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  1. 4 Years on from my well reasoned request for an integrated sampler , and we don't have one yet Bandlab App does. You are risking losing those App users that want an upgrade path, I've said it many times that certain modern music genres are built around sample use and Cakewalk doesn't really cater for those users.
  2. Garbage is garbage no matter what the format, same applies to great music
  3. Most people can't write / arrange / record / mix to a level that outperforms 24/48 and if they can they're probably not using CBB
  4. I just drag & drop the midi to a new new track, then keep it all organsed in a track folder but I have agreed on previous similar posts that some way of routing one midi track to multiple destinations would be very beneficial.
  5. You could always add your lyrics to the lyrics section in CBB
  6. Seems baltantly obvious to me. Where else did you think it would come from ?
  7. I think this is a case of PEBCAK rather than anything being amiss with CBB. "Entire Mix" doesn't mean the same thing as "Entire Project "..this is where people go wrong
  8. Many mix issues are actually arrangement issues at heart. Tip 1. Don't use panning as an excuse to avoid proper arrangement. It's much easier to judge if your parts are masking each other if you listen in mono. Try it and it should be easier to balance everything properly. if you're not sure about best practice to properly arrange a piece there are some decent videos on Youtube that will help you. Tip 2. If you feel there is a mix issue not sure what it is the mute button is your friend. Try muting things one at a time until the track sounds clearer. It might be a part, or an effect such as the reverb that is causing most of the problems. Once you've identified it then it becomes much easier to tackle. Tip 3. On these types of track always EQ your reverb returns otherwise it sound like the track is swimming in it and the verb will be masking the low end. Some sort of high pass filter around 200-300hz on the reverb buss should do it. The built in Pro Channel EQ is ideal for this. Tip 4. Referencing. It's massivley helpful ( and free ) to use reference tracks to inform your mix decisions. You can use a plugin like Metric AB that makes this easier or you can just import them directly into CBB and route them the main output but being able to go from your mix to a pro mix in the same genre can really help you get closer.
  9. Thanks I've rolled it back to 2022.09 which I was using previously and the issue still persisted. So perhaps it's not the update. I've already delivered several tracks this month with multiple mixes / stems with 2022.09 so I know it was fine until very recently. Next I went into the preferences, did a check of everything and tried a " Reset Config To Defaults " and happily this seems to have cured it. I don't 100% recall what my old settings were but I do know I was using the aggressive thread processing as I have a 12 core / 24 thread processor but it's been a long time since I'd changed to that and it's been fine all this time. Re-updated to 2022.11 and it's exporting as normal now too.
  10. Urban Pacification Mix 2.mp3 This is Mix 2 for my above post , bounced in real-time and sounding as expected. It seems to affect all export formats, whether that's MP3s or Wav or AIFF
  11. HELP. My exports are coming out weird since I did the update. At first I assumed it was a plugin as it's usually the case but I ran a mix with all the plugins bypassed and the issue persisted. Please see attached file Urban Pacification Mix 1 to hear the issue. The only way around it seems to be to export a mix in real time , I did an audible mix and it was fine. Please see attach Urban Pacification Mix 2 for the same track bounced in real time with no issues. These are my settings for the attached with the only difference being the real-time audio bounce option selected for mix 2 Urban Pacification Mix 1.mp3
  12. Yeah but it's madness on a typical project with 50 - 100 plugins on. I don't think that's an excessive amount. When you don't know what's causing it you have to open the project multiple times, wade through the the yes/no stuff per plugin and hope to disable the one that's causing the issue. If you guess wrong you have to go through this painful process again. And again. And again. I've had to do it 40-50 times in the past just to find out the bad plugin, It's insanity it really is.
  13. Just a screen where I could tick or untick which plugins in the project to load would be a huge benefit over having to laboriously say yes or no one by one
  14. I'm not proud, so long as they pay the sync fee I'm good.
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