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  1. I would like to see my most used plugins automatically populate a favourites list view
  2. I usually write for music libraries in my spare time, but I have to stay in a hotel all this next week so I am hoping to start a couple of tracks on the Bandlab Mobile App on my tablet to later finish them in Cakewalk when I get back. Has anyone else tried it ? Just interested as to how well it works. The actual App intself looks very well featured and slick. I'll be using it on Android most likely.
  3. +1 I would also like a global key change up and down..midi and audio
  4. When minismising certain windows like plugins or an undocked Console, when you minimise them they obscure other controls like the Inspector display options
  5. The crazy thing is there is some dead space immediately below where it is that could accommodate it without obscuring anything
  6. How about a hot button to pop up the Asio Panel ?
  7. Ok it's some sort of bug then as it doesn't happen that way with VSTi's I use Once the frozen audioclip is moved the unfreeze does not function My screen recording won't upload so it's here in my Dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/s/2l27ibpycrem6t6/Cakefreeze.gif?dl=0 TTS1 in a clean project functioned correctly as did Kontakt which displayed the issue in the project..I've certainly encountered it multiple times before.
  8. When you freeze a VSTi synth , if you move the resulting audio clip to another track you can't unfreeze the synth until you put it back where it came from. I don't know if this is by design or a bug but I'm often browsing through patches and stumble across thigs that might be useful as a layer so being able to freeze it and drag it to another track for later is useful. I realise you can work around this by copying but it just seems a little strange to me how it works currently. I would like to be able to move the audio clips created when freezing a track to wherever I choose without it stopping me unfreezing the synth. I think once the clip is moved from it's original position it should be free of it's parent midi data. You could leave a ghosted/muted midi clip behind in it's absence which would unmute again when unfrozen.
  9. I would like the ability to switch to betwwen different Profiles. i.e. 1. Low Latency..this switches the Soundcard to a pre-determined sample buffer size as set by the user in the preferences i.e. 256 samples is good for me when working with midi instruments 2. Max performance..this would switch the Soundcard to a higher latency mode i.e. 2048 samples which is better for mixing The abilty to jump quickly between thse profiles would be handy, I often get 75% through a project and then decide it needs a new part that I have to play in but I have to go into the Preferences and then into my sound card ASIO settings as I will have a lot of plugins and virtual instruments running and have had to crank up the latency. Then I record my my additional part, and have to then change it all back again to continue with my mix.
  10. Yes probably about 30 or so I only use the default Basic Project Template when I start a new track but I've never even tried a track template to be honest..except maybe once in Version 6 or whenever they came out. It seems be working okay now I changed that setting though thanks ..Just did whole track where it was fine
  11. This seems to have helped thanks, the current project isn't exhibiting the same symptoms. I will test it going forward as I'm making new tracks every few days
  12. Easy Start Track...Name Track....Work To Deadline ( i.e. 1 week )...Finish it...Move On To The Next No folder full of ideas...just finished tracks
  13. I have found every project has done it for as long as I can remember..at least to Pro Audio 9 ... have 900+ plugins
  14. This has been an issue as long as I can recall. If you export your mix at the point where audio/midi starts, it's never clean...there's alway some kind of glitch/crackle/dropped note etc. Many folks just work around it. i.e have the track start later down the timeline , say bar 5 ..and when making the export selection have it start a 16th early thus avoiding any glitchy-ness. I don't use other DAWs but I have had my ProTools and Logic using friends tell me this isn't an issue for them, it just bounces out as expected..no glitches Can this be fixed? So we can start the counce at any point in the track without glitches. Some sort of pre-roll buffer ?
  15. I don't mind the new behaviour, My idea woud be to have the ESC key as a universal deselect shortcut - I don't think it's used for anything else and is easy to find without releasing the mouse for righties.
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