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  1. Yes, this occasionally happens to me also. I'm just very careful now when I use Gain on multiple clips. If there is a problem, I just resort to doing each clip separately. (I have a shortcut for Gain, so it's not a big deal for just a few clips). Would be nice if it were fixed ... or if I could determine under what circumstances it fails.
  2. Strange. I assume you re-scanned VST, did Insert Audio FX, and looked in Uncategorized?
  3. Sure 'nuff! Got the 10%. Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, HORNET VHS is still not working at all in Cakewalk. I posted the author, who confirmed, and says he will fix in the next update: https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=8627650#p8627650
  4. Sale doesn't seem to apply to the new Hornet VHS plugin. Maybe because it's already on an introductory price.
  5. Same here. The VST3 version gets a bad error from Microsoft Edge(!). The VST2 version crashes every time. I see it's been reported on the KVR forum for Hornet. Oh, well.
  6. Finally figured it out! My Screenset was locked ... once I unlocked it, the note names in PRV are now persisting.
  7. For me, the note names do not persist across sessions. I have to re-select them again each time from the Notes Names dialog. I normally open PRV by double-clicking the track (MIDI or SIT). I'm running the latest CbB (2022.11). Is there perhaps some setting I'm missing?
  8. Sale at Digital Sound Factory on several E-MU Proteus libraries. https://www.digitalsoundfactory.com/
  9. New sale just started. https://www.digitalsoundfactory.com/product/e-mu-kontakt-proteus-legacy/
  10. I bought it in July during their Summer Sale for 20% off.
  11. That does seem to work, but ONLY if I have Options -> Click Behavior -> Double Click -> MIDI Clips -> -Nothing- (I normally have it set to Piano Roll View).
  12. One clumsy way: R-click the Clip, then hit Escape (to close the R-click context menu).
  13. AAS Summer Sale - 50% off everything https://www.applied-acoustics.com/promo/
  14. A partial solution, is to use the default shortcut CTRL+M to "Create Melodyne Region FX clip".
  15. FeelYourSound Summer Sale - 12-20% off from 07/27 until 08/21/22 Their products include: Song Studio * ChordPotion * MelodicFlow * HouseEngine * ChilloutEngine * XotoPad and various bundles of these. https://feelyoursound.com
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