extent we are considered also-rans. I hope this changes when the new Sonar is released. My controller keybaord for example has presets for most DAWs except Cakewalk which is annoying.
  5. Crikey ! That is really wide, don't think I could cope with the curve personally 😃 - Glad you like it though. Are you using the 2 Octave keyboard to activate keyswitches ? I have one sat around that used to be my main keyboard back in teh day but I migrated to 61 keys As I've gradually gotten into Kontakt I was thinking if I could use it for that purpose
  6. I'm all in - Do we get a bounty if we find any bugs 😉
  7. Hopefully the new console view will be more flexible with the move to a vector based GUI - In theory you should be able to have it re-size iteslf tto best fit the screen / window. I have 3 but I use them all in landscape. You have made me wonder if I should the two smaller ones on the outise it portait mode like you have them Obviously it's a more natural fit for documents, I'm wondering if there is any benefit with things like Kontakt that I use a lot
  8. I have a template now with it set but sometimes I don't use that template and forget
  9. When can we buy such a thing ! 🤑 ( or at least Beta Test it )
  10. I can agree that a more fully featured Track Manager that can be docked etc if you wish would be an improvement
  11. I think it's just a case of applying so much heavy correction that it starts to sound screwy. Best to use any of these tools sparingly and finesse it manually, but If you use it on auto with a high degree of processing there will inevitably be unwanted side effects and weird artifacts.
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