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  1. And yet...... it sounds subjectively better written, performed and produced than most of the stuff in the songs forum here. Probably because it's trained on professionally produced music. Personally I don't think we're going to see human music replaced by AI music, but it will be another genre alongside all the others. Most people follow the artists/bands they like because they're invested not only in the music but in the person/people too. AI could write the best song in the world but if there's no human story or personality behind it listeners can't get as invested - I've followed some my favourite bands since the 80s &90s through all the ups and downs, breakups, comebacks etc. It's all part of the rich tapestry of their story which we connect with on a human level. What I predict will happen is we'll get a boom of novelty AI generated songs which lots of people will think is cool for a little while but once the novelty wears off it will become a bit same old, same old and people will naturally gravitate back to the actual artists they admire. Like someone said above if anyone can do it then there's no real value. Things have value that are scarce. If you commodetise it then it loses it's appeal. In my little niche of the industry some folks are worried that people writing background music for TV might get replaced by AI. I'm not overly worried myself for a number of reasons, some of them musical, some of them practical , some ethical, and some of them legisaltive but basically for an AI to do what I do would not be that straightforward and even if it could there are changes that would need to be made to the legal copyright framework to allow it to happen. More than one Production Music company that I write for have instigated a " No AI generated material " policy because there is a risk of someone being sued if an AI model spits out a hook that's close to another copyrighted work for example. Overall I think it will have it's little day in the sun and then once the novelty wears off we'll be back to business as usual but hopefully with some better tools to help us - not replace us. Mark ( Sync Producer with music in over 1K TV shows )
  2. The first music software I used was Type A Tune on the Vic 20 in 1982 https://www.computinghistory.org.uk/det/20923/VC-20 Type-a-Tune/ However the the first MIDI sequencer to use the paradigm of displaying notes that move left to right was likely the Fairlight CMI (Computer Musical Instrument) Series III, introduced in the early 1980s. This was one of the first digital audio workstations (DAWs) that included a graphical user interface for sequencing.
  3. I think it would help a lot if the drums and bass were playing in time together
  4. I've had stuff that's been viewed millions of times on Youtube and the royalties were under £10 so I don't think Bandlab are stealing your money
  5. Welcome to the new 2d realm where everything is flat
  6. My point is I don't want to pay for stuff I have no need for
  7. My conspiracy theory is the whole Bandlab membership is a ruse A soft launch marketing tactic, to test the waters and see how many new subscribers they can pick up. They will 100% already know that there's a whole swathe of users out there who want a perpetual licence and nothing else. My prediction is after a community backlash they will pivot into a dual model of subscription alongside a perpetual licence ( which will be more than the the sub ) to appease the masses and make themselves look good. And this will have been the plan all along. People always want something they can't have. It creates desire. It they launched both together they would sell less as there would be more apathy.
  8. My thoughts exactly - When I look at it it , it makes my eyes feel like my glasses need cleaning
  9. Not many I imagine. It's like owning a Swiss Army Knife and going to work with a toothpick
  10. To be honest a lot of it sounds better the dated stuff I've heard made in Cakewalk here.
  11. Yeah that's the Bandlab App , rather than Cakewalk/Sonar
  12. Seems like it's a big chunk of their customer base though
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