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  1. Have you ran DPC Latency Monitor ? Is it only happening with certain plugins ? Have you disable all plugins ( shortcut E ) and then tried re-enabling them one by one ? Nvidia drivers are notorious for causing spikes in DPC latency
  2. Here is a photo of the basic top layer of commands I've set up for Cakewalk. These are all the commands I use most personally Some of them will lead to a different level i.e. the PRV button will be a folder with different buttons inside for editing.
  3. It may not cost any more from a system builder company local to you. Actually it's not that hard these days compared to what it used to be.
  4. I guess it depends how quiet you need it for what you're doing. Personally I don't record a lot of live parts but if I do this off the shelf machine is fine . It 's not silent but it's not loud either, no louder than distant traffic or the central heating boiler. It's fine for stuff like vocals and strummy acoustic guitar that I record..you can't hear any noise. I mainly make electronic music or working with Kontakt instruments but If I was recording a delicate nylon guitar part then sure it's something I might need to deal with damping the noise down some more. YMMV I guess depending on use case. I'm not advocating a DIY build either, although I'm perfectly capable ( I sold PC's for 10yrs as my job ) I just got this new machine and it's running like a champ but it wasn't expensive for what it is - here is the link to the page..it would have cost £400 - 500 more from somewhere like Scan as a dedicated DAW build. Guessing I would have got a more expensive mobo - case - PSU and maybe GPU but honestly I don't feel I need them and I spent the money saved on a new Audio interface and streamdeck. https://www.awd-it.co.uk/elite-amd-ryzen-9-3900x-4.6ghz-twelve-core-ddr4-business-and-home-pc-system.html I put the details in the Ryzen thread and how it's working now I got it all set up.
  5. This would be great for deliverables ! Personally I have amended the default export ' Entire Mix ' and saved over it with my own preferred settings ( 24bit 48k )
  6. I agree with your sentiment but the site linked seems really expensive for what it is to me ? Coffee Lake is 2 yrs old now and to be honest the Ryzen 3000's have ripped Intel a new one and rewritten the value proposition over the past 6-9 months.
  7. I have had this happen again on my new PC ! Luckily I figured out a workaround. Click the little square to the right of the folder + or - button to select all tracks, then press H to hide them and then in the dialogue box tick to make them visible again the folder Expand / Collapse function returns to normal...Huzzah ! I have no idea what's caused it though
  8. How much is reasonable budget ? I just bought a PC off a system builder that I've detailed in the link below. It was around £800 and probably about the best bang for buck I could have gotten, and I've been monitoring prices and performance and new processor launches for about 18 months so I've done lots of research. If you want to spend less a Ryzen 3700 is great value for how well they perform. AMD is outshining Intel by quite some margin with this latest generation so much so that the i5 / i7 9th gen don't really make much sense at the moment by comparison. Processor aside the must haves I would say are:- SSD Drives - For Windows, all your programs , stuff like Kontakt Libraries etc..go for as much as you can afford and just use the old style HDD's for samples or backups etc 16gb ram - Think this is a minimum now. GPU - Intergrated is fine for DAW use. The basic one in mine works and causes no DPC latency even though it's a pretty lowly £30 card - I don't play games or edit videos or I would need a better one. 500w PSU & stock cooler should be fine if you don't want to overclock Win 10 - If you don't have a licence part of the cost of an off the shelf is the licence for it. You can get Win 10 licenses cheaply elsewhere if you can buy without an OS. I ordered mine without and it still came installed , just without an activation code which I got for peanuts. Saved me £120 Stuff like HP & Dell often use their own custom parts with weird connectors, so if for example you wanted to upgrade the PSU down the line you might be stuck. So I would try to use a company that builds PCs , most of them seem geared towards gaming now but they'll often have a bunch of ' Office PCs' listed and the better ones of those are where I saw the most suitable machines for my needs.
