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  1. I think there is a previous request for this somewhere or at least it's been mentioned is request for updates to Skylight or longer faders or 4k support
  2. Well Mac are going ARM so the whole thing would need recompiling
  3. Yes, it's every track almost for me so it's something I deal with daily I agree, it's difficult to complain about something that's a professional tool but is actually FREE . But...time moves on, production methods evolve and wrokflows need updating to reflect this. Virtual Instruments never even existed when I first used Cakewalk. Now they are 80% of the tracks I make. Maybe with such a small Dev team behind Cakewalk now it's not feasible to expect the DAW to not be playing catch up with the competition.
  4. Yes it's great to be able to share 3rd party keyswitch assignments too. Also the benefit of how all the key switches are not affected by editing the midi part i.e. if adding an arpeggiator or transposing the part. This is a way neater solution.
  5. To be honest I was holding back what I really wanted to say.
  6. Did you see that Studio One 5 just added articulation lanes. I would love this feature in CBB
  7. No it wouldn't . It would just be more bloatware that many would never use. There's a whole world of instruments out there from free to those costing many hundreds for those that need them. There's no need to be bundling more junk with the installer.
  8. Thanks, I understand that Sunburst will continue and finish it's phrase depending on the setting but I'm talking about Libraries that should stop the phrase immediately but don't under the above conditions, they carry on as if the slip edited note were still present until I go into the the PRV and shorten the note length manually.
  9. When slip editing midi clips I've come to notice something now that I use more phrase based Kontakt Libraries Phrase Libraries are often played with very long midi notes that can stretch for many bars but what often happens is during editing , if the original midi note overhangs the end of the slip edited clip the phrase library will continue playing regardless. I don't know how it works in other DAWs but I would expect it to stop whether I'd shortened the note within the PRV or edited the clip in the track view. I expect that it's not receiving a midi note off message as the end of it is now in some unknown nether world and never gets triggered. It is a PITA though when using these Libraries and concocting endings of of parts you've pasted from other section etc.
  10. Never come across any of the issues mentioned in the OP, and I'm on 2020.05 ( Build 039 64bit ) with Win 10 Home V. 1909 OS build 18363.900. Just an off the shelf PC, not a purpose built DAW machine. Maybe format the whole machine and do a clean install of everything.
  11. True. The funny thing is when FL & Ableton came out Cakewalk was a far more mature product , those other programs almost seemed like cute toys in comparison. I've said it before but Cakewalk seems to be the DAW of choice for guitar playing Dad's ....whilst the cool kids are all off making hip hop beats and EDM on other platforms because it's easier with the tight tools. Whilst the Pro's or the wannbe Pro's are all using Logic or PT which aren't really better than CBB but have traditional strongholds. When was younger I had to move from Music-X to Cakewalk as the Amiga platform was becoming a dead end, and I hated it at first as it was so lame in comparison but it got better and better whilst Music-X ceased to be developed and then there came a time in the late 90s -early 2000's when almost everyone I knew who made music used Cakewalk who made music outside of a Pro Studio. It felt like it was the most popular DAW for the home studio user. So how did it fail ? Well I think powers that be maybe didn't see the way the music industry was heading. The explosion of electronic music , the domination of Hip Hop. Other platforms were just better positioned to attract that audience. Easier to make music with, geared towards different production workflows. Nowadays most people I know don't use Cakewalk although there are still some die-hards like me. However I think Bandlab are in a good position to re-establish Cakewalk as a real contender. They have 18 million users on their App apparently ! So there is a built in audience for those wanting to take their productions to the next level. I really thought that by now some bigger moves would have happened on this front. Bandlab has attracted many users because of it's slick GUI, ease of use, collaborative features and of course it's free , lightweight and runs on most anything. If they can rework CBB into more like Pro version of Bandlab and include the tools wanted by modern producers I think they could reign supreme once again.
  12. This. I thought it was something I was doing wrong, it's just easier to bypass all FX to be honest
  13. Seem like a waste of time and resources to me. Those that want to use them can ....I think I tried them like once or twice 20 yrs and they are long consigned to the FX bin of forgetfulness. There are way better plugins out there nowadays for those who need them so giving them a makeover seems a bit redundant
  14. Did you try just dragging the end of the clip to where you want the song to end ?
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