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  1. The arranger continues to hang I'm afraid... exiting the window to screen grab with the snipping tool doesn't work though as it reverts to how it should appear when you leave the Cakewalk window.
  2. Yes: it's when I'm doing the things you describe that I get this fault, intermittently. I'll do a screen grab next time it happens
  3. I am running the latest Cakewalk permutation and sometimes (not every project but often enough to be annoying) the arranger gets stuck - for want of a better word. When entering a name for the section I've created it won't let me close the box - this means keyboard shortcuts don't work as the box is treating them as entries. I have to use the transport controls or tool bar controls instead. In the Arranger box in the track inspector dragging sections down to the lower compartment sometimes results in the appearance of the sections overlapping or getting blurred - it's then something of a crap shoot as to how the arrangement player will interpret them. Is anyone else experiencing similar? Because other than these issues, it's cute addition to Cakewalk
  4. and the second I posted this it worked. Hunh
  5. anyone else getting this message more than occasionally? it doesn't seem to cause or reflect any kind of hiccup but it's surely there's a sign something is up (latest version, Windows 10 up to date etc)
  6. ah man you are a superstar Scook. I knew it would be there somewhere
  7. Hello one and all, hope you are safe and well during these hopefully not the End Times, I am in the idle of recording a vast chunk of audio book, and what would be useful is a macro or utility to enable me to step back one measure at a time. It's a long time since I built a macro on probably Sonar 4, could anyone offer a helping hand. I want to be able to leave it so it stops at the Now time, but then be able to hop back in one bar/measure steps. Someone must have something like devised, hell it's probably a function buried in the software I've not found yet. thanks again
  8. Hmmmm, just stumbled across this (the thread heading hooked me in) and I seem to be doing this wrong. Have inserted a suitably feel-filled guitar part, (a stereo 16 bit wav) and keep trying to drag it into timeline and nothing happens. Audio snap acting similarly. (I have Melodyne installed, up to date Cakewalk) this would be great if it worked as my big bugbear band-wise is demos with wandering time as we pass them around the band - they get to me and I have to add drums and it can be quite trying.
  9. Cakewalk (latest version, Windows 10 up to date) has started not seeing my Roland Studio Captures (in a pair, set up as per the instructions). I get the dreaded message below. A restart usually fixes it, but today (and the only change I can think of was updating Mtron pro to its recent 3.0 iteration) it simply falls at this first fence. Does anyone have any ideas/experience? - I'll be reinstalling the Rolands once I've sent this.
  10. interesting, thanks Sidney. I think the Studio Captures are a fantastic open ended bit of kit that people don't seem to know about
  11. using the same setup as Sidney. Every now and then Cakewalk will tell me there's no driver for the audio device. A reboot fixes that usually
  12. boringly a reinstall fixed it. For now at least
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