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  1. I use this resource all the time. If you still have your old Cakewalk command center you can download them. Worthwhile for refreshing ideas.
  2. This warning sign appears and I don't know exactly what it means, nor can I get the proChannel to work. I DON'T have the sonitus in use in this project. I thought I saw a solution, but I didn't know what to search for. Thanks Willard
  3. being hungry - - - always a good sign. best wishes.
  4. It always quantifies to the nearest selection. If the note is an 8th note it will move back 1 16th note not 2 16ths. Be sure to check options/strength.
  5. I usually quantize everything first (also allowing some % of looseness) then extend as needed manually.
  6. A request similar to changing Orange color. My eyes are not as good as they were and when in the PRV it is almost impossible to read the information when I hover over notes, (duration, vel etc). Would there be a way to increase the info size in the boxes. Same goes for info in the CC lanes.
  7. There are two types of midi save '0' and '1'. I know one will save everything to one track and the other to each individual track - can't remember which is which.
  8. Since I use GPO5 a lot, I've created a template that contains all the outputs already. I also fill those channels w/ the studio piano. So many times I put in a patch and then forget to retarget Cakewalk and the next empty channel fills in with an unwanted patch. This is especially true when I'm auditioning.
  9. The following came to me this morning - looks good to me VSL solo BOGO https://www.bestservice.de/index.html
  10. I have observed a strange, serendipitous behavior in GPO5 when I save a preset. The GPO5 instrument page will be blank, but it will play the patch. Once that happens it is impossible to resurrect the patch or patches. This makes it difficult to determine what other instrument I'd like to audition. Any suggestions?
  11. Hello all, I arranged this for my wife and I to sing at church during Black History month. It is an AA spiritual, words by Isaac Watts and arranged in the Presbyterian Hymnal by Richard Smallwood p 362. I will look at any and all comments. I want to know what I need to do to improve EVERYTHING. If anyone would like a bundle sent so they can see what I've done from the midi POV I would be happy to oblige. I used the GPO5, ProChannel and Boost 11. Thanks Willard I Love the Lord.mp3
  12. I am still confused about the GPO 5 use of mod wheel. I tried both ways - setting vol at 64 and going the mod wheel route. The other way is setting vol differences between section or areas of loud - soft etc. I feel that the 2nd option appears better, but I'm not sure I'm objective enough. I also believe that I'm missing out on potential variants of the velocity parameters. I've read so many articles and forum ideas. Perhaps I'm just dense. This ? is in conjunction w/ a request to see a midi orchestral sc (or portion thereof) to study what you guys do. Any help appreciated.
  13. There are so many great tips offered here. HOWEVER, I for one have a smattering of ignorance about many of the ideas presented. for example, I read about disabling bkgrd programs. How does one with a smattering of ignorance determine what is absolutely needed in the bkgrd? Is there a guide somewhere that says you can disable program xyz w/o hurting normal performance of the computer when NOT using the DAW. Is there a short system shutdown checklist that one needs to go thru in order to ensure that tomorrow it actually starts up? Since I'm having a WIN 10 reinstall, I would want to make sure that I don't screw it up.
  14. I have been using WIN 7 for 5 or more yrs at my church and my home workstation. NO problems transferring to church or with the workstation. I hate the WIN 10 interface and the constant updates without the ability to say yea or nay. I prefer the 7 interface and haven't lost anything w/ it. Just my 2 cents.
  15. My computer crashed and I am now proceeding to the laborious task of reloading everything. Is there an advantage to loading ALL vst's to the cakewalk VST folder. As I remember I had a folder of Steinberg, XLN plus a few other pointers including Cakewalk. Or, maybe it doesn't matter at all. thanks, Willard
  16. This is what prompted me to ask a similar question last week. I tried to restore my computer b/c it appeared that both the CbB update and Win 10 update occurred around the same time. My computer crashed and it's at the computer Dr as we write. I mention that in case that's a way you might try to solve the problem. As always, your mileage may vary. Hopefully, it'll be better than mine.
  17. Does your instrument (Battery 3) appear in the synth list (Alt F9)? Willard
  18. I've had MT-Power Drum installed and it worked. I deleted all references and installed again. Put both the content and DLL in the cakewalk VST file. I also downloaded some new AAS files and did the same. They show up in the VST manager but not in the synth list. The AAS, lounge lizard for one is new and does the same as the MT-Power
  19. I've just downloaded some new VST's into my Win 10 computer. They appear in the VAT manager after I do a new scan. However, they don't appear in the synth list in any category. I have completely wiped them from the program and then reload and have the same problem. I've recently had an update and I wonder if that has done something. Willard
  20. I agree w/ mdeimer. I have been using Cakewalk since the early 90's.
  21. I am a church musician (mostly now). Not a good organist but a good vocalist. I use CbC to add interesting accompaniments to my organ playing. For example an arrangement of "Thus Zarathustra" which I used as a prelude for the Sunday of Daylight savings time. I also develop instrumental backing tracks to many of the church choral works. I produced a backing track for brian Reidingler's "Coventry Carol" for a recent advent service. I feel like a rock star sometimes when I have the click track sent to me while conducting the choir. I get many compliments from the congregation because of the variety of styles and accompaniments. Before that I was using Sonar to produce backing tracks for my wife and I when we were singing pop music in local resturants . I developed 100's of duets for Sop and Baritone and even a bunch of trios when one of my students was available. The flexibility of CbC (or Sonar) is what made this such a valuable tool.
  22. I downloaded the file, but where do I put it? Cakewalk Contentcakewalk themes? For me, that file folder is empty. I do not have previous versions of Sonar on this machine.
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