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  1. CosmicDolphin

    Please add "End of Song" functionality

    No, to be fair it's been this way for many years and I have just learned to work around it and never really thought very deeply about how it occurs..I used 8.5 for about 9 yrs and that also did it.
  2. CosmicDolphin

    Redundant Midi Tracks?

    Me too, never had an issue..also use Kontakt as a one instrument only plugin..just load more instances if I have more instuments
  3. CosmicDolphin

    Anyone Else Having Track Folder Issues ?

    I'll have to try it on my next project as those are all finished and backed up for the publisher..hopefully no edit notes will come back. Will see if I can replicate it on the current cue
  4. CosmicDolphin

    Anyone Else Having Track Folder Issues ?

    it happened with 2 projects but they were both fine when I stopped using the lens I produce a couple of tracks each week so they were made in the latest version entirely , I've finished them now as the deadline was the end of April.
  5. CosmicDolphin

    Anyone Else Having Track Folder Issues ?

    The global lens at the top right. It was one I had made myself a while back Sounds like the same glitch as you had though
  6. I was about to say try setting the Lens to None ..i have had trouble with track folders when using my lens I made..everything goes a bit screwy
  7. I use Track Folders all the time but I noticed that there seemed to be some weird glitch with them recently Folders not responding to the + or - button and tracks that were in folders appearing that they were outside the folder I was trying various things to stop it happening as I had work to do and a deadline tomorrow, when I found it was something to do with the Lens I was using. I'd flipped to my own Lens at some point toward the end of the project and when I switched back to "None" the weird folder behaviour returned to normal.
  8. CosmicDolphin

    Intel is pricey

    I am still using an i5 2500 and only switched from 8.5 when CBB was launched. Think I can still go a couple more years, definitely got good value from Intel. I've made just over 90 pieces of music since CBB came out ( for TV Libraries ), having an older processor doesn't really slow me down. Some track freezing here and there, maxing out my latency during mixdown all help. I'll probably go for an i7 when I do eventually upgrade.
  9. CosmicDolphin

    Ability to drag/arrange tabs in the Multidock

    Me too ! I just want things how I want them 😎 Hopefully it would not be a massive issue to make them movable , after all it's something we are used to being able to do in other software like Web Browser that we use daily
  10. CosmicDolphin

    Ability to drag/arrange tabs in the Multidock

    Yes but they are still locked to a certain order even so
  11. CosmicDolphin

    Ability to drag/arrange tabs in the Multidock

    Because when you have a lot of things docked it's easier to find the tab you want if they are within the first 1 or 2 This can change throughout the production process. So when I am in the initial writing stage I may want to use my PRV and Matrix view the most. Later on when the track is written and I'm mixing I want the Console view and Browser to be my main pair...If you write a lot of music these little things add up to a lot of time over a year.
  12. Hi Mike I have a Focusrite Pro24 DSP running on Win 7 Pro , Core i5 with 16gb ram I'll have to make a note next time it happens, I make around 100 tracks per year so it's hard to remember. I am fairly sure it also happened with 8.5 which I used since it came out until CBB came along. So when it happens, you press play and everything sounds fine but the stop button remains greyed out and can't be pressed.
  13. I have experienced the same bug where the stop button greys out and you can't stop the transport either with the mouse or by pressing the space bar..it just keeps on playing regardless. Like he said in the video you have to save the file and then quit and re-open to get it back to normal.
  14. CosmicDolphin

    Midi Instrument Assignments

    I've had it happen where two instances of Kontakt are playing the same thing even though only one of the instrument tracks contains midi data.
  15. CosmicDolphin

    Freezing MIDI

    Try right clicking the freeze button and check the freeze options, I have some VSTi's that don't freeze unless I untick fast bounce. No idea why.