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  1. I have never been offended by anyone in my life because there is nothing they could say that would ever bother me
  2. I mean look how far I would need to scroll to reach Waves VEQ ??? and mine are pretty organised
  3. I know so I used 8.5 for a decade which has no Browser. It's fine in 2001 when you've got 100 plugins...20 years later it's not really much use
  4. You must have a hellishly low resolution set on your mouse
  5. Not when it's buried 700 plugins away
  6. Which is exactly what the browser is ......
  7. Nothing crazy. 2 x 24" - only about £100 each these days I doubt there's any CPU Ram implications of having the browser open, it's probably open in the background anyway even if you've hidden it....I mean you can even float the smegging thing wherever you want and use the B shortcut to bring it up.
  8. Stating Facts. It's quicker. One keypress (b) to open / close the browser and for instruments you can double click and not drag to insert them. If I had to use the old menu I doubt I could be arsed to use my Zynaptique plugins . Jesus.
  9. Browser is way quicker if you have a lot of plugins
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