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  1. Hey Folks Because I make so much music I'm all about the workflow, so over time I've added my own macros and shortcuts to my Streamdeck to make up for some things I feel CBB is missing that save me time. The one I use the most is whilst in the Track View is : " Transpose Up or Down one octave " - I made one button for each. Just select the clip and hit the button. Boom. Done. I find this super handy, it works on midi & audio and my workaround is basically a macro of : Process-Transpose- with +/- 12 semitones which then hits OK. It is way faster than doing it manually as it only takes a split second for the macro to complete, but it allows you to quickly try parts in different octaves and is especially handy during arranging for midi strings and pianos etc. or doubling orchestral part that need to be in different octaves. There is already a shortcut for Process-Transpose that can be bound to a key but this takes it one step further by going up or down an octave PS - I know it can be octave shifted in the PRV but I am talking about just in the Track View to save time. Whilst I can happily use it on my own streamdeck I think if this could be incorporated as a keybinding option a lot more folks would make good use of it.
  2. That is very similar to what I was thinking, I already use an arranger track just to to label chord changes along the timeline. Having skimmed the entire thread again I've noticed nobody else really gave Noel much of an answer when he asked about how people would actually use it. There seems to be a lot of talk about extracting chord info from pre-existing audio/midi rather than using it to create the chord track in the first place which would seem more important to me.
  3. Folders are just a way of visually organising tracks, and one of the main benefits IMHO is that they can easily contain tracks that are routed to multiple destinations but are still grouped together. Having a different type of folder that behaves differently such as Aux Folder just muddys the waters for me. Folders shouldn't be deciding where the audio is routed. You can already send every track in a folder to a new destination in a couple of clicks, just click the folder, go to tracks, and choose 'selected track outputs ' and choose it from the drop-down. I'm not at my DAW machine right now so I'm not sure if that includes any Aux tracks but I often use it to send folder tracks to a Bus , so I imagine Aux tracks would show up too?
  4. Yeah it opens the album , track 3 is Chasing Cars
  5. I don't really think you can know until an album has been out for 20yrs if it's did the test of time. A few albums I liked back in the day of not aged well ! In no particular order: Violator - Depeche Mode The Bends - Radiohead Power, Corruption & Lies - New Order Together Alone - Crowded House The Marshall Mathers LP - Eminem Songs For The Road - David Ford Whatever People Say I Am That's What I'm Not - Artic Monkeys The Circus - Erasure Black Holes and Revelations - Muse Eyes Open - Snow Patrol
  6. Thanks for the explanation, yes I can understand how it would be helpful over and above the standard articulation keyswitches now. I don't have a fancy light up NKS keyboard but I do have 3 screens so I tend to have any Kontakt instruments open on screen 3 so I can glance up and check I'm using the the right note range or keyswitches. I can't always recall what some notes ranges do on certain instruments as they are so varied and It would be very handy to have them on the PRV if I chose to and having slept on it I think I would use quite regularly . This suggestion would really enhance workflow for Kontakt users such as myself and I am sure there are other use cases for it I haven't thought of , but I also like that it would have zero impact on anyone else and hopefully wouldn't require too much Dev time as it's really just enhancing something that already exists. We should ask @msmcleod what he thinks about this suggestion but it gets my vote.
  7. I think it's a good idea although although you could argue that for many Kontakt instruments we can now use the articulations pane so maybe there is is some crossover if you intend to mainly use it to identify keys-switches etc ? You would need a way to store it, so would you make an instrument definition for each Kontakt Library you own that could be recalled and included the custom note names and colours ? I like the suggestion in principle if it can be implemented.
  8. Not sure if this is already a thing - Please correct me if it is, but I was thinking life would be much easier if drag - copying an FX to another FX bin had the option bring any associated automation along with it . This would be handy when layering sounds etc. Maybe implement it with Shift+Ctrl+Drag which has some logical consistency with other operations
  9. It would be very nice if Noel and the whole could get the CLAP
  10. Yes but you have to weight them appropriately
  11. Yeah, they're not though. That's the issue.
  12. In my view you would effectively be using a "Track " as a "Track Folder " Take lanes have a different modus operandi...they exist to help us record multiple takes of a part so we can comp together something better than we could perhaps perform in a single take. I don't see any benefit in then treating it as though it was a track / track folder. We already have those.
  13. I don't use it other than a cursory play with it out of curiosity but I think it's a great idea to make it easier for any of these App based music makers to transition into the DAW world, Keep them in the eco-system
  14. I agree it would be nice to have but whilst we are waiting for something that may never arrive I can recommend Bluecat's Patchwork plugin for doing just that and more. https://www.bluecataudio.com/Products/Product_PatchWork/
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