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  1. thanks Mark, I'll try that
  2. Cakewalk (latest version, Windows 10 up to date) has started not seeing my Roland Studio Captures (in a pair, set up as per the instructions). I get the dreaded message below. A restart usually fixes it, but today (and the only change I can think of was updating Mtron pro to its recent 3.0 iteration) it simply falls at this first fence. Does anyone have any ideas/experience? - I'll be reinstalling the Rolands once I've sent this.
  3. exclude it in Plug In Manager?
  4. interesting, thanks Sidney. I think the Studio Captures are a fantastic open ended bit of kit that people don't seem to know about
  5. using the same setup as Sidney. Every now and then Cakewalk will tell me there's no driver for the audio device. A reboot fixes that usually
  6. boringly a reinstall fixed it. For now at least
  7. Hi Cake-folk I've been using Rapture Session for ages, yet recently, since the move to Cakewalk from SPLAT it has been playing up. Everything appears present and correct but some patches load and some don't, and one or two that were working have simply stopped. I've reinstalled various patch sets but some work some don't (I wish there was a pattern but there isn't one I can discern). Has anyone else had this issue? I find it a handy plug in for demo-ing and would rather it worked thanks
  8. Thanks everyone It most closely resembles Cheap Guitar's description: though I'd find if I soloed a soft synth a different one would play. Replacing them made no difference. I think it may be controller related, I didn't clone any instances of D-Pro. I tried sjoens suggestion but that didn't work - the rouing remained as confused as before. What I've done is moved the midi data to fresh midi tracks, deleted the synths and started again with sperate midi and instrument tracks and that seems stable.
  9. Got a project going that has several instances of Dimension Pro in it and they are proving impossible to route - one D Pro will be playing the other's midi, soloing a synth show the wrong one (or sometimes 2) come up together soloed. Replacing a synth doesn't help, it seems to confuse Cakewalk even further. This has surfaced as an issue once or twice before but with this project in particular it's persistent. Short of scrapping it and starting again, does anyone have any suggestions/experience of this issue? Running Cakewalk in Windows 10 (all up to date)
  10. thanks Scook, great job. Now to get the Breverb to work properly
  11. SOLVED AND HERE'S HOW on the old forum thanks to "Scook" http://forum.cakewalk.com/Profile/21960/ The default location for stand alone version is "C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Vstplugins\Dimension Pro" I do not recall a version since at least since X1 that did not have the 64bit stand alone in that folder. I always used the stand alone before using the Command Center. Still running SONAR as administrator would probably work too.
  12. Hello New Forum People, Long time lurker and occasional asker of dim questions on the old forum here I've just had to migrate to a new PC which has broken the chain between my old Sonar installation and Bandlab's Cakewalk. As I've saved all the old VST settings some stuff has made the migration, but some seems not to have. In particular Dimension Pro, which demands to be registered as a new installation, and then when I provide the correct code I get an error message from beyond the grave from Cakewalk of old saying I've got the registration wrong. I use D Pro quite a lot and it would be shame to wave it goodbye. Any suggestions?
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