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  1. Software tends to adopt the old pardigms of recording hardware which is where a lot of the design features for DAWs are drawn from. On recording hardware things that tended to flash were because they were waiting for something to happen, and then went solid once it happened. i.e. on my original black face ADAT the LED above the play button flashes whilst it's reading the time code on the tape and once it knows where it is it goes steady because it's locked on to it. When you Record Arm a track or group of tracks they flash whiilst the machine is wating for you to hit Record and then they go steady. They do this with good reason though, recording to a tape based ADAT although digital is 100% destructive. You better be sure when you hit record because you'll overwrite whatever was previously there and it's never coming back. The flashing light is like a warning ...Are You Sure ?? As we also had to record with real mics and real instruments it was very different from recording into a DAW with virtual instruments. Being able to see which tracks were in record mode from a distance was helpful if whatever you were recording was across the room and using the remote to operate the recorder.
  2. I agree, more options and ways to make curves are needed not only for the tempo track but all automation types
  3. Fanstastic ! Where do I send the brown paper envelope full of used pound notes ?
  4. Thanks but I am talking specifically about the track view. When you're writing with orchestral templates of 50 -80 tracks it's the best screen for an overview i find.
  5. You work in I.T. it goes with the the terriotory Make it so ! I look forward to it in the next update !
  6. Ah right - that's why Thanks for clearing it up
  7. Guys, when I updated and was working on a new cue, I did something I often do " Replace Synth" I saw it had changed , and there were two options - Replace this synth only & Replace all instance of this synth ( or something to that effect ) I though..."cool" but I only needed to replace one synth ...however the next time I looked it had gone ?
  8. Correct me if I am missing a setting somewhere but when writing orchestral type stuff in particular you need to use a lot of CC events to give some realism to the strings etc. What I seem to end up with is a view like the below, where the event data is obscuring the notes. The notes are more important so my request is , can there be a way to put the CC events in the background instead of the foreground of the clip. Or alternative be able to show / hide the events on a per track basis ?
  9. I agree with the others. Unless you need a mobile studio a desktop machine is going to be more powerful, flexible and upgradable.
  10. Sonar 8.5.3 was fantastic, I used it for a decade and many of my TV tracks still in circulation were made with it. I still think it has a clearer yet more compact GUI. Not software X, but Music-X on the Amiga, it was a far superior sequencer than the Cakewalk of the time ( and in some ways it still is ) but the Amiga was a dying platform and 30 years later look where we are. Doing things in the box we couldn't have dreamed of in 1989. ( PS - I would love to hear the music produced by the musicians on obsolete platforms but I get impression it's not going to sound radically different than using any current gen software )
  11. Thanks, I was not understanding I needed to press shift as well. I seem to have the same as you now..the pan knobs work but they don't track all the way. A bit of an issue for my L-C-R mixing style 😃 I'm reasonably happy with the functionality I DO have now though, I am fast with shortcuts so Save - Undo etc wouldn't be used anyway. So long as I have transport and fader banks I think I'm good. Thanks again for your help.
  12. I have the Oxygen Pro 61 also , most things seem to be working but my pan pots don't seem to do anything at all ? But I do have working: Transport, Record , Loop , Faders, Bank Select - This is a much better situation than previously. I am not sure the Pads are doing anything so no : Pan - Device -Sens - Save Quantize - View - Undo...unless I am missing something ? It could be me. 😕 Anyway....a good step in the right direction. I would love it if Cakewalk could get to the point where it was like the MIDI Remote Integration Feature in Cubase 12 ( a guy can dream right ? )
  13. I seem to have had a number of crashes in this version or perhaps the last few versions, but basically it happens when working with clip gain sometimes it just completely dumps me out of the DAW.
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