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  1. midi chase function still has a bit of problem in this version.midi cc chase from muted clip has been fixed but muted track issue still exist.

    1.midi chase won't work if there's two tracks assigned to the same channel ,and one of the track is muted.

    Expected :the muted track should not affect the midi chase function in other track.

    Actual:  the midi cc chase function in both track won't work.it no longer sending the last midi cc value to vst.


    1:add 2 tracks and assign them to the same channel.

    2:draw some midi cc in both track.

    3.mute one of the track.

    4.midi cc stop chasing in another track.


    2.midi chase issue with vienna ensemble pro

    Expected :the midi tracks which are assign in different port in VE Pro but same channel,should not affect each other.

    Actual:the midi cc chase function in both track won't work.it no longer sending the last midi cc value to VE Pro.


    1:add 2 midi tracks,assign track 1 to VE pro  port 1 ,channel 1 ,assign track 2 to vepro port 2 ,channel 1.(both are in channel 1 but different port.)

    2.draw some midi cc in both tracks.

    3.midi cc stop chasing in both tracks.

    I've attached the project file,it's easier to test these bug.

    midi chase bug V2.cwpmidi chase bug V2.cwp



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  2. Some useful feature suggestion


    1.       Tempo adjustment enhancement

    In current version CbB, you cannot select a serious of tempo change, and just drag them up/down, left/right. A flexible tempo adjustment function is pretty essential for a film music composer.it will be useful if cakewalk able to adjust tempo like this.



    2.       Logical Editor

    In percussion editing, it’s very common to do something like “select every other 3rd notes and subtract velocity by 12”, although it can be done by write a cal script, but cal script is not very friendly to use. So a logical editor may be a good solution for this situation. Users can create the function they need by themselves.

    3.       Capability of creating multiple Marker tracks.

    -------------------------Navigation enhancement and track visibility management-------------

    4.       Track visibility configurations

    Maybe a visibility manager instead of show/hide track dialogue is better. Visibility manager also should able to dock to the bottom, able to save different Track visibility configurations and able to assign a keyboard shortcut to each configuration.


    5.  New commands  

    (1) Show tracks with data

    (2)show tracks with data at the now cursor position

    (3) show tracks with data between the locators 

    Usually a scoring template contains hundreds even thousands of track. These functions will significantly help composers to reduce the time to navigate the tracks.

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  3. 16 minutes ago, Noel Borthwick said:

    @Blacksymphony Is the clip selection issue still happening in the 07 release?  I fixed a very similar sounding selection issue in 07.

    Regarding the transform tool: tempo is global and not per track so doing it in the clips view would not be appropriate. We do have plans for enhancing this in the future however.

    only once in 07 release.but I cannot reproduce it any moreO.o.I will try to reinstall CbB to see if this will happen again.

    and there's also a track selection bug still exist in 07 release


    I've already reported on bandlab support."request (220300) ".with the project file.

    this issue related to certain project file.


    it‘s glad to kown tempo view is going to get enhancment.I've waited this for 15 years:P^Thanks.


  4. Clip Selection Bug

    Short Description: if a track contains multiple clip,the last one is unselectable


    when this happened,I have to close and reopen CbB,everything will be back to normal.

    It seems appear randomly,I haven't figure out how to reproduce this bug. 


    PS:Is it possible to make the transform tool avaliable for tempo map?

    it will make tempo adjustment much much easier.:D


  5. 1 hour ago, fogle622 said:

    As @Brando indicated, the tempo dialog box with the "Tap Tempo Here" bar still resides in Cakewalk by BandLab. 

    However, I believe this greatly differs from @Esteban Villanova's suggestion.  That's why I requested more information.  we'll find out when he responds.  Perhaps he was not aware of this feature.

    To me this would be a cumbersome procedure if I was wanting to create a project tempo map.

    emmmm……I really hope cakewalk can make the tempo view able to do the following things.6:00 in this video.

    actually,make the  transform tool,and move tool available  in tempo view would be nice.

    Tempo Warp demo


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  6. 19 hours ago, Robert Bone said:

    I do not see any minidump - is there any information you can provide on:

    1) Your project's contents - in terms of what plugins (synths and effects) you have loaded into it, and info on if it is all audio, all midi, a mixture...

    2) Your computer specs - OS and maintenance level, audio interface make and model, Cakewalk version, etc

    3) Any info on what kinds of operations you were doing when it crashed - I know you said random, but for a given crash, please explain what you were doing for that particular time a little before the crash and up to it...

    Bob Bone


    ok,now the dump file has uploaded correctly.

  7. I've updated to the newest version,and I noticed a bug of play line 

    some times the play marker can not follow the play line poperly,I have to restart cakewalk to bring it back to normal.



    and the track selection bug is still exist in 2019.5 build 31,track selection always jump to the first one automaticly.and it's related to some certain project file.


  8. 1 minute ago, msmcleod said:

    You could try grouping your tracks together and switching off the metering  group by group, leaving on only the meters you're currently concerned with.

    Not saying this will fix it, but it's worth a try.

    Thanks……I think I found the reason.the lagging is caused by vst's output audio track.these track is eating all my cpu power even there's nothing in the track.

    I found a solution

    use Vienna ensemble pro to handle these vst's.and mix all the audio output in VE pro.not in cakewalk.

    then route a stereo channel back to cakewalk.

    VE pro won't slowing down by these audio output,so does cakewalk.


  9. 1 hour ago, Chuck E Baby said:

    Some how I knew this was coming. xD

    Here's a former Cakewalk user complaining of Lag in Cubase


    It can happen in any DAW. You failed to list GPU specs. I would start there. I have never had an issue what so ever changing tabs in the multi dock but then again, I've never tried 1000 tracks, not even for "educational" purposes.

    I see you made this video a few weeks ago.. is this the monitor you are using ?

    If that is the monitor you are using, refresh rate could be part of the problem.

    I think you misunderstood what i'm going to say.cakewalk works pretty fine with 700 tracks,the only problem is when console view is opened,every thing takes a lot of time to respond,that's pretty wired……

    I'm going to record what the problem is and report to the development team.

    Actually i found another bug^_^,I will also report to them. 


  10. On 5/1/2019 at 10:21 PM, Chuck E Baby said:

    Im going to say it as well, 700 tracks is a lot of tracks for any daw to handle. Each time you open the Console view, you are asking Cakewalk to repaint every graphic, every color and all this with moving parts (Meters, Faders, Pan, exc).

    I wish I had a solution, I use max 50-70 tracks per project and views are pretty fast moving here. You might try consolidating some of these tracks.

    this template is a remake version of my cubase template.I was asked to demonstrate some basic function of cakewalk for a education organization ,so I decide to move some of my recent work from cubase to cakewalk.

    Actually cubase  can easily handle over 1000 track without any lagging issue.my original cubase template  contains about 1100 tracks,there's no lagging issue at all.

  11. I've recently recreate my scoring template in CbB,but I notice a very annoying problem.

    This template contains about 700 tracks, I noticed if I open console view,every operation need about 5 second to response,like switch between tracks,changing midi channel,select or move a clip ect . this lag issue won't appear when console view is closed. So it makes me cannot use console view at all.

    Is there any solution for this problem?

  12. Tempo view would be nice if the tempo curve  like an Automation lane with movable, selectable and tilt-able nodes.  like this video.  at 5:58.

    and please make the transform tool available for tempo view.

    maybe  tempo track is a good solution.


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