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  1. Good idea, you could possibly add it to the Browser or Inspector maybe ?
  2. Haha yeah , makes ROFL at all the Intel fanboys on here warning against using AMD
  3. I used to run CBB as Administrator ( as recommended on some audio forums ) but it prevented a plugin called Captain Keys from performing the same drag & drop midi operation. Might be worth looking into.
  4. If you read any of the articles in SOS from these big name pro producers , there's often compression on the way in when it's recording , then one or two at the track level , then also on the master buss and then it gets mastered.
  5. Many highly regarded mixers use a compressor on the 2buss. I use two on mine and a limiter and sometimes a MB limiter so I guess you can call that 3 or for layers of compression on the Master Buss. I think where most amateur mixers go wrong is piling too much of it on, it's more like a coat of varnish to add little vibe & thickness not necessarily squash all the dynamics the mix. Some compressors add a nice tone even if they aren't compressing. So they are more like an effect / fairy dust than a means of level control.
  6. The reason it sounds different on each set of earbuds / speakers is because you have mixed it on equipment that does not sound flat enough. This is why we spend not insubstantial amounts of money on quality monitoring and acoustic room treatment. So that when mixes leave our own speakers they still sound good on others. It can be a long and expensive road to get your equipment and mixing skills up to broadcast quality, thankfully it's cheaper now than ever. But you still gotta invest.
  7. What ? I think the Multidock is great, I keep it full screen on my 2nd monitor with always open Console and PRV etc.
  8. It seems to be working okay here although I'd need to use for longer to make sure. Not quite sure if the scores below are an improvement or not but it plays okay ( 12 core Ryzen 9 3900x ) 30 track project with 20 instances of Kontakt running various Libraries and a couple of other VSTI's and about a dozen mix plugins Fully loaded project @ 256 sample buffer on ThreadScheduling Model 2 Same project with Threadscheduling Model 3
  9. Use Ryzen master to run a stress test. According to mine the the temp limit on my AMD CPU is 95 degrees C Stress test took it to 76. Normal heavy Cakewalk project temp is hovering around the mid 50's ..that's with the stock air cooler and no o/c CBB doesn't cause the temps to ramp up especially
  10. I tell you what I'd find useful ( and I am half hoping someone will tell me it can already be done ) A quick way of duplicating midi notes either an octave above or below the current selection. I know you can select and CTRL-SHFT and move the mouse up or down 12 semitones to do it but just a single press of a key or two would be great. This is especially handy when you are working with orchestral parts as you quite often double them in the arrangement.
  11. I asked the same somewhere around these parts, apparently you can't because the ASIO buffer settings are outside of Cakewalk ( and other DAWs ) control..all it does is launch your ASIO software when you change the buffer size in Preferences. I don't even bother changing it within Cakewalk any more, I just go straight to my audio interface's asio settings in the systray and Cakewalk jseems to deal with it.
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