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  1. thank you! oddly a cursory search of "cakewalk won't install" didn't find me this.
  2. Hello one and all, Was up to date with Cakewalk, on the latest early access thing, and after experiencing some odd routing problems, uninstalled (which I've done before when it has been bumpy without any grief). .....I am up to date in Windows 11 too. Now it simply won't reinstall Cakewalk: Bandlab Assistant offers either the green tab as "Update" or "Install" (closing the one offers the other). On clicking install it goes through to the next tab and then nothing happens, it hangs offering the add ons and does not install. Bandlab Assistant has been uninstalled and reinstalled yet still won't allow me to install Cakewalk. Any ideas?
  3. the saga continues: I ordered a new SC , hooked it up, noise was still there.. so I tear the whole system down and it seems the thing that is causing the noise (or at least now it's removed from my set up it's gone) was the surge protecting power 6 way. which came into the system in an attempt to clean up the power in the home studio(!!!!!!!). god help me.
  4. Thanks Twelvetone, I thought I was going nuts: mine are old and rack mounted. Seems that could be it. I've had them so long I think I'll be buying another pair (I can justify it workwise)
  5. yes whatever happens this is the noise test bed mp3.mp3
  6. You got me really worried - I have 2 Studio and 2 OctaCaptures. >these are at least a decade old though Did both become noisy at once? And equally noisy? > yes it seems to be the case, though the noise increases when you plug in the coax from B to A: I noticed on the fifth channel (which had kick drum being recorded on it on the A machine in the pair) that there was an electronic whine on the recordings (I had a gate set up on the channel so didn't hear it initially). Are some channels more noisy than others? Or is the entire device noisy? >it seems to be the latter You are aware that the instrument inputs on the entire range are microphonic and generate hum if on hi-impedance? (but if you turn the level down its inaudible) >I certainly am Please, some more info on the nature of this noise phenomenon... !!!
  7. I have a pair of Roland Studio captures, I've had a them a long time, maybe a decade, and am familiar with how they work and what they can do etc, however of late (the last month or so), they have become increasingly noisy, electrical interference on recordings is what it sounds like. I've tried *everything* (ground lifts, new usb cables, new PSUs, those pesky USB filters, different slots, the lot, A-Bing with different PCs etc, but when I tested the set up with a different outboard audio device - a Roland Rubix 44 - the noise was absent, gone, no longer there. So two questions follow (or maybe three): 1. Are these modules something that can be serviced or am I best off simply buying new ones (ouch, but worth it) on a knowing how they work be happy with what you've got basis, bearing in mind when Sonar vanished it was akin to having a breakdown, relieved only by cakewalk's miraculous rebirth; 2. What if the above isn't an option or they're hard to come by, would be the next best replacement. I love the Studio captures because I have a big drumset, fair bit of outboard and like to leave it all plugged in ready to go. With two SC's you get 24 XLRs in and 8 lines in, the thing is a monster. What could do that and not cause a nervous breakdwon to set up and get stable with Cakewalk? 3. I was wrong it's only two questions. Thanks in advance.
  8. The arranger continues to hang I'm afraid... exiting the window to screen grab with the snipping tool doesn't work though as it reverts to how it should appear when you leave the Cakewalk window.
  9. Yes: it's when I'm doing the things you describe that I get this fault, intermittently. I'll do a screen grab next time it happens
  10. I am running the latest Cakewalk permutation and sometimes (not every project but often enough to be annoying) the arranger gets stuck - for want of a better word. When entering a name for the section I've created it won't let me close the box - this means keyboard shortcuts don't work as the box is treating them as entries. I have to use the transport controls or tool bar controls instead. In the Arranger box in the track inspector dragging sections down to the lower compartment sometimes results in the appearance of the sections overlapping or getting blurred - it's then something of a crap shoot as to how the arrangement player will interpret them. Is anyone else experiencing similar? Because other than these issues, it's cute addition to Cakewalk
  11. and the second I posted this it worked. Hunh
  12. anyone else getting this message more than occasionally? it doesn't seem to cause or reflect any kind of hiccup but it's surely there's a sign something is up (latest version, Windows 10 up to date etc)
  13. ah man you are a superstar Scook. I knew it would be there somewhere
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