  9. Some Kontakt Libraries have CC controllers for expression / volume which are being reset by Cakewalk when playback stops. If you go into Edit - Preferences - Midi - Other Options and untick the box that says ' Zero Controllers When Playback Stop' This should resolve your first issue. IIRC this is a per project setting so if you start a new project you'll need to do it again. Hoe that helps
  10. Got mine up and running now. My Ryzen system is much more 'budget' than @MediaGary ! 😀 So my system is:- Ryzen 3900x 16gb DDR4 3600 512 Samsung Polaris NVME 1TB Samsung Evo SSD 2 x 2 TB Spinning Rust 7200 Maxtor HDD's Gigabyte B450M H Mobo Nvidia Gforce 710 2gb Windows 10 Home Update : 1909 Audio Interface : Audient ID4 Other : StreamDeck : Intuos Tablet : MAudio Oxygen 61 : Sonarworks Reference 4 ; Adam A7's : Avantone Mixcube The PC itself was £800 without an OS from a system builder not far away that sells online a lot. Mainly gaming PCs. I upgraded from a 10yr old £600 unbranded PC off Amazon. Intel i5 2500 - 16gb DDR 2100 - 240gb SSD - Old Radeon passive GPU -Plus the same Maxtor Drives that had mostly ran Sonar 8.5 for the majority of it's life until this past year. I write for Music Libraries in my spare time and I do get royalties off stuff that's been used in TV shows, mostly reality. So it will get used in a semi-pro capacity but I'm not running huge orchestral set ups or anything. My music is mostly EDM - Future Bass - plus some trailer like stuff that gets used in certain TV shows, hybrid electronic/orchestral. I mostly use stuff like Massive - Serum - Dune2 - AD2 - Plus a bunch of Kontakt Libraries like most of Output's stuff , Albion One, Damage ..that sort of thing. A typical track for me would be approx 10 x Kontakt instruments, 5 x synths, some Drums and 10-15 audio tracks containing any live instruments or samples. I use maybe 40-50 FX Plugins for mixing a project of that size. I don't master in CBB. So the track I was working on when I swapped machines was fairly typical, I was able to run it at 128 samples on the Audient's ASIO driver setting. I've not quite finished it but the CPU usage is hovering around the 35-40% on the CBB meters. It would have been impossible to run barely anything at 128 on my old machine , I was halfway through when I switched and I'd already had to set the old machine at 1024 samples but it was stuttering even at that so all projects used to end up at 2048 samples and lots of track freezing. It's great for me to still have a responsive system at 128 samples that can cope with a complete session with all the mix plugins. I can quite happily work at 256 samples and still play all my VSTi's in a way that feels responsive. So to answer the million dollar question is yes it's way more powerful than my old machine. I can't compare it to another modern PC as I don't have one. It's snappy to boot up , my old system was no slouch with it's SSD but this is just a few seconds instead 15-20 I am surprised how much I can do at 128 ASIO sample buffer size as that was identified as a weak point Vs the Intel chips in the Dawbench test I saw over at Scan, so I am looking forward to having the option to drop to 256 and have more horsepower to play with on bigger projects I haven't spent a lot of money but it far exceeds my current needs. No doubt over the years I will double the ram, add more storage etc. I doubt I'll change the motherboard though. DPC latency performance has been fine as well, much better than my old PC which according to the tests was not suitable for audio ! I ran the test for 5hrs a mix of general use and several hours working on my latest track, as you can see from the attached image it passed the tests with no issues. Actually it's the first time I've bought a PC that ran Sonar / Cakewalk properly straight outta the box. Last time i.e. 10 yrs ago I had to disable a temperature alarm in the Bios that was causing spikes and crackles. Overall super happy with it, I have left everything at the settings it came with - It looks like they have set the XMP profile in the BIOS already. It's running with the stock cooler BTW which I plan to leave as it's running at 40-50 degrees in use and I've no plans to overclock it. The ambient temperature in the room is 19-20 degrees usually. I will say it's not as quiet as my old machine , it's not loud at all and I can't hear it whilst mixing and I'm pretty sure it won't be loud enough to affect recordings which I make 6ft away but if you want something quieter you may have to go to a more specialized DAW bulder and not just off the shelf. Hope that helps anyone thinking of getting a Ryzen based machine for CBB
  11. I've set mine up with a few basic commands for now...can't get it to work for midi though at the moment ?
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