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  1. That does seem to work, but ONLY if I have Options -> Click Behavior -> Double Click -> MIDI Clips -> -Nothing- (I normally have it set to Piano Roll View).
  2. One clumsy way: R-click the Clip, then hit Escape (to close the R-click context menu).
  3. AAS Summer Sale - 50% off everything https://www.applied-acoustics.com/promo/
  4. A partial solution, is to use the default shortcut CTRL+M to "Create Melodyne Region FX clip".
  5. FeelYourSound Summer Sale - 12-20% off from 07/27 until 08/21/22 Their products include: Song Studio * ChordPotion * MelodicFlow * HouseEngine * ChilloutEngine * XotoPad and various bundles of these. https://feelyoursound.com
  6. Digital Sound Factory has a 20% discount until Jul 19th. Use coupon code: dsfsummer20 https://www.digitalsoundfactory.com/
  7. One way would be to Bounce the clip(s). That will remove any muted midi notes.
  8. Thomann currently has an ebx 3-pack for $143. That's about $48 per ebx. https://www.thomannmusic.com/toontrack_ebx_value_pack.htm
  9. FYI, here's my understanding of the differing version numbers: The "Application help screen" format is: YYYY.MM bbb But the CWAF format (for CbB) is: YY +6 . MM . 0. bbb So, in your example of "Version 2022.06 and build 008", CWAF would report that as And going the other way, a CWAF of would correspond to 2018.11 build 31. Note: The CWAF format is a bit different for the older pre-CbB files: SONAR 1-8 (correspond to 2001-2008): Y +9 . v1 . v2 . bbb. E.g. the last SONAR 8.5.3 was X1-X3: Don't know Platinum: Don't know Just my understanding ... I could be wrong.
  10. One way would be to run the CWAF (Cakewalk Audio Finder) tool, which reports (among many other things) the Cakewalk version. For example, the latest version of Cakewalk is You can find the CWAF tool in Cakewalk in the Utilities menu. You can click Help in CWAF for the documentation.
  11. Price is right, but such a convoluted and confusing installation process.
  12. Maybe it has changed since yesterday, but it seems like the $19 is for an upgrade (from Scaler 1). The full version is on sale, but for $49 (16% off) ... which still seems like a good deal.
  13. I wonder if the free CSHumanize MidiFX Plugin might be of some use. It's also discussed a bit in this thread:
  14. I just Shift+R-click on the note, to Mute it. (R-click on its own, Deletes the note).
  15. To alter the pitch by half-steps, I use the Process->Transpose dialog ... and usual select the Elastique Pro option.
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