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  1. so now I have a mix of v13 and v12 plugins πŸ™„ It's cheaper to upgrade to Diamond than to get the WUP for the remaining ones
  2. I have Captain Chords and I really like it Can get useful things in minutes. There are a few things that could be improved in the workflow, but still very solid software
  3. I stopped receiving the loyalty vouchers since a couple of months
  4. Just tried it. The code works on the Softube site
  5. My understanding is that it's an MCU clone. How is it different/better?
  6. Get Freaky PrimalTap, the vari-speed resampling delay with Freeze, captures the unique characteristics of its hardware inspiration (the early 80s Prime Time*), along with enhanced features for even more control and creative possibilities. Get PrimalTap for just $149 $29! Ends September 16. https://www.soundtoys.com/product/primaltap/ Watch and hear how you can create stutter vocal effects with PrimalTap. In this example, use the Freeze button to lock in a loop, and then go nuts by automating insane octave jumps, time changes, and lo-fi effects.
  7. Pollux

    UVI Drum Replacer

    I love UVI Drum Replacer. Been using it since the beta. Even when not replacing the drums it's very useful to reduce the bleed/background noise and isolate the drum hits to work on those in the track.
  8. I love how BFD sounds, but it's cluttery to use. If you have a 4k screen you need a microscope to see anything.
  9. All my Softube plugins were updated as well (Volume 5 and a few more)
  10. Pollux

    XLN Early Bird Sale

    I know. Not a fanboy at all, What I meant is the space is already saturated with EZDrummer, Slate, BFD, MODO Drum, and a few others. If AD2 holds its weight against them (which didn't evolve that much either), then why bother investing money, unless it's to hit in a higher category, or bring something totally new. (BTW, I almost don;t use AD2 anymore. My goto combo is Jamstix + BFD3)
  11. Pollux

    XLN Early Bird Sale

    They came up with Addictive Trigger, RC-20, DS-10, XO... There might not be an interest for them to develop AD3. How much would it cost to get close to SD3, and how much would be the return?
  12. Pollux

    Harrison 32C Channel

    From what I could understand, Mixbus has a few other things in the routing/summing that have an effect on the sound (coloring/saturation/???). Not sure if this plugin alone would get that "sound". I do like the channelstrip in Mixbus 32c. Could do a mix just with that and a few utility plugins (same as Cakewalk Pro Channel πŸ™„)... Sometimes I wonder why the hell do I spend so much cash in other plugins πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Did you try it yet?
  13. Happy Friday the 13th! To celebrate all our plug-ins are at full price! 0% OFF!! What a Deal! If your order is over $100, use the code friday13 and get 50% off your order, if not well... OH WELL 😒 I Want 0% OFF Plug-Ins!!!
  14. Nothing there. I guess these don't qualify 😑 should have selled it on KVR Edit: c'est de bonne guerre I'm pissed with myself for doing it too fast, not with IK!
  15. How do you see it works? I registered my T-Racks5 SE from Avid and it did nothing πŸ˜“ (not even increment the counter on the page)
  16. $250 for me. I'm basically getting American Class A, Marshall Plexi, Weiss EQ MP and Weiss MM-1 (also the synths and a bunch of stuff that I won't really use). I'm a bit mixed because I have the Marshall Silver Jubilee which sounds quite close to the Plexi, and a decent bunch of channelstrips , surgical EQs and limiters. Are the Weiss stuff and American Class A worth it?
  17. I did, and also checked I'm loggied in 😭
  18. Pollux

    Relab sale

    worked for me as well πŸ‘
  19. I think the question is "what do you expect from the compressor?" Do you want something super transparent, highly tweakable, with a certain color / characteristics? Emulation of vintage hardware? Modern approach? I'd say that if you want to invest in a single compressor, you should definitely have a look at Fabfilter Pro-C2. It's expensive, but worth every penny.
  20. I was about to lock my wallet.... D'oh!
  21. Pollux

    SSL LMC+ $29.99

    insta-buy for me. I loved the old LMC-1 plugin. Toms and room mics sound incredible through it. I event went through the hassle of re-registering πŸ™„πŸ˜
  22. Pollux

    Sonible Smart EQ3+

    I had no issues when creating the mixgoups, but I had a display bug where the frequencies were not being showed. I reported it (and also the difference in results). The display issue was fixed in the first patch
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