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  1. Price is right, but such a convoluted and confusing installation process.
  2. tparker24

    Scaler 2 Sale!

    Maybe it has changed since yesterday, but it seems like the $19 is for an upgrade (from Scaler 1). The full version is on sale, but for $49 (16% off) ... which still seems like a good deal.
  3. I wonder if the free CSHumanize MidiFX Plugin might be of some use. It's also discussed a bit in this thread:
  4. I just Shift+R-click on the note, to Mute it. (R-click on its own, Deletes the note).
  5. To alter the pitch by half-steps, I use the Process->Transpose dialog ... and usual select the Elastique Pro option.
  6. "Elgato Stream Deck XL" $220 ... down from $250 (12%) Best Buy Amazon
  7. I always use a PPQ of 600, just so that note durations are in nice, round numbers, and easier for me to work with: 600 Quarter 400 Quarter Triplet 300 8th 200 8th Triplet 150 16th 100 16th Triplet 75 32nd 50 32nd Triplet
  8. Nice studio! So what was the name of that oldies tune that you were covering?
  9. I must admit, I am baffled too. However, I was able to get it working, by bouncing to clips: I selected all the clips (Ctrl+A) and then right-clicked on any clip and selected Bounce to Clip(s). BTW, I really enjoyed your catchy tune!
  10. Sounds like you need to enable the "Stop at Project End" option:
  11. Check out the documentation for To jump to a marker It includes my preferred method: Press CTRL+SHIFT+PAGE DOWN to jump to the next marker, or press CTRL+SHIFT+PAGE UP to jump to the previous marker.
  12. You could try the free Sonitus fx Wah Wah that's included with Cakewalk.
  13. @Clovis Ramsay thanks for the info. BTW, I'm using Melodyne 5 Editor, as I mentioned in my original post. I only really use Melodyne for vocals. I'm still struggling though on comping with Melodyne. I wish I could do it like in the video that @Glenn Stanton posted above. There it seems so straightforward and flexible, with no need to prematurely freeze things with a flatten.
  14. I found this documentation reference that seems to show a different mode of operation. I note that: It doesn't say you need to create multiple Region FX, and From the picture, it looks like Take lanes have all had Melodyne incorporated, and the takes are present and accounted for (unlike my example above, where they have vanished). This is the way I hoped it would work ... nice and simple. The reference is from https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=SONAR&language=3&help=NewFeatures.10.html which I assume is for old SONAR. Have things really changed that drastically from then to now?
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