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  1. I was about to say the same thing 😂 the problem is in the interface between the chair and the keyboard 🙄
  2. Invalid code for me
  3. IIRC +10dB work as prochannel modules
  4. And Buy 2, get 2 free
  5. weird the option shows for some people and not for others 😩 i really shouldn't have either.. but wth 🙄
  6. got it.... just didn't have the option to do a 4x paypal payment
  7. when something is too good to be true.... just insta-buy it before they fix it 😂😂😂
  8. f@ck.... there was a second promo when getting three packs that was stacked on top of the 58% for getting all, and now it's gone 😩 and the 25% coupon code is not stacking either, so now it's over 200 EUR. should have got it yesterday....😭 I'll pass 🤬
  9. so with this promo and my 25% voucher, sienna + vols B,C,D,E and F go for 82 eur. Tempting.... 😈
  10. Pollux

    Harrison AVA LegacyQ

    this is a great EQ! for less than $19 it's a no brainer
  11. FCUK..... I have to block this forum on my computer..... 😂
  12. Pollux

    Sonnox Summer Sale

    I just checked, and when buying several plugins at once, the sonnox site has better prices because of the dynamic discount they offer
  13. Pollux

    Sonible Smart EQ3+

    Glufoss and Smooth Operator are kind of "psychoacoustic" EQs who will"listen" and try to make a mix more pleasant to the ear. Smart EQ is a "regular" EQ that "listens" to your sound source and will create an EQ curve based on a learning profile (kick drum, snare, guitar, vocals...). Smart EQ 3 can also do unmasking EQ between tracks (up to 6) that you can place in three levels (front, medium, back). What I noticed is that Smart EQ 3 produces different results than Smart EQ 2 using the same profile and audio source (a simple sampled kick drum for example). I found Smart EQ 2 to produce more pleasant results. I reported this and am waiting to know if it's a bug or a feature
  14. Pollux

    Waves Tax Day Sale

    you are luckier than me. I did not receive yet the email from Waves for my free plugin edit: just went to the free plugins page an I have the "get free" buttons there edit 2: when I click that button, it says I am not eligible for a free plugin 😩 edit 3: I received the "get your free plugins email" and I am still non eligible for a free plugin 🤬
  15. This ^^ So far I get better results with NeuralDSP Nolly and Darkglass than with all TH-U
  16. Pollux

    Waves Tax Day Sale

    VU Meter and Dorrough. My two go-to plugins for gain staging. I really like Abbey Road Chambers specially for drumkits, and Non Linear Summer gives a very nice final touch to a mix. The rest of the stuff I have are useful, but not unique/irreplaceable
  17. Was waiting for this one! 😈 insta-buy 🤘🤘
  18. I was waiting for this one to come out, hoping it would have the XT Tom Gate bundled in, which is one of the best out there. Very dissapointed it just has a standard gate 😩 I'll have to wait for sonnox drum gate to go on sale 😂
  19. Pollux


    29 plugins and bundles that I have purchased and not yet installed (mostly because of lack of time)..... I don't know if laugh or cry 😂😂😂😂
  20. Pollux

    Sonible Smart EQ3+

    out today. Insta-buy (upgrade) for me Intro price: 89€ for new licenses
  21. welcome to the club
  22. is IK mixbox worth if I have T-RackS Max?
  23. Pollux

    Cakewalk BLA Updated

    tried it. not working nicely for metal 😂
  24. Pollux

    Harrison Mixbus 7

    I just got in touch with the support. to clarify, $19 is the upgrade offer for Mixbus, the upgrade to Mixbus 32c is $79 HTH!
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