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  1. I agree with dubdisciple that it's good but the drums don't hit hard enough for this genre. The kick needs a lot more level and punch...try layering multiple kicks and then side-chaining the backing track to duck out of the way of the kick on every hit.
  2. Me too ? But I've not really used any other DAWs enough to compare
  3. The FX bin is way too small to show a large amount of plugins Undocking the Browser and floating it to where you want , then pressing B when you want to call it up, B again to hide it..is much quicker trust me
  4. It's already very easy in Cakewalk ? ..real time clip
  5. You wanted a faster way to find plugins..Cakewalk already gave you one, and I merely showed you the quickest way to use it. Whether you choose to incorporate that workflow or not is up to you but it might help another user that comes across this post
  6. The Browser method was added when they moved to the Skylight Interface in so it's a much newer workflow than the original method of Inserting FX by right clicking an FX bin which goes right back to the old Cakewalk Pro Audio line of the 90s. The old method is fine if you don't have many plugins but it's not as fast when you have hundreds of them. Learning the shortcut open it up becomes second nature after a while. I am not sure why you think yo have to move away from the project when you don't. Don't just take my word for it , read what the pro's say - Here is a cutting from the Sound on Sound review of X1
  7. Hopefully this is a sign that it's on the CBB radar - I can't imagine they want users to migrate to the full DAW and then have major features missing
  8. This is already requested here in multiple threads
  9. I'm not the one suggesting things that already exist
  10. Press B and it goes away..press again it comes back
  11. PS Did you see that even the Bandlab App got a sampler last week ? https://blog.bandlab.com/introducing-bandlab-sampler/
  12. No, seems more stable than ever here - I remember with old Sonar certain actions used to make it crash, i.e. whenever I used the reverse audio function it was 50-50 as to whether it was gonna fall over. Gotta say those days seem gone here.
  13. What is your other hand doing 😀 Maybe don't answer but if you're Righty the 'home' position of your left hand would be resting on the D ? ASDF-Space thumb. At least that's how I was taught to type
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