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  1. They are just right for me on the time ruler..I guess it depends on your screen size etc. This new font seems too big though like a crazy kindergarten font
  2. I think you set it up different to me but I'm not in my studio at the moment
  3. First thing I noticed is the font on the PRV Folder tracks looks huge !
  4. Cheers, nice one. I managed to get the transport controls to work under ACT
  5. Seems a bit overkill to me - I do add Project notes but I can't say I've ever wished I had a note on something on something at clip level.
  6. I have just bought the 61 key version of this new controller keyboard range. They include a bunch of presets to control various DAWs ( PT , MPC, Ableton, Reason, Cubase, Garageband , FL Sydio, Reaper, Bitwig, Logic , S1) but no Cakewalk or Sonar option. I've downloaded the editor software for it but I'm not really that clued up on this side of stuff. Does anyone have any thoughts on how I might get this working with CBB ?
  7. I just looked at a competed project, with about 30 tracks, 40 active plugins, most of the VSTi's have been bounced for archiving though, this is a screengrab at 128 sample buffer, although I'd have to run this at 256 to not have any late bufers. It's not popping or crackling though.
  8. I have bought one of the new M-Audio Oxygen Pro Series which comes with presets built in for many DAWs that you can select from an onboard menu and it maps the controllers but not for CBB - Is there any chance this will ever happen ?
  9. The new M Audio Oxygen Pro range supports all sorts of DAWs natively to map controllers but Cakewalk is not on the list
  10. I find as I pile on the plugins , although my PC can deal with it at a low latency setting the latency seems to build up i.e. If I need to add a new part using a VSTi when I'm near the end of my mix and I've got say 10 VSTi's & 50 - 60 plugins running ..even though I might be running my buffer at 128 samples , latency is introduced which was not noticable before I adding my mix plugins. I work around it by disabling the FX , recording my midi part, and re-enabling my FX. Is this normal ? As it kinda sucks, I though having a more powerful PC would let me do this without having to disable stuff. I tried using the PDC button which sort of worked but then all my newly recorded midi notes were out of sync upon playback, even though I played them in time.
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