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  1. Thanks Noel So I'm writing instrumental cues for Music Libraries , maybe 2 or 3 tracks per week. Mostly midi ..the odd live part on occasion. Generally they end up in things like TV reality shows and such like. I don't actually use take lanes, I tend to record one midi pass and if it's wrong I undo it and record it again until it's close enough to keep or tweak in the PRV. I still have my projects set to the " Sound On Sound " recording option rather than comping. The clips I am muting are usually the only take, so to have them disappear by default is a bit disconcerting. I want to know they are still there as I may unmute a bit later into the process or move them elsewhere. When putting a track together there can be a lot of moving parts and the ability to quickly mute a clip but still have it visible is important to my workflow.
  2. Same issue & fix here. I have never unchecked it so something must have changed in this new version
  3. Thank you . It's a gift. No need to Google them ....already used and deleted them way before Google was around. Why clutter the DAW with dead formats. Do you also want a bounce to Minidisk setting ?
  4. Yeah but if they still wanna use soundfonts ..I say let them, I can't imagine they've aged well
  5. Lol...I think I tried 'em once in like the 90s...seriously I thought they were a dead format
  6. I don't understand what you are trying to achieve and I make electronic music all the time for music libraries for TV etc. including EDM
  7. Big +1 for this I use the velocity midi plugin quite a bit , it's really handy to constrain the velocity range of a virtual instrument especially some Kontakt libraries where velocity can trigger a different articulation. At the moment I bounce the midi clips to one entire clip and drop it in there
  8. No worries ! Glad it worked for you. I've stopped using Lenses ( or Workspaces ) they seem to cause more issues than they solve
  9. I've set up the exclusions in Bitfender - the default Cakewalk folder on my C : drive as well as my Project folder and Samples folder which are each on their own drives. There seems to be a drastic reduction in CBB hard pagefaults - Successs ! I also switched back to Threadscheduling 2 although it's seemed to be working well for me since one of the more recent updates. I've not ran the test for as long as before but it would seem LatencyMon is much happier now too. I ran a typical project with about 15-16 VSTi's ( mainly Kontakt Libraries ) and all my mix plugins running at 128 samples and although there is one spot where it drops a buffer or two it plays well.
  10. I've been tweaking my system as I've just replaced an Nvidia GT710 which was the driver with the DPC highest latency on my system with an RX550 instead. I'm getting better results now but I noticed I still have a high number of hard pagefaults. I left CBB playing a project on a loop for a couple of hours whilst LatencyMon was running My system is: Ryzen 3900x - 32gb DDR 3600 - 500gb NVME Boot Drive ( CBB install on it too ) - 1TB SDD for projects etc - Audient ID4 interface - Win 10 2004 ( updated to latest everything today as part of install ) - CBB version 2020-09 Build 006 64bit ( set to agressive thread scheduling 3 ). All drivers up to date - Also running Bitfenderand and Sonarworks Systemwide All onboard audio disabled in BIOS and Device Manager. Does anyone know why so may Hard Pagefaults would occur, it's not like I'm low on ram - there was still around 18gb free whilst this test was running I'm wondering if my AV software is causing an issue ?
  11. Hey Max I only know about it because a few years back I was helping someone who moved to ProTools from X2 ( he was doing a degree course so he had no choice ) and it was a way of being able to use some of his old cakewalk plugins on the new DAW. So after it was all done I didn't personally have any use for it apart from the odd time I went round to help with stuff. Never used it in a live scenario. I have AKAI VIP which is great for accessing all your instruments under once interface and layering/stacking them so that might be worth look but again I don't play live so it's not my use case sorry.
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