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  1. So, then, you're cool with using the deaths of young men & women to shamelessly promote the worship of the Almighty Dollar?
  2. Ah, Memorial Day. When we pause to remember all the service members who fought and died so you could get a great deal on a mattress.
  3. Censorship is a function of government, not private companies
  4. https://sonicscoop.com/2016/11/10/diy-studio-design-part-2-build-cost-effective-bass-traps/ Fixing your room will do more for you than all the sample libraries and reverb in the world.
  5. Didn't realize that interface was discontinued
  6. 5 years into it, I would be very surprised if there were NOT any W10 drivers yet.
  7. I'm pretty sure that Halion loads soundfonts as well.
  8. 15W tube amp is still PLENTY loud. A 5 or even 1 watter will be enough. Not very much cheaper, though.
  9. Fact check: Table 3. Deaths involving coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and pneumonia reported to NCHS by jurisdiction of occurrence, United States. Week ending 2/1/2020 to 4/4/2020.* Data as of April 8, 2020 New Jersey: 43 https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/COVID19/index.htm
  10. Don't really like Corona all that much. Holding out for the Warsteiner virus instead:
  11. I think it's been remarkably civil and hasn't been driven off the deep end. Everything a spirited discussion/ debate should be but, alas, seldom is these days.
  12. That's really not fair to let just 99.99% of the politicians give the rest a bad name.
  13. Quite frankly, I am much more concerned about the panic and stupidity than I am about the virus itself.
  14. My wife and I are going to start a rumor that there is a shortage of dog poop and leaves & then just leave the gate open. The idiots will take it all off our hands....
  15. First off, you insist on conflating free will with free action. You can reduce me to being a prisoner and bound in chains, to borrow from Hume again, so that I can in fact go nowhere but that does nothing to prevent me from wanting - from willing - to leave. Blocking the road might prevent me from driving on it, but it does not prevent me from wanting to, nor does it change the fact that I chose that route before. You can even tear it up & plant trees there but that doesn't mean the road never existed. That's the very definition of black & white thinking. https://lucidphilosophy.com/black-and-white-fallacy/ Organized or not doesn't matter. There are a multitude of religions some of which posit free will, some of which deny it, some where there is debate about it and some which are silent on the matter. Gibberish. Non sequitur. People do things all the time without being consciously aware of their motivations. It certainly has for thousands of years and it is way deeper than most realize. We haven't but barely scratched the surface.
  16. Irrelevant. If the highway department blocks off a road, that doesn't mean the road doesn't exist. If some form of disability or external restraint interferes with the excersise of one's free will, that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Black & white thinking. Again, irrelevant and black & white thinking. Religious and belief/ nonbelief (for lack of a better word) in evolution is not an either/or proposition. "Religious " encompasses a pretty broad spectrum. There are religions which posit free will and those which deny it. Religions which posit a single deity, a plurality thereof and even those which have no recourse to such. Even within Christianity, the existence of an omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient God has been used to argue for absolute determinism, for absolute free will and for everything in between.
  17. What is it called when you stand an argumentum ad populum on its head?
  18. In a purely determinist universe, isn't it rather hypocritical to try to change things?
  19. It's actually far more sinister than most people imagine. There is no actual conspiracy, but they are all conspiring together to make us think there is a conspiracy when in fact there is none. That's how nefarious these people are.
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